Celine Trio Bag discontinued: Any Alternatives?

Crossbody bags are perfect for weekends and travels when you need to be hands-free because of their size and weight. They are lightweight and considered a wise investment.

Celine Trio Bags are luxurious crossbody fashion bags that are simple and demonstrate the true essence of minimalism. It’s not surprising they are famous among fashion enthusiasts, offering comfort and ease.

However, many fashion lovers have been unable to purchase this luxurious bag line because of its scarcity. Is the famous Celine Trio Bag discontinued?

This article will shed more light on this question and give excellent alternatives you can consider.

Is Celine Trio Bag Truly Discontinued?

Yes, the famous Celine Trio handbag has been discontinued. Although the company has not given any critical announcement regarding this situation, the Trio bag line is not featured in any collection on the website of the French luxury fashion house. However, You can still purchase it on popular resale sites such as 1stDibs, The Real Real, The luxury Closet, and ReBag.

Why Was It Discontinued?

The Celine Trio Bag was discontinued when the luxury Brand called for reinvention and a new direction. The company revealed that Pheobe Philo would no longer be the creative director of the company. This move was among several others the company has undergone under the direction of Hedi Slimane, the company’s brand new image and creative director. The company also removed the French-accented é from its name.

About The Product: Who Is It For?

The Celine Trio Bag is a simple and minimal bag designed for women who desire something lightweight and handy.

It’s a go-to staple for weekend outings and traveling that requires keeping things casual and comfortable.

The bag has three pouches, with the middle pouch having a long leather strap attached to it.

The other pouches can be detachable from the middle purse.

The bag has only one logo; a small printed “CELINE PARIS” is printed on the front pocket, and the inner tag has “Made in Italy” embossed.

The bag has a leather strap that’s comfortable to wear cross-body without digging the shoulder.

Celine Trio Bag: Pros And Cons


  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable lambskin material.
  • Varieties of colors and materials to choose from
  • Easy to match with anything.
  • Versatile bag that can act as a clutch and a crossbody
  • Classic “IT” Bag


  • The strap is fragile and susceptible to breakage or wear and tear.
  • The crossbody usage will likely not last longer

Alternatives To Celine Trio Bag

The Celine Trio Bag has been discontinued.

Rather than sulking about why it was discontinued and feeling frustrated, you can definitely get products that are similar to it and, in some cases, lesser.

The following list is excellent alternatives you can consider:

  • Lo & Sons Pearl Crossbody
  • Coralie by Coccinelle.
  • Fossil Crossbody Bag
  • Auxiliary Romeyn Cross Body Bag
  • Forever 21 Detachable Crossbody Bag


The Celine Trio Bag is a luxury bag that looks simple and offers excellent comfort during usage.

While it has been discontinued, there are many products saturated in the market that offer similar features.

This article has provided the best ones you can consider as great alternatives for the Celine Trio Bag.

Ensure you scrutinize these products properly and select the ones that align with your budget and preference.

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