Are Tory Burch Bags Made in China?

The short answer is yes, Tory Burch bags are made in China.

Tory Burch, like a few other luxury brands, has shifted some of its production to China for a variety of reasons you’ll learn as you read further in this article.

The thing to know is that products manufactured in China do not automatically make them bad or inferior.

As long as the company maintains strict protocols in its production processes, high-quality standards can still be maintained regardless of where the products are being made.

Will this be the case for Tory Burch? You’ll find out the truth in the following paragraphs. So, read on:

About Tory Burch

Founded in 2004, in New York City by Tory Burch, Tory Burch is a luxury American brand, specializing in women’s clothing and accessories.

Tory Burch has 300 stores worldwide and their merchandise can be purchased in-store, through their website, and various concession websites.

Tory Burch bags are a popular item and collections include the T Monogram, McGraw, Kira, Eleanor, Lee Radziwell collections, to name a few.

Where are Tory Burch Bags Made?

Although they were originally made in the USA, Tory Burch is the only New York brand to have gone international in the past 20 years. They are now made in China.

Should You Buy Tory Burch Bags, Knowing They are Made in China?

Is it Even Ethical to Buy the Bags?

This can be a difficult question to answer. The primary reason Tory Burch bags are made in China is that it allows the brand to make high-quality products, for a much cheaper price.

This boosts sales, as quality is a strong selling point when it comes to Tory Burch bags.

Tory Burch bags are often bought to last and according to a survey by AboutVuitton, Tory Burch bags typically retain 64% of their value once purchased.

Arguably, it is more ethical to buy longer-lasting fashion items than fast fashion items, which can quickly end up in a landfill.

There are of course other factors to consider.

Firstly, there have been some unfortunate changes in how China is perceived, following on from Trump’s allegations at the start of the COVID pandemic.

This in itself can make people less keen to buy merchandise manufactured in China.

Furthermore, it is widely known that some Chinese factories have poor working conditions.

Whilst this is a concern, it needs to be remembered that unfair working conditions and low wages are problems in other countries as well, including the US.

From an ethical perspective, deciding whether to buy Tory Burch bags knowing they are made in China is a personal decision.

However, it does need to be remembered that globally, China is responsible for 20-30% of the world’s manufacturing output. Therefore, a degree of co-dependence between China and the US is inevitable.

How Can You Tell if a Tory Burch Bag is Fake?

It’s not always easy to tell if a bag is fake, so you need to look at the quality of the product.

There are several giveaways, including buckles which are harder to fake, uneven stitching, and less movement in the materials.

This is particularly obvious if a bag is made from suede. It’s also important to look at the quality of the leather and to check the bag for marks. Again, it’s up to you if you buy a fake bag.

In conclusion, when deciding whether to invest in a Tory Burch bag, it’s important to think about the ethics behind it and the possibility of it being fake.

As Tory Burch bags are “high end”, it’s likely that you are going to take more time considering these aspects before making a purchase.

FAQs About “Made in China” and Tory Burch

Are all Tory Burch products made in China?

No, Tory Burch engages in global manufacturing practices and sources products from various countries.

Does the “Made in China” label affect the quality of Tory Burch products?

No, the “Made in China” label does not necessarily impact the quality of Tory Burch products, as the brand maintains its quality standards.

Are Tory Burch products made exclusively in China?

No, Tory Burch sources its products from multiple countries, depending on factors such as materials, expertise, and production capabilities.

Is it common for luxury brands to manufacture in China?

Yes, many luxury and high-end brands manufacture products in China due to its expertise in production and manufacturing capabilities.

Does Tory Burch have a commitment to ethical manufacturing?

Yes, Tory Burch is committed to ethical and responsible manufacturing practices across its global supply chain.

Are Tory Burch Bags Made in China?

Again, yes Tory Burch bags are made in China. The brand moved production to the country some years back and continues to release new designs from there.

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