Are vera Bradley bags made in china

Are vera Bradley bags made in china

In 1982, after a vacation, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller came up with the idea for Vera Bradley bags. They saw a gap in the luggage market. They noticed how plain and boring the luggage bags had been. Eventually, they introduced floral-printed bags, which gave the luggage industry a feminine touch. Vera Bradley borrowed Barbara’s mother’s name and the logo designed by her then-teenage daughter.

Like most other businesses, it started in the basement of their house. The company runs a humanitarian program known as “VB cares.” The program collaborates with local communities for sustainability and breast cancer research. The breast cancer research is because one of their first sales representatives died of breast cancer.

In 2004, the brand entered the online market. It was notably one of the peak points for Vera Bradley. The online presence increased their reach to potential customers, and the patterns kept growing. However, the company went through a financial roller coaster until 2013. Robert Wallstrom joined the company as CEO and turned a few things around.

He introduced new fabrics to the brand, leather being the most notable. The new material would automatically attract previous clients. Next, he slashed the number of prints launched yearly. It would lead to reduced losses, unlike when clients only choose a few out of a load of patterns annually.

Despite the brand being American-based, most of its production happens in China. Vera Bradley, like MCM., is an affordable luxury brand. Like most brands, there are cheap imitations. There are a few ways to tell a fake bag from the real thing. Here are some ways to differentiate between a genuine and phony Vera Bradley bag.

  1. Check the straps.- All Vera Bradley bags have a unique tag with a Vera Bradley signature. Although older models do not have this tag, their design differs from modern bags. You can quickly note the difference with this tip.
  2. Diamond shape.- Vera Bradley diamonds are shaped like a parallelogram. Imitations tend to use tilted squares. So, if the diamond on the bag is equal on all four sides, the product is a knockoff.
  3. Patterns.- All Vera Bradley bags have a pattern inside and out. If the inside is plain, the bag is not authentic.
  4. Research.- On its website, Vera Bradley has all the patterns and designs they have produced. When you come across an unfamiliar design, you know it’s unreal.

Why should you buy Vera Bradley bags?

  • They offer a variety of designs and shades. You will take your pick from the over twenty available options.
  • Compared to other brands, The prices are affordable.
  • The bags are durable even for a lifetime as long as they are well-handled.
  • The bags are sleek and elegant with floral patterns.

Like most brands, Vera Bradley has some products that are popular compared to others. Should you be hesitant about where to start your Vera Bradley collection, here are a few bags to start you off.

  • The campus backpack.- It is the best-selling Vera Bradley design. As the name suggests, this design is most common among students. However, it is convenient for office workers and as a carry-on on flights.
  • Large travel duffle bag.- Needless to say, this is among the first bags Vera Bradley ever produced. This model is easy to spot as it is the most common. The bag is not only stylish but convenient for holding all your luggage.
  • The RFID little hipster.-It is a cross-body bag and works as a wallet on a chain. Due to its size, it’s significantly cheaper compared to other designs. It can carry cash, credit cards, and mobile phones, among other small items.
  • The Vera Tote bag.- The bag is specifically designed for ladies. The size allows you to carry all you can think of, from laptops to snacks. Whether going to work or for a weekend getaway, the Vera tote bag is the one for you.
  • Vera Bradley collaborations.- Vera Bradley collaborated with brands like Disney, Star Wars, and Harry potter. Characters from these franchises appear in the Vera Bradley print. The prints are embedded on the campus and duffle bags since they are the most common designs.

Alternatives to Vera Bradley bags.

  1. Kate Spade.- The brand produces floral and unique brands and has collaborated with big names like Disney.
  2. Kipling.- They produce a strong competitor of Vera’s campus bag. The print on their bags is downplayed compared to Vera Bradley’s.
  3. Dooney and Burke.- This brand is similar to Vera Bradley and offers almost the exact prints.

Where can you buy Vera Bradley bags?

The brand has outlets worldwide. You can also purchase the bags online from the Vera Bradley website, which delivers in most parts of the world. Other outlets like Amazon and Walmart sell the bags.

Are Vera Bradley Bags washable? 

Most of their products use nylon or recycled cotton materials. The materials are environmentally friendly and easy to clean. You could wash or spot-clean Vera Bradley’s bags. If you prefer machine washing, the bags are qualified candidates too.


Vera Bradley is a luxury brand that offers durable and affordable products. For almost four decades, Vera Bradley has brought color and fun to the usual plain world of luggage. Although the brand’s popularity has significantly decreased with time, its products are still relevant. There are efforts to release new patterns at least annually.

While most people are cautious of products made in China, Vera Bradley products are of high standards. The materials used are top quality to deliver durable products to the clients. It would be significantly cheaper to buy direct from China because of the reduced transportation costs and taxation.

The highest point of sale was in 2013. However, the sales have steadily reduced since then. Despite the drop in sales, Vera Bradley has stayed relevant because their products transcend different generations. The collaboration with Disney and movie franchises allows Vera Bradley to tap into new markets. Continued collaboration and invention may see the brand back where it once was.


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