Best Gucci Jackie Bag Dupe to Buy Now!

G1244, now known as Gucci Jackie, was produced in 1961.

The bag was named “The Jackie” because Jackie Kennedy, a celebrity, always wore the bag so often.

She was a fashion icon then, and her acceptance of the bag generated a cult follower for it.

It was the first ever hobo bag, with its signature curved shape and subtly crafted gold closure. It was a necessity in the 19s for any fashion lover.

The bag has been rebranded numerous times. The rectangular piston was introduced by Tom Ford in 1999, replacing the original lobster lock.

Unarguably, Gucci Jackie is a costly luxury bag. It’s ok not to be able to afford this bag. But do you know you can still enjoy the same quality while spending less?

If you fancy the Gucci Jackie bag but can’t afford the luxury, some dupes offer similar or almost the same quality. You can also enjoy this luxury.

If you find this interesting, follow along as we establish these Gucci Jackie dupes to try out.

The Gucci Jackie Reformation

The Jackie bag, made from organically tanned leather that is not treated with chemicals, becomes more lived-in and durable over time.

This style is still as classic as it was nearly eight decades ago, and it is reflective of the modern American style that has inspired several designers.

Recently, Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director and an Italian fashion designer reintroduced the iconic bag and renamed it the ‘Jackie 1961’.

The most recent version is a slimmer style that ensures Jackie remains relevant and on-trend.

The trademark half-moon structure is still present, with a gold clasp serving as the bag’s only piece of hardware.

The Jackie 1961 now comes with a supplementary shoulder strap that can be attached to the bag and worn in several ways, including as a shoulder bag, cross-body, and underarm.

Best Gucci Jackie 1961 Dupes

Below are the best Jackie 1961 lookalike to try out:

Maimie Hobo Bag

This Guess Maimie Hobo bag is an elegant and trendy bag with an adjustable shoulder strap.

It has an iconic metallic emblem on the front that features a decorative Guess monogram. It has a dimension of 29 cm× 21 cm × 8cm with a weight of 530g.

The smooth synthetic leather offers a flexible texture and also high durability.

The hobo bag’s classy appearance is completed by a gold-colored metal design.

Features include:

  • Four interior pockets after the main pocket
  • Great zipper closure
  • Fascinating gold-colored metal specifics
  • Beige textile interior
  • Synthetic leather handle for a firm grip
  • Two extra exterior pockets
  • Protective dust bag

Hensley Hobo Bag

This smooth faux-leather hobo shoulder bag is designed in a unique style that is definitely worth checking out.

It is made of an elegant leather look material for a timeless appearance.

It features a raised patch depth with logo hardware and an adjustable strap that can transform it from a shoulder bag to a crossbody bag.

Features include:

  • Brass-toned hardware
  • Protective dust bag
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Top-zip closure
  • Convertible design

Mini Gabine Saddle Bag

The Mini Gabine Saddle Bag is a versatile bag that exudes elegance and aesthetics while remaining subtle.

This small-sized gem is designed with a magnetic closure to access its content quickly.

It expands up to expose a compact inner pocket which will keep you structured 24/7 long.

You can carry it as a shoulder bag with the simple strap or wrap it over your body with the long strap, owing to the two interchangeable bag straps.

It also comes in various colors, such as dark green, custard, and cream.

Coach Originals Signature Jacquard

This lovely bag is 9.75 inches long and 11.5 inches tall and has a 10.5-inch drop strap.

It features high-quality materials and is shaped similarly to The Jackie 1961. This bag’s oak maple option, in particular, reflects the Gucci look and feel.

This leather jacquard shoulder bag is available in five different colors. However, there are no distinctive prints.

Guess Jardine 2 Compartment Satchel

Guess Jardine 2 Compartment Satchel is a two-compartment bag that measures 12.25 inches long and 8.5 inches tall.

It features a magnetic tab closure, and a large gold-tone Guess seal at the front, similar to the Jackie 1961 design.

It is available in regal colors that are similar to those of the Jackie bag. Furthermore, there are no additional prints on this lovely bag.

Wrapping Up

The above-listed bags are the Jackie 1961 bag lookalikes.

They offer almost the same quality at a far lesser price. You can purchase these bags at popular online retail stores like Amazon, Target, Etsy, and Macy’s.

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