Birkin vs Kelly: Decoding the Iconic Hermès Handbag Duo

Birkin vs Kelly: What are the Difference?

Two of the most recognizable purses designed by the French fashion business Hermès are the Birkin vs Kelly. Both bags are in high demand from collectors and have become a fashion must for celebrities and style icons. Despite having the same designer name, these two timeless purses are distinctive due to some significant variances. To assist you in choosing the right purse for you, we shall contrast and compare the Birkin and the Kelly in this post. A famous Hermès bag that bears Grace Kelly’s name was initially offered in 1935.

It is a leather purse with two handles, a belt in the middle, and an extendable shoulder strap. The Jane Birkin-inspired Birkin bag was developed in 1984 and is another well-liked Hermès design. It’s huge size and single handle with an optional shoulder strap are distinguishing features. The Birkin has a bolder appearance due to its greater size, more contemporary design, and more decoration, whilst the Kelly has a more traditional aspect. Both are high-end luxury bags, although the Kelly has been around considerably longer and is frequently regarded as more classic than the Birkin.

Design of Birkin and Kelly

The Hermes Birkin and the Kelly, two of the most famous handbags ever, are known for their beauty and classic style. Both purses stand out from other high-end handbags because of their distinctive embellishments and use of the best leathers. While the Birkin is recognized for its time-honored, rigid design, the Kelly has a more rounded appearance. For extra convenience, both bags have a top handle and an extendable shoulder strap. Both bags include gold-plated metal hardware, which gives every ensemble a touch of refinement. While the Kelly has a more conventional buckle fastening, the Birkin also includes a security lock closing. To keep goods safe and secure, the interior of both bags is lined with opulent fabrics like silk, suede, or cotton. Overall, both the Birkin and Kelly are timeless purses that are noticeably different yet equally fashionable.

Celebrities and fashionistas alike lust over Birkin and Kelly because of their unusual designs. Numerous publications, television programs, and motion pictures have highlighted both bags, further establishing their standing as timeless masterpieces. These bags not only have timeless looks but also amazing usefulness and lots of space to hold daily necessities such as wallet, phone, keys, cosmetics bag, etc. It’s understandable why these two enduring purses are still so well-liked decades after Hermes initially presented them in 1984.

Price Comparison between Birkin and Kelly

Two of the most sought-after luxury handbags worldwide are the Hermes Kelly and Birkin models. Both handbags radiate a classic beauty and sophistication that each fashionista must own. What distinguishes these bags from one another, though? The Birkin is more expensive than the Kelly when it comes to pricing points, which is a big difference between the two.

Since the Birkin is regarded as the most expensive handbag available, its price reflects this. Depending on its size, material, color, and hardware, it normally costs between $10,000 and over $100,000. Even though the Kelly is a famous purse, it often costs a little less than the Birkin. Depending on the size, material, color, and hardware, prices can range from $5,000 to $25,000.

Therefore, even though both of these designer handbags are sought-after icons of fashion history that will undoubtedly give any outfit a touch of refinement, there is no doubt that the Hermes Birkin is substantially more expensive than the Hermes Kelly.

If you’re willing to give up some of the luxuries that come with owning a Birkin bag, the Hermes Kelly might be a better option than its much more expensive counterpart for those who want to invest in a piece of fashion history but don’t have an unlimited budget to work with.

Variety of Colors available in Birkin and Kelly

The Birkin and Kelly handbags from Hermes are recognized for their exquisite craftsmanship and classic style. These famous bags are available in a broad range of colors, allowing you to personalize them to match any wardrobe. There is something for everyone, from the traditional shades of black and brown to the more distinctive hues of pink, blue, green, yellow, silver, and gold. Hermes offers a hue to suit your style, whether you’re searching for a soft neutral or something more striking.

The height of elegance and sophistication is the Hermes Birkin bag. The Birkin is available in a variety of materials, including as vivid crocodile skins and exotic leathers, and may be customized with different metal embellishments, such as palladium- or gold-plated feet and locks. Classic hues like black and brown are also offered, along with more vibrant hues like pink, blue, green, yellow, silver, and gold.

The coveted Hermes Kelly bag is comparable to the Birkin bag. Since Princess Grace of Monaco introduced this timeless handbag in 1956, it has become an iconic piece of fashion. Similar to the Birkin bag, it is available in a range of colors, including black, brown, and more vibrant shades like pink, blue, green, yellow, silver, and gold. The Kelly Bag is available in a variety of materials, including bright crocodile skins and exotic leathers, and it can be customized with feet and locks that are accented with palladium or gold-plated hardware.

Hermes provides a variety of hues that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating taste, whether you’re searching for a timeless conventional item or something bolder that will make a statement in any outfit or event!

Quality Comparison between Birkin and Kelly

How do the Birkin and Kelly from Hermes, two of the most recognizable handbags ever, compare in terms of quality? Both bags are unquestionably crafted with the best components and craftsmanship. The method that each bag is made, however, differs little yet significantly.

The supple, expensive leather used to create the Birkin is hand-stitched for optimal sturdiness. The leather used to produce a Birkin is frequently taken from cows that were bred in France and vegetable-tanned in Italy. For a softer feel, it is lined with goatskin or calfskin. The bag also has metal hardware, such as clasps and zippers, that has been expertly created by skilled artisans.

