Adidas Cloudfoam vs. Boost: Which Is Better?

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Here we are going to discuss the expository features of Adidas Cloudfoam vs boost in detail. After reading this article, you will be able to pick the right fit for you.

Adidas is making comfortable and stylish shoes for men and women of every age. They are one of the largest and most well-known sportswear manufacturers.

To meet the consumer’s requirement it has changed its classic sporty design with a sleek sneaker with two different types of cushioning materials for Cloudfoam and Boost.

It enhances flexibility, and comfort, with an incredibly attractive look.

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Cloudfoam vs Boost: Comparison

The detailed description of both will make you relax while picking the right choice. Both feature cushion technologies, but both are different.

The Cloudfoam is soft cushioning. It instantly molds according to the foot shape and causes a snug fit, and provides comfort to the foot.

Boost is also a cushioning made of a specific material that is called thermoplastic polyurethane.

That can be pressed under the foot and provides a better shock absorbency, but comes back to its original shape instantly when it is not under pressure. Let us have a detailed look at both of them.

What is Cloudfoam cushioning technology?

Adidas presents race shoes with Cloudfoam midsole and rich cushioning made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) compound. These shoes provide an EVA heel pad for midsole cushioning.

The inner of the shoe is made comfortable with memory foam in the sock liner.

It makes the sneakers a bit bouncy and gives a springy feel that is liked by athletes with high arches or suffering from foot pain.

Runners like the Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate for their traditional tongue knit upper and Cloudfoam cushioning. But it does not mean that they are purely runner shoes and you can not wear them casually.

They are quite suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. The waterproof feature makes them weather-resistant in the rain as well.

Benefits of Cloudfoam

The decision gets simple on Adidas Cloudfoam vs Boost when going through the benefits of each one by one.

Comfort and style both are the ultimate priority in these sneakers. Cloudfoam sock liner provides molding cushioning for exceptional step-in of the foot and the knitted upper offers extra breathability.

Such sneakers are highly comfortable, lightweight, and best in shock absorption.

The revolutionary midsoles are more responsive and provide adequate arch support.

That is why it is so efficient as walking shoes and running. They are also suitable for long-standing hours.

The forefoot construction of Cloudfoam is very suitable for nurses with wide feet.

Women who need extra arch support and cushioning will enjoy the comfort of this footwear. Let us have a detailed look at the general features of Adidas Cloudfoam comfort shoes:

If your feet are very sweaty, you can wear these sneakers in hot weather.

For a long time, the ultra-breathable feature lets the moisture dry out and provides your feet with perspiration and a pleasant feel. Its built technology controls the temperature, and you never feel stuffy.

Textile lining and soft knit upper maintain the original shape of shoes because these sneakers do not have synthetic leather. Its natural material provides you with extra softness.

Memory foam and the soft fabric lining of cloud foam shoes provide a perfect fit and shape. Without any pinch or pain, you feel comfortable with the cushioning in these shoes.

Monochrome colors provide you with style and a casual look. You can pick them to match your style and look.

Lightweight Cloudfoam slip-on shoes with soft foam and a heel balance prevent you from any damage to your energy while running or walking. The weight of shoes can be harmful to the feet, joints, and spine.

To run on grass or walk on a smooth surface, such shoes have good traction on the insoles to make it non-slippery.

The flexible midsole is very supportive and bouncy.

Its technology provides high shock absorbency and doesn’t shrink with regular use. The bouncy feature gives muscular movement and reduces pressure.

What is Boost Technology?

To consider Adidas without a boost is not possible. The energy return technology of Boost was not introduced before. It changed the course of running with its revolutionary performance and technology.

Adidas Innovation Team and the German chemist are the producers of Boost technology. It was formed to present two contradictory facilities of responsive and soft cushioned together.

When EVA was considered a standard for running shoes by the footwear industry, boost changed it with a midsole that was made with Thermoplastic Polyurethane expanded particles.

These particles form tiny pockets of air to deliver an increase in energy return in every stride. And become an icon not only in running shoes but also in the sportswear and streetwear culture.

