25 Brand Like Reiss: Top Alternatives for Chic Style

Stepping into the office doesn’t mean leaving style at the door, especially with brands like Reiss setting the bar high. Known for its sleek, high-quality office wear, Reiss has mastered the art of blending sophistication with fashion-forward designs. It’s the brand that proves your 9-to-5 attire can be as flattering as it is professional.

But let’s face it, premium quality often comes with a higher price tag. While Reiss is definitely worth the investment, I know that savvy shoppers are always on the hunt for alternatives that don’t skimp on style or quality but are a bit easier on the wallet. That’s why I’ve got the scoop on brands that echo Reiss’s chic aesthetic without breaking the bank.

Ted Baker

When scoping out brands like Reiss that resonate with high-end style, Ted Baker easily garners attention. This British powerhouse is mirrored in luxury, much like other esteemed labels such as Hugo Boss and AllSaints. With Ted Baker, it’s not just about crafting garments; it’s about curating a lifestyle that’s drenched in opulence, sans the unattainable price tag of luxury fashion.

Browsing through their collection is akin to stepping into a garden of rich patterns and vibrant hues. Ted Baker isn’t shy about making bold statements, seamlessly blending floral prints with their sharply tailored pieces. It’s a celebration of color that remains professional and collected, a balancing act few brands like Club Monaco or Zara manage to execute with such flair.

Their commitment to fashionably functional attire cannot be understated. There’s a dual nature present in every stitch – whether you’re donning their handbags for a day out or slipping into one of their bespoke leather jackets for a night in the city, the transition feels natural. Ted Baker’s appeal stretches across the pond, registering a significant presence in the US market, which is hungry for British sophistication that can flip from boardroom-ready to cocktail hour without missing a beat.

One thing’s for sure, for fans of brands like Theory, Sandro, and French Connection, Ted Baker stands as a beacon of British fashion with a global appeal. While their attire exudes a certain panache, it never feels out of place, even when mixed into an American wardrobe known for its Collection Of Style leaning. Their sartorial prowess is evident not just in women’s fashion, where they excel with chic dresses and tailored pants, but also in menswear, commanding a level of craftsmanship that rivals the likes of Calvin Klein or Banana Republic.

Finding a balance between unyielding quality and striking aesthetic, Ted Baker carves a niche for itself. The brand encourages you to explore their latest collections, expanding your sartorial horizons to embody a distinctly British elegance that’s versatile, wearable, and always in vogue.


When you dream of brands like Reiss but with an edgier twist, AllSaints should definitely be on your radar. I’ve marveled at their collection, not only for its British roots — much like Reiss — but also for the way their fashion shakes up the norm with a rebellious yet svelte style. I’m particularly taken by their leather jackets, which are a staple in any fashion-forward wardrobe.

AllSaints holds a special place amongst urban style connoisseurs, distinguishing itself with its weekend-ready attire that speaks to those who throw caution to the wind. If you’re someone who longs to break free from the clutches of stiff collars and find solace in more relaxed garments, their laidback aesthetic is like a fresh breath of air. Their craftsmanship’s evident in every piece, from their hand-picked leather jackets to their perfectly distressed jeans.

Here’s what sets AllSaints apart in the chic jungle of brands like Reiss, Hugo Boss, and Ted Baker:

  • Slightly Grungy Appeal: Their collections invoke a sense of rebellious spirit, perfect for those who like to stand out.
  • Weekend Wear: They specialize in attire that’s not just visually appealing but also unbelievably comfortable, making them a go-to for off-duty looks.
  • Durability: Investments in their pieces, particularly their renowned leather products, pay off with items that stay in vogue season after season.

Their global presence is notable, with strategic locations from New York to Paris. Despite the fierce competition from peers like Sandro and Club Monaco, AllSaints’ rapid growth is a testimony to their robust appeal and loyal clientele. It’s not just their clothing — their line of handbags and accessories also echo the brand’s signature leitmotif: effortless chic with a grunge undertone.

Whether it’s the allure of a French Connection dress or the sophistication of a Theory suit that brings you to explore these brands, AllSaints offers a refreshing juxtaposition with clothes that are as versatile as they are trendy. For those uninitiated into AllSaints’ world, browsing through their collections reveals a treasure trove of style inspirations waiting to reinvigorate any wardrobe.


When exploring brands like Reiss that offer that high-end aesthetic without being overly pretentious, COS—Collection Of Style—stands out. I can’t help but notice the quiet sophistication that COS embodies. As an upscale fashion retailer, their designs are often seen as the more mature and understated cousin in the H&M family. It’s where minimalism meets a chic, grown-up style.

COS’s forte lies in its ability to provide clothing that feels at once timeless and modern. The way they manipulate fabric and cut to create sculptural pieces is almost an art form in itself. Subtle prints and a muted color palette are hallmarks of their collections, appealing to those of us who appreciate fashion that doesn’t scream for attention but still catches the eye. Their tailored trousers and sleek jumpers, for instance, have become staples in a discerning shopper’s wardrobe.

What really piques my interest in COS is their approach to relaxed, grown-up styles. It’s for those who want to look put-together without the fuss. I find myself drawn to their tactile knitwear and effortlessly cool outerwear—impeccably crafted with attention to detail. And if you’re on the hunt for something more professional, their range of smart blouses and dresses won’t disappoint.