The Kelly bag, on the other hand, is made from more resilient box calf leather, which is similarly tanned in Italy but obtained from bulls rather than cows. Compared to the leather used to make a Birkin, this kind of leather is thicker and more durable. For further protection against scuffs and scratches, it also has stronger hardware like buckles and rivets. Pigskin is used to line the Kelly’s, giving it a softer feel while also adding more wear-and-tear resistance.

Both bags are well-made and of the finest quality currently on the market in terms of overall quality. However, because of its more durable materials and design, the Kelly could be the best option if you’re seeking for a bag that will endure everyday usage over time.

Leather Types used in Birkin and Kelly

Among the most sought-after luxury goods in the world are Birkin and Kelly bags. They are made from a range of premium leathers, each with special qualities of its own. Togo, Clemence, Epsom, Matte Alligator, Swift, Sellier, and Porosus Crocodile are a few of the most popular leathers used to create Birkin and Kelly handbags.

Togo is a full-grain calfskin leather with a textured surface that has been dyed for a softer feel. It is renowned for its capacity to endure deterioration over time while maintaining a luxurious appearance. Aniline dye has been applied to grained calfskin to give it the rich color and silky texture of Clemence. Additionally, it is quite resistant to scuffs and scratches.

Another well-liked leather used in Birkin and Kelly bags is Epsom. It is constructed of full-grain calfskin that has undergone dyeing to give it a distinctive grain pattern. Alligator skin that has been treated with aniline dye to give it a consistent texture without luster or gloss is known as a matte alligator.

Swift leather has a shiny sheen since it is comprised of lambskin that has been buffed. Despite being lightweight, it is durable enough to resist normal wear and tear. Full-grain cowhide that has been tanned to give it a matte texture and exceptional water resistance is the basis for Sellier leather. One of the most opulent types of leather used in Birkin and Kelly bags is Porosus Crocodile leather, which is manufactured from real crocodile skin and hand-stitched for increased strength and longevity.

No matter what kind of leather you decide to use for your Birkin or Kelly bag, you can be confident that you’re receiving the highest caliber materials expertly made into a legendary part of high fashion history!

Customization Options for Birkin and Kelly

Two of the most recognizable handbags in the high-end fashion sector are the Hermès Kelly and Birkin models, both of which have several personalization choices. You may design a Birkin or Kelly that is really one-of-a-kind by choosing from a selection of leathers and colors, as well as hardware finishes, customization choices, and other features.

You have a variety of color choices, including traditional hues like black or brown as well as more vivid tones like pink and orange. For an even more distinctive appearance, choose exotic leathers like ostrich or crocodile. Options for the hardware finish on the bag include gold, silver, palladium, and rose gold.

Additionally, you may add up to four characters on your Birkin or Kelly using hot stamping services, which let you do so. This might be a personal message to someone special or your initials. If you want something really one-of-a-kind, Hermès provides bespoke orders that let you engrave up to five characters on the bag’s lock.

For their legendary Birkin and Kelly bags, Hermès offers a wide range of customization possibilities, whether you’re searching for a timeless design or something unique. With so many various shades of leather and customization options like engraving and hot stamping on the bag’s lock, you can make your own distinctive look that will stand out from the crowd.

Lining of Birkin and Kelly

When you open a Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag, the interior will be the first thing you notice. It’s a defining characteristic that helps set the bag apart from other designer purses. A Birkin or Kelly bag’s interior is often lined with high-end leather, suede, or silk. In addition to adding a sense of luxury and elegance, suede and silk linings give the bag a luxurious, timeless appearance. Each kind of lining offers the bag a special look and feel.

Because they are simple to maintain and may endure for years with careful care, leather linings are particularly popular in the Birkin and Kelly bags. Additionally, leather linings have an undeniably ageless appearance that makes them always in style. Hermès meticulously selects its leather for its strength, beauty, and quality.

Suede linings are an additional preferred choice for Hermès Birkins and Kellys since they give the interior of the bag a plush, opulent feel. With the ability to dye suede linings to match any color scheme, you may create a really unique item. Suede offers an additional layer of protection against spills or scratches on the interior of your bag even if it is not as resilient as leather.

Special edition Birkins and Kellys frequently have silk linings because they give the interior of the bag a more opulent appearance. In addition, silk stands out from other kinds of lining fabrics because to its distinct shine. Although silk might not be as resilient as leather or suede, it does give your purse a more upscale feel.

Your Hermès Birkin or Kelly will always stand out from the crowd with its opulent interior design features, regardless of the type of lining you select for it. Whether you favor leather, suede, or silk, each material has a distinct look that gives each ensemble personality.


The Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags are both coveted luxury products that ooze sophistication and elegance. Both bags are adaptable for a wide range of circumstances because of their wide range of sizes, hues, and materials. Customers may choose which one is more suited to their needs by considering the tiny distinctions between them.

The Kelly bag is more conventional in style and frequently seen as more of a special event bag, whilst the Birkin bag is more contemporary in its design and suitable for everyday usage. The decision between these two legendary Hermès bags ultimately boils down to taste and lifestyle requirements.

The Birkin and Kelly purses from Hermès are two legendary models that give buyers timeless style with a special touch of luxury that only Hermès can deliver. With so many various design options, consumers may select the ideal bag for their own requirements and preferences. Whether you go for a Kelly or a Birkin bag, you will be buying in a classic item of high fashion that will last.

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