What are the advantages of the boost?

The most common and well-known benefit of Boost is energy return that has the power to absorb. its athlete’s kinetic output has influenced the footwear industry a lot.

Weather resistance: boost is designed to deal with different temperatures effectively. That enhances the running experience even through sun, snow, and rain. or wind, without any problem.

Comfort: the material used to make boots have comfortable cushioning properties that make you feel like running on clouds.

Flexibility: soft and flexible material and its technology gives you a smooth ride and elevate your running performance for hundreds of miles.

Durability:  strong and flexible midsole and upper sole are durable enough to last longer than normal shoes.

Single-performed super-thin continental rubber sheets on the outsole cause good traction on the ground. The polyurethane foam used in the outsole also enhances grip on dry and wet surfaces.

Its 3D-mode Thermoplastic Polyurethane and elastic outsoles increase heel stability.

Variety Of Adidas Boost

Now check the variety at a glance to make it easier for you to pick the best one according to your requirements.

Adidas Sub2 Boost

Best for the marathon, racing and energized ride.

Adidas Ultra Boost

ARAMIS motion capture technology, prime knit upper, NMD lines, thermoplastic urethane, heel-to-toe Boost, and the separate lace cage is best for runners.

Adidas Ultra Boost 20

The 2020 model of Adidas ultra boost is a walk-worthy shoe like other series of ultra boost. The cushion of lively boost foam and full volume midsole makes them walk-friendly.

Adidas Adizero Adios Boost

Designed for both men and women athletes, for competitions and performance running and marathon races.

Adidas Supernova Boost

Engineered for the runners with over-pronation or under-pronation to prevent them from ankle rolling on landing or toes-off., providing them support, stability, and an extended medical tab for running.

Adidas Energy Boost

Elastic polyurethane Techfit upper paired with the Boost midsole resulted in the fledgling technology of Adida is best for running.

Which Will Fit Your Requirement

When you do a comparison between Adidas Cloudfoam vs Boost, you should keep in mind the usage and suitability of both according to your requirements.

Adidas Boost is perfect if you are searching for long-term use, durability, and stability in your footwear.

If you are in search of lightweight, highly comfortable, and easily bearable shoes, then Adidas Cloudfoam men is best for you. They are famous for their softness.

You will feel like walking on a cloud. But the choice is yours.


Although both types of cushioning are the best in themselves and are manufactured by keeping in mind the particular need of the consumer but to pick the right choice you must have to observe the shape and shoe size of your feet.

Different shapes and arch types need different types of cushion, arch and ankle support.

The second thing is the usage of the shoes, which will help you while selecting the right footwear.

After going through all the features ( and the comparison between (Adidas Cloudfoam VS Boost) of both the shoes, then you can determine which one suits you according to your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How good is Boost?

Ans: It is super lightweight, and If you fold and pack them in a travel bag, they would not crease. They are more comfortable and better than any other sneakers. They are suitable for running shoes as well as for walking.

Q: Is Boost comfortable?

Ans: For starters, they are sustainable materials that look great with everything. They have Boost technology that makes them really comfortable.

Q: Are Boost shoes good?

Ans: such a pair of shoes is particularly good for long and easy runs, but it’s also suitable for faster runs because of its responsive Boost foam.

Q: Are Ultra Boost good for flat feet?

Ans: Yes, they are not only good for flat feet but also the best choice for over or under-pronation.

Q: Are Adidas Cloudfoam ultra suitable for walking?

Ans: The spongy in-step feel of Cloudfoam technology makes it very comfortable for a walk and everyday use.

Q: Is Adidas Cloudfoam waterproof?

Ans: yes, Gor-Tex linings and rugged continental outsoles make them waterproof.

Q: What is Adidas Cloudfoam good for?

Ans: Adidas Cloudfoam is good for running. They’re made to feel like you’re walking on a cloud all day. If you’re very into working out and find yourself running a lot, you might want to invest in these

Q: what is Cloudfoam technology?

Ans: The Cloudfoam was designed to provide maximum comfort. The uniquely developed EVA insole material conforms to the shape of your feet.

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