The brand sits comfortably among others that exude high-end style, like Hugo Boss and Theory, yet it doesn’t feel out of reach. It’s perfect for those who seek a bridge between the fashion-forward edge of AllSaints and the sleek, modern lines of Banana Republic. And for lovers of leather, COS offers an alternative to AllSaints’ leather jackets with its own understated yet high-quality selection.

Venturing beyond COS, you’ll find French Connection and Ted Baker, which add a uniquely British flair to the conversation, while Club Monaco and Zara cater to a similar audience but with their own distinctive twist. Speaking of Zara, their runway-inspired styles are always on the cusp of the latest trends, providing an array of formal and fanciful options that are definitely worth a look.


When I’m looking for Brands like Reiss that can offer runway-inspired pieces without breaking the bank, I turn my attention to Zara. With a collection of styles that reflect the latest trends, Zara’s racks are perfect for updating both my work and formal wardrobes. From sleek trousers that sculpt a flattering silhouette to handbags that can elevate any outfit, Zara seems to effortlessly blend high-fashion design with accessibility.

Particularly impressive is their ability to serve up styles that mimic luxury labels. I find their line to be a seamless fit alongside respected names like Club Monaco and Hugo Boss. When I’m shopping for a specific look—be it smart casual or upscale chic—I often find parallels in Zara’s offerings with those high-end Theory pieces I adore.

Zara isn’t just about mimicking though; they’ve carved out their own niche in the fashion world. Their designs are unique yet approachable, striking a balance between current trends and classic longevity—which is not an easy feat. What excites me further is their ability to provide pieces that can stand in for the likes of French Connection or Sandro, particularly when I’m on the hunt for something with a European flair.

For those who appreciate understatement with impact, Zara’s pieces are akin to a versatile canvas. They provide a foundation upon which one can layer, accessorize, or stylize without overwhelming the senses. This places Zara in the same conversation with brands like Calvin Klein and Banana Republic, known for their polished aesthetics that cater to a discerning clientele.

While AllSaints may be my go-to for edgy leather jackets, Zara competes strongly with its variety of jackets that cater to a range of occasions, moods, and temperatures. Whether it’s a breezy linen blazer for a summer night out or a structured coat for the colder months, their selection doesn’t shy away from the competition.

Moreover, the diversity in price points makes Zara an attractive destination for fashion lovers. While Ted Baker infuses luxury into every piece, Zara makes high style attainable with options that don’t always command a premium.

Massimo Dutti

When exploring brands like Reiss that balance high-flying style with approachable price points, we can’t skip over Massimo Dutti. I’ve noticed that their collections resonate with those of us who adore sleek sophistication but also keep an eye on our budgets. Similar to the quintessential British charm of Club Monaco and the pared-down luxury offered by Hugo Boss, Massimo Dutti delivers a timeless aesthetic that doesn’t compromise on quality.

  • 700 stores globally
  • Classic timeless collection
  • Premium materials

Massimo Dutti racks are lined with luxury fabrics like cashmere and Italian leather, meticulously crafted into designs that exude an air of effortless luxury. I’m particularly drawn to their focus on simple, yet impactful designs. Whether it’s the soft drape of a linen blazer or the subtle structure of their tailored outerwear, each piece feels like a nod to suave icons like Gregory Peck or perhaps even the fictional James Bond.

For those seeking leather jackets on par with the craftsmanship at AllSaints, Massimo Dutti’s offerings fit the bill perfectly. Their pieces strike a fine balance between form and function, ensuring that style longevity isn’t sacrificed for temporary trends. And if it’s smart, polished handbags you’re on the hunt for, crispy akin to those from French Connection or Ted Baker, this brand should definitely grace your list.

There’s also a broad appeal in Massimo Dutti’s inclusivity with its Tall and Slim collections, mirroring a similar strategy to Banana Republic in catering to a diverse range of body types. I’ve found that whether I’m seeking a sharp vest for a relaxed event, or a full suit ensemble for something more formal, their expansive selections never leave me wanting.

And I’ll let you in on a bit of a shopper’s secret: Massimo Dutti is the place to go when your heart desires a touch of Calvin Klein or Zara’s runway inspiration without the high-end label shock. The brand blends that luxurious feel with accessible prices. So, for anyone looking to expand their wardrobe with pieces that hold a designer edge but with a pragmatic price tag, diving into the Massimo Dutti collection is a must.

Hugo Boss

In my extensive journey through the world of fashion, I’ve come to find that brands like Reiss establish themselves with a signature style – one that resonates strongly with a specific audience. Hugo Boss certainly fits this bill, presenting itself as a titan in the industry with a reputation for sharp, fashion-forward styles. With a price range stretching from around $150 to $300, this brand isn’t for the faint of heart or the light of wallet. Despite sharing soil with Hugo Boss in my younger years, I’ve observed how their commitment to trim, trendy cuts and a broad color palette defines their collections.

