Brahmin vs Coach: Which One Should You Avoid?

Brahmin and Coach make similar purses and handbags. Their bags are high quality and you can find them at close price ranges.

Brahmin is a newcomer and isn’t as popular as Coach.

The brand also serves the entry-level luxury market for high-quality bags.

However, Brahmin has been growing a fan base and a lot of people are now looking at Brahmin in place of Coach.

Is there any difference in quality that might make one prefer one above the other?

In this article, we look at some of the distinguishing features of the two and why you might want to select one over the other.

Brahmin vs Coach: Differences & Similarities

Some of Coach’s vintage bags are some of the most popular on the market for mid-range luxury bags.

These bags are designed with all leather and no lining for the most part. And multiple users have testified to their long-lasting power. The handbags are also extremely durable.

They’ll easily go into the washer or sink and come out looking better than before.

Unfortunately, newer Coach bags are not forthcoming with the fabulous style and the quality of the older Coach bags.

Brahmin also has excellent bags. This brand develops leather bags that are fabulous and developed to exude elegance and class.

Price & Quality

In terms of pricing, both prices are similar and almost on the same scale. Where the difference springs forth, mostly, is in the quality department.

One of the reasons people like Coach is not the price.

But the QUALITY of the bags.

Not only are the bags of superior construction but they use high-grade, quality leather in them.

Unfortunately, there have been multiple reports about the quality of Coach purses/handbags slipping over the years. Costs, on the other hand, are going up.

This means that aside from the quality issues people are reporting, you may not be able to save costs while buying or expect to come across some sort of bargain.

From what I can see from multiple user reviews, Brahmin has maintained the quality of their bags.

They’re also well made, practical, and high quality like Coach.

When a user opined, “A friend offered to trade a Brahmin Lindy bag for a Coach bag I rarely used. We did the deal, and I was unexpectedly pleased with the Brahmin–its high-quality manufacturing, organizational details, and functionality. The alligator look garnered many compliments.”

And later goes on to say that their Coach collection is continuously diminishing while their Brahmin collection is growing.


Brahmin is a little conservative too. And also offer some sort of uniqueness to the wearer.

You likely won’t find the logo plastered all over the bags like Coach and other brands do.

To me, that doesn’t mean a lot. But it can make you stand out and even attract strangers who might be wondering what bag you’re carrying.


If you’re going for older Coach bags, though, their quality is incomparable to that of Brahmin.

The bags may be a little priced high but their quality and construction are well worth the amount you’re paying for them. And if you’re able to get them second-hand, the Coach bag will be very very affordable.

In terms of affordability, then Brahmin is a better choice. And if you’re inclined to trendy & modern styles, Brahmin has you covered.


  • If you decide to go with Coach, get the older leather bags, particularly the grain leather. They are high quality and extremely sturdy and should last you for years. The bags are also available on several retailer sites like Nordstrom, Etsy, Amazon, etc. Coach is an absolutely good brand. The price isn’t bad. And you’ll get a lot of styles to choose from.
  • If you decide to go with Brahmin, do take your time. The bags may not be as styled as Coach’s. You also don’t get that classic appearance of Coach bags. The brand does offer nice entry-level designer brands that don’t have logos plastered all over. The price is also on point.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Brahmin bags made of real crocodile leather?

No, Brahmin bags aren’t made of real alligator or crocodile skin. They use other animal skin, emboss them, and then add varying shades of color to make them attractive and beautiful.

The leather is embossed on the bags to make them look like they’re from alligator skin.

Animal activists are almost always against this. So, if you’re against this practice, you may want to confirm the material of the bag you’re buying.

Is Brahmin a luxury brand?

Yes, Brahmin is a luxury brand, much like Coach and Michael Kors. It’s at the entry-level, which means the prices aren’t going to be as expensive as high-end brands like Gucci or Givenchy.

If Brahmin is a luxury brand, so is Coach too, so they are similar in this case.

Simplicity, who won?

I’d say Brahmin is cleaner and great looking than Coach.

Coach bags are usually very chic and smooth but I like Brahmin because it doesn’t plaster its logos across all bags as Coach does. It’s a personal choice anyway.

Brahmin or Coach, which is more popular?

Coach is arguably more popular than Brahmin. You probably know about Coach before Brahmin, especially if you’re outside the United States. Brahmin is very popular in the USA too but not worldly acclaimed as Coach.

Is there any advantage to that? None that I know of. However, I’ll prefer to carry something dozens of people are not also carrying in my street. So, I’ll give it to Brahmin there. As long as you get a bag that satisfies your needs, you should be alright.

Is Brahmin More Expensive than Coach?

The answer is it depends. The price you pay really depends on the bag and where you’re buying it.

Generally, Brahmin bags should be more expensive since the brand maintains high-quality materials in their products.

Coach is ubiquitous and as a result, isn’t as expensive as Brahmin. Brahmin quality is more consistent than that of Coach. While Coach bags are assembled in China, Brahmin has all its items made in Massachusetts.

Brahmin bags are also well-structured, so they should last really long (of course, provided you maintain them properly). That explains why Brahmin might be more expensive.

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