Are Rosetti Purses Real Leather? How Can You Tell?

Quite a number of people want to know if Rosetti handbags are made of leather. If you’re one of them, then read this section carefully.

Rosetti purses are only made with synthetic or faux leather, nylon, and sometimes canvas materials. There are no Rosetti purses made out of real leather that I know of.

The reason why the brand uses synthetic leather is that they are cheaper to produce. And those will not defeat the aim of the brand, which is to provide affordable and accessible handbags.

Oftentimes, these bags cost less than $50, which you can get even lower if you buy them on sale.

Of course, there are limited Rosetti handbags that are made of real leather but expect those to be more expensive than the typical Rosetti handbag.

One thing people like about the purses is that they are sturdy enough to last a while and have unique, elegant styles to choose from.

How Can You Tell if Rosetti Purse Is Real?

Are Rosetti Purses Real Leather?

There are many ways of checking whether the leather is real or fake. You can check the label and see if it’s genuine.

You can also look at the edges of the bag, they should be smooth and well-made.

The stitching, in most cases, should be in a straight line and well-done. If it looks wacky or not done properly, it probably is fake.

The logo can also expose a fake bag. You can compare the logo on the bag with other bags you currently own or look at the picture online and compare.

Who Makes Rosetti Handbags

The purses are manufactured by Rosetti Handbags and Accessories Ltd., the brand behind the Rosetti handbags and purses.

The brand was acquired in 2006 by Li & Fung Ltd and has been operating under them for a while. According to this listing on Mergr, here is what the brand does:

Rosetti has been creating stylish handbags for customers who love exciting fashion and great value. Designer qualities like contrasting top-stitching, polished hardware and runway-inspired styles appeal to women who are shopping for classics with a fashion-forward twist that will instantly update their wardrobe.

More information can be found on their website here.

Where Are Rosetti Purses Made?

According to the information available on the brand, we believe bags are made from the headquarters of the brand, which is located in New York, NY, United States.

Where to Buy Rosetti Handbags

There are many places you can buy Rosetti handbags, depending on your location. You can either go through online stores or check your local department stores for brand purses and bags.

Some of the most popular online stores carrying these handbags include Kohls’s, JCPenney, Macy’s, eBay, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, Walmart, Belk, Sears, and Amazon.

Some of these eCommerce sites, like Poshmark, even have discontinued Rosetti handbags. I haven’t browsed all of them and don’t know which of them has the best prices.

But I always think Etsy, Poshmark and Mercari have good prices and you can negotiate with the sellers. If you like shopping on eBay, make sure you check the price with other sites as eBay typically carries higher prices.

Similar Brands to Rosetti


The Sak

I like The Sak, starting from the name and the nice collection of items they have.

The Sac sells handbags, backpacks, wallets, hobo bags, leather purses, crossbody bags, crotchets, etc. Probably a lot more, I don’t know.

I’m sure you’ll definitely find anything you want from this brand if you can’t get them from Rosetti. Remember, the name is “The Sak”.

There is another brand “The Sac” that sells sporting items so don’t mistake them for the other if you intend to patronize them. Their website is here. There, making it easy for you!


This one is a little out of line since they’re more focussed on travel accessories. However, they have a lot of options outside the usual handbags and totes you often see from other brands.

For example, they have anti-theft travel bags, which makes it easy to store your items during travels without fear of things getting stolen.

You can find travel accessories, in addition to their crossbody bags, handbags, totes, and the likes. They also have backpacks, also dedicated to traveling. I’ll definitely look at their offering if you travel a lot.


Like Kipliing, Baggalini is in line with Rosetti. They have a lot of great options ranging from handbags and similar offerings I mentioned above.

Final Thoughts on Rosetti Handbags

As you can see from the above, Rosetti handbags come in either faux leather, canvas, or real leather.

If you want to know about real leather, you can either ask the brand or if “faux” isn’t mentioned, then you know it’s real leather.

Other than that, you can easily determine which material is used as each bag is tagged with what material is used in making it.

As long as you’re buying from reputable sources, you shouldn’t have problems buying original Rosetti bags.

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