While exploring similar brands, I’ve noticed that many fashion aficionados navigate towards Club Monaco for better basics, merging luxury with a more casual demeanor at an accessible price point. It’s similar to Hugo Boss in offering modern, refined attire, but with an ease that suggests a more relaxed approach to elegance. The blend of sophistication and comfort makes Club Monaco a go-to for style that doesn’t try too hard.

AllSaints is another brand that shares shelf space with Hugo Boss in terms of contemporary chic. If you’re into leather jackets and handbags that rival the offerings of French Connection and Ted Baker, AllSaints might be your next stop. Their edgy, urban appeal captivates those looking to make a strong fashion statement.

For those who lean towards the minimalist vibe, Theory emerges as a beacon. This NYC-based label practices what it preaches with its sustainable product practices and sleek designs. Anyone searching for wardrobe essentials that marry form and function will appreciate Theory’s ethos. You can explore the likeness of this brand with others at Disco Brands.

Lastly, we mustn’t overlook Sandro – a French fashion haven that pairs contemporary finery with superior quality. Whether you’re refurbishing your look with Calvin Klein simplicity or aiming for the upscale allure of Banana Republic, Sandro offers a style that speaks in demure, chic tones.

Club Monaco

When exploring brands like Reiss that resonate with forward-thinking and savvy fashion enthusiasts, I can’t help but admire the offerings of Club Monaco. It’s a treasure trove for those who love neutral and plain styles, which serve as the epitome of versatility. In my experience, Club Monaco has an uncanny ability to create basics that are anything but basic—chic dresses, tailored pants, and stylish shirts have all become integral to my personal collection. To illustrate, a pale trench coat from Club Monaco has been a staple in my wardrobe, effortlessly blending with other favorites from Theory to Sandro.

The brand’s strength lies in understated elegance, making it a perfect companion for anyone aiming to balance casual with a touch of luxury. Brands like Club Monaco offer an undeniably casual demeanor with their neutral palette, yet there’s always a luxurious element that stands out, akin to the effortlessly stylish essence of French Connection or Zara. It’s remarkable how even a single piece from Club Monaco’s collection can elevate an entire outfit.

Their aesthetic aligns with my desire for clothing that translates seamlessly from the office to a night out. For instance, their tailored pieces can pair equally well with AllSaints’ leather jackets or a refined handbag from Massimo Dutti. The versatility is a major draw, especially when I’m looking for fashion that transitions without a hitch through various facets of my life.

Adjacent to other brands with an international appeal, like Hugo Boss and Ted Baker, Club Monaco holds its own with a decidedly North American flair. Their smart use of fabric and pattern interjects a contemporary feel rooted in classic design, harmonizing with my penchant for brands with a clear identity, such as Calvin Klein or Banana Republic.

I’ve found that adding pieces from Club Monaco not only elevates my style but also ensures a timeless charm that lasts well beyond seasonal trends. Whether it’s the Collection Of Style by COS or the minimalist vibe of Theory, the inspired craftsmanship and thoughtful design are hallmarks that unite these brands, and what keeps me coming back for more.


When I’m on the hunt for brands like Reiss that serve up elegance with a minimalist flair, I can’t help but be drawn to Theory. This New York City-based label is a haven for fashion enthusiasts who crave sleek design and sustainability. Known for its clean lines and exceptional tailoring, Theory is a go-to for professionals seeking to make a statement with understated sophistication.

Unlike the eclectic offerings of Zara or the British charm of Ted Baker, Theory’s aesthetic is pared-down chic. They offer a wide array of essentials that span from crisp suit separates to luxurious basics that rival the comfort and style of Club Monaco’s better basics. What truly sets Theory apart is their commitment to sustainable product practices. It’s not just about looking good—it’s about feeling good regarding the clothes I wear and the impact they have on the environment.

From my experiences dressing clients, I’ve found that Theory’s pieces resonate with those who appreciate the Collection Of Style—where fashion meets functionality without undue fuss or frills.

Their investment in quality over quantity ensures that a handpicked item, be it a finely woven blouse or sleek trousers, is more than a temporary fixture in my wardrobe. It’s an enduring staple. This ethos echoes the timeless appeal of brands like Hugo Boss and Banana Republic, but with an edge that’s distinctively Theory.

Theory’s price point also hits that sweet spot—affordable luxury. While I might invest in a French Connection leather jacket or pick up a statement handbag at AllSaints, Theory offers me staples that bridge my work-life wardrobe seamlessly. Their neutral palette and sophisticated silhouettes fit snugly in a closet curated for lasting style, alongside pieces from Calvin Klein or a tailored Sandro garment.

For anyone looking to explore Theory and its minimalist, sustainable approach to fashion, you’ll find a helpful guide on Discover More Brands Like Theory on DiscoBrands that further delves into similar brands and their unique offerings. Moreover, adding a piece from Theory not only elevates my ensemble but speaks volumes about my personal ethos—it’s fashion with a conscience.


Embodying the quintessence of Parisian chic, Sandro is a natural fit for those drawn to brands like Reiss with an appetite for French Connection. What sets Sandro apart is its mastery in melding classic staples with an effortless elegance—a trait that resonates with my sense of style and perhaps yours too.

Sandro’s ateliers nestled in the heart of Paris are a testament to the brand’s dedication to delivering not just clothing but a slice of the Parisian spirit. The sophisticated looks crafted with meticulous attention to detail enable anyone to capture the essence of French fashion. Whether it’s their ruffled button-downs, boyfriend blazers, or heeled booties, I find their garments to be timeless and versatile.

Much like Club Monaco and Theory, with their dedication to modern, high-quality basics, Sandro stands out with its contemporary and refined approach. High-quality garments are a priority, and Sandro consistently delivers with pieces that are stylish enough to make a statement yet subdued enough for daily wear.

When I’m on the hunt for luxury fashion that won’t feel obsolete come next season, Sandro’s collections always cross my mind alongside other equally reputable names like Ted Baker and Zara. Their sleek designs and premium fabrics evoke a sense of high-end luxury that aligns well with my curated wardrobe, while also seamlessly integrating with more casual elements for a balanced look.

Delve deeper into high-quality fashion on a similar spectrum, and you might find that Sandro shares a sartorial kinship with Calvin Klein and Banana Republic. These brands collectively represent a modern elegance that appeals to those seeking garments that are as classic as they are contemporary.

If you’re curious to uncover more about brands that align with this sophisticated aesthetic, I’d recommend checking out Discover More Brands Like Theory for a comprehensive guide to expanding your fashion repertoire. With Sandro and the right complementary brands, achieving that perfectly understated yet undeniably chic wardrobe becomes a thrilling reality.

French Connection

As I explore brands with that Reiss touch of elegance, French Connection stands out for its commitment to sleek and modern designs. Much like AllSaints and Ted Baker, French Connection boasts an average visit duration of 2 minutes and 41 seconds on their website, which suggests how engrossed customers become in their latest offerings. This level of engagement indicates that French Connection hits the mark with its Timeless Yet Trendy styles.

When considering brands like Reiss for that perfect blend of high-end fashion and accessibility, French Connection is a competitor that can’t be overlooked. Their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship parallel that of Hugo Boss but at a more approachable price point. For savvy shoppers, French Connection offers the same level of sophistication found in brands such as Club Monaco or Zara, with a contemporary twist that keeps each collection fresh and relevant.

French Connection isn’t just about clothing; it’s a lifestyle brand that understands the importance of a complete look. Hence, their Collection of Style extends to tasteful accessories too. The brand’s leather goods provide that luxurious feel akin to Theory and Sandro, reinforcing the idea of high-quality materials that are commonplace among these high-end yet accessible brands.

I’ve noticed the skillful manner in which French Connection curates its collections. They consistently reflect a balance between what’s trending and what’s eternal in fashion—akin to the meticulous selections found at Banana Republic and Calvin Klein. Their ability to maintain this sartorial equilibrium keeps them relevant in an ever-evolving fashion landscape. Whether I’m seeking out a statement handbag or a classic leather jacket, pieces from French Connection seamlessly fit with my wardrobe, just as those from Club Monaco or Massimo Dutti might.

The chic ambience of French Connection’s range is not merely about passing trends. It’s an investment in a fashion-forward identity that resonates with today’s style-conscious individual. Delving into their latest collections, I’m consistently impressed by how each piece feels curated and impactful—every visit is a testament to the brand’s dedication to high-quality and stylized apparel.

Michael Kors

When people search for brands like Reiss, they’re looking for quality, elegance, and a touch of luxury within reach. That’s where Michael Kors comes into play. Launched in New York City, a hub of fashion innovation, Michael Kors quickly established itself as a heavyweight in the world of upscale ready-to-wear fashion. Celebrated for his sophisticated and timeless designs, Michael Kors offers a luxurious yet modern style that appeals to those who appreciate classic elegance with a contemporary twist.

From handbags to accessories, Michael Kors’ collections exude a certain jet-set glamor that feels at home in a wardrobe curated for global appeal. The brand’s leather goods, especially, stand toe-to-toe with the opulent offerings from AllSaints and French Connection. It’s no surprise that Michael Kors handbags have become a quintessential item for many style-savvy individuals who seek out brands synonymous with high-end style similar to Ted Baker and Zara.

For those looking to invest in a leather jacket that strikes the perfect balance between on-trend and timeless, you might want to browse Michael Kors’ range. Each piece showcases the brand’s attention to detail and commitment to quality, rivaling the craftsmanship of Club Monaco and Hugo Boss.

As with Collection Of Style (COS) and Theory, Michael Kors demonstrates an affinity for clean lines and well-thought-out silhouettes. This brand offers professionals a kind of understated sophistication that’s hard to find elsewhere, and yet, it’s been a consistent ingredient in Michael Kors’ fashion recipe since the beginning.

In the same vein as Sandro, Michael Kors is keen on offering pieces that are both contemporary and refined. The brand has carved out its niche by providing superior quality that doesn’t scream for attention but rather whispers luxury.

Customers who are drawn to the high-flying styles of Calvin Klein and Banana Republic will find a familiar sartorial kinship with Michael Kors. Whether it’s a signature watch, a tailored coat, or that coveted handbag, adding a Michael Kors piece to your collection ensures you’re in step with a brand that soldiers on beyond the transient waves of fashion trends.

Polo Ralph Lauren

As we scrutinize brands like Reiss that blend high-style with accessibility, Polo Ralph Lauren emerges as a standout. Its preppy, classic American style is not only emblematic of the brand but also serves as a hallmark of timeless taste. Famed for their polo shirts adorned with the ubiquitous logo of a polo player on horseback, the brand extends way beyond simple casual wear.

When discussing Polo Ralph Lauren, you can’t help but mention the tailored suits – so well-crafted they’ve garnered approval from the England football team. They’re the perfect alternative for someone looking for Hugo Boss sharpness with a more sporting spirit. From smart trousers and chinos to quintessential blazers and polos, Ralph Lauren is a veritable bastion of affordable luxury – a phrase I don’t use lightly. Their offerings can easily sit alongside those found in Ted Baker or Club Monaco stores but come without the hefty price tags one might expect, considering the level of quality craftsmanship involved.

For me, Ralph Lauren isn’t only about what you wear; it’s about embracing a comprehensive lifestyle – one that exudes quiet confidence and understated elegance. Imagine the versatility of a Club Monaco cardigan with the classic charm of a Polo Ralph Lauren chino – this is the kind of sartorial synergy that those Collection Of Style (COS) or Zara pieces add in when harmonizing with Ralph Lauren’s timeless designs.

Ralph Lauren has this unique ability to ebb and flow with the trends while holding firm to the classics. There are no flashy extravagances here – it’s all about well-made, resilient garments. Their hand-knit sweaters, for example, would pair effortlessly with leather jackets from AllSaints or French Connection to create a layered, autumnal look that’s both sophisticated and snug.

Banana Republic

Amid discussions of brands like Reiss and their elegant counterparts, Banana Republic emerges as a beacon of contemporary professional clothing. As a part of the Gap Inc. family, they’ve established a firm grasp on modern workwear that echoes the polish and sophistication many strive for. Whether it’s seamlessly blending stylish casual attire with versatile accessories or curating a sharply tailored look, Banana Republic is my go-to for outfits that resonate with both versatility and trend-awareness.

Their offerings are especially appealing for those who align with the aesthetics of Club Monaco or Theory but are seeking affordable luxury. It’s not just about looking good in the boardroom; their Casual Collections boast the kind of flexible fashion ready to transition from a key meeting to a chic evening event. I’ve always admired how Banana Republic pieces harmonize with those evoking Calvin Klein’s minimalism or Sandro’s Parisian touch.

It’s not uncommon for me to incorporate their well-crafted accessories—such as handbags akin to those offered by French Connection or Zara—into my ensembles for an elevated touch. With stores peppered across the nation, Banana Republic’s accessibility is as commendable as its cultivated sense of style. Often, their leather jackets catch my eye, exuding a refined quality that could stand shoulder to shoulder with offerings from AllSaints or Ted Baker.

For those in search of a wardrobe refresh that strikes a balance between classic charm and current trends, diving into Banana Republic’s latest Collection Of Style could be as rewarding as scouring the latest from Hugo Boss. It’s not just the clothes that impress; it’s the brand’s commitment to suiting the needs of the modern professional with pieces that last well beyond the current season’s latest hype.

Incorporating Banana Republic into my wardrobe rotation always gives me that boost of confidence, knowing I’m perfectly attired for virtually any professional setting. Whether I’m pairing their crisp blazers with smart trousers or draping one of their sleek leather jackets over my shoulders for a night out, their clothes have a passport for almost every occasion on my calendar.


For those who love Brands like Reiss but keep an eye on affordability, Mango often hits the sweet spot. This popular retailer caters to a plethora of occasions, whether I’m searching for jeans for a casual day out or a tailored ensemble for a formal event. When putting together an outfit, it’s the details that turn heads, and Mango’s collection does not disappoint.

As part of my wardrobe, I’ve found Mango’s pieces effortless to integrate. The brand’s Turtleneck Wool Sweater is a classic example, offering a touch of luxury without breaking the bank, and it’s a staple that works well with items from Club Monaco or Zara. At a price point of $49.99, it’s a no-brainer for updating my seasonal rotation. Moreover, Mango’s smart-casual aesthetic mirrors the cool appeal of brands like AllSaints or French Connection, especially when considering their take on leather jackets and handbags.

Strolling through Mango’s menswear section, I’ve always been impressed by how they manage to balance smartness with a casual flair, much like Theory delivers with its minimalist approach. The strategic inclusion of their well-tailored blazers and bags makes transitioning from office hours to after-hours seamless. Speak of versatility, Mango’s curve collection assures me that their wardrobe selections cater to a broader audience, sharing that same inclusive spirit found at Banana Republic.

For those who prioritize eco-consciousness, it’s worth noting that Mango has made strides in sustainable fashion. Their pieces are not only trendy but often crafted with an eye towards reduced environmental impact, aligning with the sustainable product practices synonymous with Theory.

It’s clear that just like Hugo Boss offers sharp, contemporary styling, Mango has positioned itself as a go-to for modern essentials at a more approachable price point, ensuring that I don’t have to compromise on style or quality. Their thoughtful interpretations of current trends give me plenty of options to mix and match, providing that cosmopolitan flair akin to Ted Baker or the sophisticated simplicity reminiscent of Calvin Klein.

Mango stands out as a brand that blends the high-style inspiration of Sandro with the mass appeal of Banana Republic. Their ability to offer dynamic collections each season means I can continually refresh my look with pieces that feel current yet withstand the test of time.

Brooks Brothers

When budding fashion enthusiasts ask me about brands like Reiss that ooze timeless elegance but are entrenched in classic Americana, I immediately think of Brooks Brothers. Known as the original authority on American style, this iconic brand offers a blend of classic tailoring and effortless sophistication that rivals the aesthetic of Club Monaco and Hugo Boss.

Among the brand’s standout offerings are their Oxford cloth button-down shirts. These pieces boast a durability that’s hard to find elsewhere, and their style is unparalleled in its classic appeal. The button-down collar Brooks Brothers has perfected over the years has become a staple in many wardrobes, mine included. It captures that ideal middle ground—neither too stiff nor too casual—which makes it incredibly versatile.

The variety doesn’t stop at shirts. Brooks Brothers’ robust collection covers essential menswear including smart trousers, blazers, and, quite notably, their handbags and leather jackets that can easily hold their own against competitors like AllSaints and French Connection. Their leather goods exhibit a quiet luxury that’s on par with what you’d expect from a high-end establishment like Ted Baker.

I’ve found that their pieces can integrate seamlessly with a modern wardrobe, mixing well with brands such as Zara and Theory. Particularly their tailored suits, they offer that Hugo Boss sharpness touched with an American sporty spirit. It’s this versatility that gives Brooks Brothers its staying power. They’re able to match the transient trends while keeping hold of classic styles, akin to what you might find with Banana Republic or Calvin Klein.

For fans of the preppy look, embracing Brooks Brothers is a nod to the brand’s storied history while keeping the style current. Their garments echo a sartorial kinship with sustainable and chic labels like Sandro, bridging the gap between eras of fashion with their timeless designs.

Incorporating their pieces is a smart move for anyone looking to elevate their professional attire with a touch of Americana. By weaving in items from Brooks Brothers, your ensemble can capture that esteemed blend of classic and contemporary, making your style statement one that’s both grounded in tradition and appealing in the modern age.


When I think of brands like Reiss, Burberry immediately springs to mind with its British heritage and classic designs. Known for iconic items such as the trench coat and distinctive checkered patterns, Burberry stands out as a beacon of high fashion and impeccable style. Its influence on fashion is so significant that pieces from its collection can sit comfortably beside those from Club Monaco or Hugo Boss, exuding the same level of quality and desirability.

Their collections often feature fashion accessories and fragrances, elevating their wearers’ style beyond just clothing. Walking through a collection of Burberry handbags, I’m reminded why this brand’s elegance can rival that of French Connection or Ted Baker. These handbags, much like those from AllSaints, not only serve a functional purpose but also act as a statement of sophistication and grace.

Burberry’s leather jackets are another testament to their craftsmanship, offering timeless outerwear that can challenge the offerings from brands like Zara or Sandro. And while the price point might be more akin to that of Theory or Calvin Klein, the investment in a Burberry piece is an investment in a legacy of enduring style.

For those looking to mirror the contemporary professional aesthetic of Banana Republic but wish to indulge in more traditional luxury, Burberry brings just to the table. Harnessing over a century and a half of fashion expertise, the brand seamlessly blends its storied past with prevailing trends.

Embracing sustainability, Burberry provides an aspirational level of luxury while maintaining a commitment to ethical fashion. For those keen on sustainable practices but still lust after high-end style, growing conscious edit selections offer a way to indulge responsibly.

Navigating through the world of luxury fashion, one can’t help but appreciate the breadth of choice and tailoring excellence that brands like Burberry represent. Each visit to their stores or browsing through their online presence unfolds like a chapter in a history book of fashion’s evolution, with their collections always promising to enhance my wardrobe with a touch of elegance that’s both grounded in tradition and at the forefront of current styles.


Lacoste is a name that’s synonymous with timeless style and high-quality materials, much like the brands Club Monaco and Reiss that fashion aficionados adore. Known for their crisp, iconic polo shirts bearing the famous crocodile logo, Lacoste delivers a slice of French elegance to wardrobes around the world.

What I really appreciate about Lacoste is its dedication to classic design and versatility. Their pieces aren’t merely trendy or flashy; they have a timeless appeal much like what you’d find at Hugo Boss or Banana Republic. Lacoste’s commitment to quality extends beyond their staple polos. They also offer a stylish range of clothing including knitwear, dresses, and the quintessential French Connection—chic yet functional outerwear.

Their leather goods, particularly handbags and leather jackets, are top-notch, and could easily be mistaken for the likes of AllSaints or Ted Baker. But it’s not just about mimicking; Lacoste brings its own unique perspective to these staples, making them stand out in a crowded market. This French brand has truly mastered the art of blending a sporty aesthetic with more cultivated pieces, perfect for anyone looking to add a refined yet casual twist to their wardrobe.

What’s remarkable is that Lacoste manages to offer the sophistication akin to what you’d find at Theory or Sandro, without losing its relaxed, athletic roots. This balance makes it an ideal choice for those who admire the luxurious elements of Collection Of Style (COS) but prefer sportier undertones in their fashion.

For anyone looking to curate a wardrobe that captures both the dynamism of Zara and the poise of Calvin Klein, adding Lacoste to the mix could be the perfect move. It’s a brand that soldiers on against the changing tides of fashion, holding to what matters: quality, comfort, and unmistakable style. The brand’s capacity to straddle the line between casual and luxe makes it a versatile contender in a world where adaptability in style is more important than ever.

Calvin Klein

When you’re browsing brands like Reiss and Hugo Boss, you’ll eventually stumble upon Calvin Klein, a staple in American fashion with an ethos similar to Banana Republic or Theory; accessible luxury that’s draped in minimalistic sophistication. My experience tells me Calvin Klein skirts the line between high street and high-end, catering to those who revel in modern aesthetics without the extravagant price tags.

It’s well-known that Calvin Klein shirts, especially the buttoned-down blue and black varieties, exude a certain urban charm. Search for a reliable staple for concert black attire or office wear, and a Calvin Klein shirt might just be your solution. They’re priced within reach, often found between $79 and $89, offering a practical option if you’re seeking a mix of style and value. Always try them on first – the fit ranges from extremely slim to quite generous, a fact I’ve learned to navigate during my shopping excursions. For the most part, these shirts blend well into a wardrobe filled with Zara flare or Sandro’s polished lines.

Switching gears to quality, it’s interesting to note how Calvin Klein compares to other prestigious names. Unlike French Connection, which breathes a sleek, cutting-edge vibe into its designs or Club Monaco’s timeless appeal, Calvin Klein maintains a classic American feel, yet the consistency can waiver due to the brand’s extensive licensing. What this means is that you might get variable quality in materials or craftsmanship. Experience has taught me these discrepancies are worth considering, particularly if you’re aligning them with the likes of AllSaints’ leather jackets or Ted Baker’s handbags – brands known for their meticulous attention to detail.

Within this context, Calvin Klein remains a vital player for those who honor timeless designs meshed with contemporary comfort. Their signature cotton shirts reflect steadfast dedication to providing wardrobe essentials that resonate with clean lines and subtle sophistication. While their pieces might not always hit the same benchmark as the more niche, artisan brands, they certainly hold their weight in the bustling fashion landscape, much like Collection Of Style (COS), known for its modern yet understated ethos.

Tommy Hilfiger

When thinking about brands like Reiss, Tommy Hilfiger stands out for capturing the quintessentially American preppy vibe with a twist. Much like Club Monaco and Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger offers clothing that blends classic inspiration with modern designs. From polo shirts to chinos, the label maintains a sporty yet sophisticated edge.

Tommy Hilfiger’s collections consistently exhibit a fresh take on traditional American styles. Their handbags and leather jackets, while paying homage to the clean lines and functionality of AllSaints or Theory, also project the casual elegance that’s synonymous with the brand. This fusion of sportswear with luxury has become a known signature, much like the youthful and dynamic spirit found in a Zara or Club Monaco piece.

As for workwear, Tommy Hilfiger’s tailored suits and crisp shirts could easily rival offerings from Banana Republic or the more upscale Hugo Boss. Yet, it’s the iconic red, white, and blue branding that creates apparel immediately recognizable and a statement in its own right.

Quality outerwear is another highlight. The down jackets and trench coats recall the quality and timeless aesthetic employed by Sandro or Theory, ensuring those who wear it are prepared for both style and seasonal shifts. And while brands like Reiss and Collection Of Style are known for their sleek urbanity, Tommy Hilfiger injects a relaxed touch that’s perfect for anyone’s smart-casual wardrobe.

But beyond clothing, the brand’s strong points include accessories that capture the essence of AllSaints’ minimalist sophistication. Think elegant watches and refined belts—pieces that add the final touches to an outfit without overpowering it. Much like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger’s accessories serve to subtly elevate a look with an air of accessible luxury.


As I delve into the realm of Brands like Reiss and their counterparts, I can’t help but spotlight A.P.C., a label synonymous with the cool Parisian aesthetic. When your wardrobe calls for minimalistic sophistication, akin to Sandro or Calvin Klein, A.P.C. stands out as the go-to brand for purists.

A.P.C. houses essentials that strike the perfect balance between understated and elegant—a hallmark shared with brands like Club Monaco and Theory. Known for their clean lines and timeless designs, they offer an array of apparel that seamlessly integrates with both trending and classic pieces in your closet. From their well-tailored jeans to sleek leather jackets, every item champions longevity both in style and quality.

I find it interesting to see A.P.C.’s collection often reflecting a similar muted color palette to what I’ve loved in French Connection and Ted Baker lines. What’s more, their ability to craft elevated basics goes beyond the superficial, embodying an ethos of wearable everyday luxury. When I’m looking to infuse my lifestyle with pieces that resonate with AllSaints’ design ethos, A.P.C. naturally aligns with that desire.

Moreover, what has always had me coming back to A.P.C. is their commitment to material excellence. Just like when seeking out finely crafted handbags, I look for things that last, and A.P.C.’s investment-worthy staples are built to endure the test of time.

Capturing the casual yet polished spirit you might see in Collection Of Style (COS) or Zara, A.P.C.’s offerings are versatile enough for a myriad of occasions. It’s this infusion of French flair into everyday wear that makes A.P.C. a standout, especially when you’re browsing through options that reflect a Banana Republic sensibility with a more nuanced, European touch.


As one might seek out brands like Reiss or Club Monaco for that polished City style, turning one’s attention to Joules means embracing the charm of the British countryside. With bold prints and vibrant hues at the forefront, the Joules brand infuses wardrobe essentials with a sense of joy and color that often recalls the quirky yet classic feel of Ted Baker or French Connection.

In my experience, Joules stands out due to their striking use of vibrant patterns, particularly with their punchy florals and colorful stripes. Whether it’s a classic Breton top perfect for a chic off-duty look or a fun pair of dungarees for those casual spring outings, Joules knows exactly how to inject cheerfulness into everyday apparel. For instance, their denim staples are not only stylish but also exceptionally practical—a detail I’ve come to appreciate more with every wear.

  • Bold Patterns: Signature to Joules, akin to offerings from Zara.
  • Practical Apparel: Combines function with style reminiscent of Banana Republic.

When considering functionality, it’s hard to overlook their practical raincoats. They bring a layer of stylish utility that’s rare to find—similar to what you might see in Collection Of Style (COS) rainwear but with a distinctly provincial British flavor. Their packable printed raincoats are a testament to this, being essential yet trendy.

Moreover, their price points ranging from $69.95 to $104.95 make Joules a competitive and valuable option for those looking for a blend of affordability and quality, akin to Theory but with an added playful twist. Check out their latest collection for an inspiring look at what functional fashion can truly be.

Transitioning to warmer weather, their colorful rugby shirts embody the British aesthetic with a youthful twist that’s both eye-catching and practical. Not unlike AllSaints or Hugo Boss, Joules creates these pieces with versatility and style longevity in mind.

Their commitment to unusual, eye-catching designs and eco-conscious production with limited runs is just as noteworthy. It echoes a sustainable ethos similar to that sported by Sandro Paris.


As I delve deeper into brands that echo the sophistication of Reiss, let’s talk about Hush. This brand has stolen the limelight with its ethos of relaxed dressing. Founded in 2003, Hush rapidly became a beloved name in Britain, attracting fashion enthusiasts who crave effortless chic without compromising comfort. Here’s what makes Hush stand out amongst other brands like Reiss and why it’s earned a place in our rundown.

Firstly, Hush champions a laid-back aesthetic that seamlessly transitions from day to evening. Their denim maxi skirts, which retail between £85 – £120, are the perfect illustration of this. These skirts embody the versatility we often see in labels like French Connection and Banana Republic, offering a coveted blend of style and practicality. What’s more, their pieces aren’t just for a fleeting season; they’re staples that carry you through the year with ease.

Another aspect worth noting is their approach to wardrobe essentials. Hush’s jumpsuits, for example, combine the functionality of AllSaints’ leather jackets with the sophistication of Club Monaco’s tailoring. For those times when I want a break from Theory’s sharp silhouettes or Ted Baker’s polished looks, Hush’s lofty wide-leg jumpsuits tick all the right boxes, especially for their price range.

Beyond skirts and jumpsuits, I’ve noticed a particular attention to fabrics and fit—a trait that resonates with high-end brands. While Hush maintains an approachable price point, they don’t skimp on the quality of materials, much like how Sandro places emphasis on eco-conscious production without sacrificing style.

When discussing patterns and textures, Hush strikes a balance reminiscent of Hugo Boss’ clean lines and Zara’s trendy designs. Their casual shirts are designed with the wearer in mind, ensuring both comfort and a touch of formality, unlike Hawes & Curtis whose more formal approach may not always align with a casual garment’s intended feel.


Discovering brands that match Reiss’s sophistication and quality isn’t a simple feat, yet Hobbs stands out in this regard. With its roots in London, Hobbs crafts pieces that resonate with the modern woman’s wardrobe needs—think structured dresses, tailored coats, and refined accessories. Their commitment to creating elegant, wearable fashion aligns with what I’ve found in Reiss, Lacoste, and the others mentioned. Whether it’s a work meeting or a weekend getaway, Hobbs offers that perfect ensemble that’s both chic and effortless. So if you’re on the hunt for a brand that embodies the essence of high-end style with a British touch, Hobbs might just be your next go-to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is XL in Reiss?

Reiss’s XL size corresponds to a UK size 14 for womenswear. Size charts are available on their official website, reiss.com, under the size guide section.

Who are Reiss competitors?

Reiss competes with similar high-end fashion brands like Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Joules, and Hush, known for their timeless style and quality materials.

Is Reiss a luxury brand?

Yes, Reiss is transitioning into the luxury market, recognized for its sophisticated and high-quality wardrobe pieces that have been a staple on the British high street for over 50 years.

What is Reiss style?

Reiss’s style is described as modern yet timeless, with an emphasis on elegant design and high-quality fabrics, curated by their London atelier and design team dedicated to persistently upholding their luxurious legacy.

What is Reiss famous for?

Reiss is famous for its contemporary men’s and women’s clothing, presenting a blend of sophisticated style and quality. Founded in 1971 by David Reiss, it now operates 160 stores across 15 countries and maintains a strong presence in the fashion industry.

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