Chanel Classic Flap Small vs. Medium: Which Is Better?

Channel Classic flap is an elegant bag that has proven its uniqueness and versatility, making it popular among fashion lovers.

The bag design goes with any outfit and outing.

Furthermore, it’s also one of the best-looking bags in the market, with high durability complementing the appearance.

When shopping for this timeless bag, there are several factors to consider before making the purchase.

Size and hardware color are essential things to consider.

The bag comes in numerous sizes, kinds of leather, and colors.

Concerning sizes, the small and medium sizes are one of the most popular.

Let’s compare and contrast these sizes to uncover the best size to pick when shopping for this designer bag.


The Chanel Classic Flap is a highly coveted bag that offers consumers many exciting features.

It’s an update of the 2.55 bag that was established in 1955. Karl Lagerfeld redesigned it in 1984 when he was the brand’s creative director, birthing the Classic flap collection.

This bag comes in two mini and four main sizes. The main sizes include small, medium, jumbo, and maxi.

The small size has been around since the 1980s.

It recently became popular as more fashion enthusiasts tend to drift towards little bags.

Similarly, the medium size has also been produced since that time.

It’s the legendary size of the classic line and has remained unchanged since its creation.


Unlike the mini sizes with a single strap, both small and medium sizes have a double flap.

The interior flaps assist in maintaining the bags’ shapes and structures to last longer.

It also provides an additional level of security compared to the single flap.

These sizes feature seven pockets, including the secret compartment of Coco Chanel.

They are available in caviar or lambskin materials. They also have different types of colors and hardware, including gold, silver, and ruthenium hardware.


The dimension, which extends to the carrying capacity, is the primary difference between the two sizes.

The measurement of the sizes in cm and inches are as follows:

Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag: 

23 x 14.5 x 6 cm or 9” x 5.7” x 2.3” inches

Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag:

25.5 x 15.5 x 6.5 cm or 9.9” x 6” x 2.5” inches

These bags are so similar in size that it might be challenging to establish the difference through standard eye tests.

Let’s compare the sizes based on some factors to establish the better size.


The small Classic Flap bag is 9” x 5.7” x 2.3” with a 10″ strap drop.

It has a double flap and features seven complete stitched diamonds across the flap.

On the other hand, the Medium Classic Flap bag has the dimension 9.9” x 6” x 2.5” with a handle drop of 17″.

The handle drop can be 9″ when it’s doubled. It also has a double flap and eight whole diamonds stitched to a row across the flap.

Carrying Capacity

The small size is a handbag for everyday needs or evening outings.

You can stuff the bag with daily necessities. It can contain a mini notebook, pen, hand sanitizer, small toiletries, sunglasses, keys, phone, and medium wallet.

The medium size has a bit bigger carrying capacity.

It’s the most popular and standard size. It’s not too small or too big. It’s a sophisticated shoulder bag ideal for day to date night.

It can carry valuable day-to-evening items and a few extra things.

Besides the necessities the small size can accumulate, this medium size will also accommodate a small toiletry bag.


Both sizes can be worn as a shoulder bag or a handbag for outings.

They can also double as a crossbody bag on smaller torsos. You can use any as an evening bag or a night out.


The medium size is bigger, so it’s also the most expensive.

However, the difference in prices is just a few dollars away. The medium-size high price is justifiable because of the extra space it offers.

It means the brand spends spare time and materials to produce it.

Chanel Classic Flap Small Vs. Medium: Which Is Better?

Both bags look so similar that if they aren’t placed side by side, it will be challenging to identify the difference.

The size difference is only about 2-3 extra items.

Generally, there’s no better size because each size caters to different needs.

However, the Medium size is the most popular and highly demanded.

This is because some people consider the small size too petite and the jumbo or maxi size too big. The medium size is the perfect balance between these sizes.

Which Should You Choose?

In the end, the size comparison might genuinely not matter.

The size each person will like will vary depending on their taste, body size, shape, and budget.

If you’re big on a budget or have a petite body, the small size will be an excellent choice.

However, note that if you’re a tall person, this size might not be a great choice because it has a short strap that will make the bag sit too high on your body.

Generally, if you can’t choose between the sizes, we recommend you go with the medium size since there’s not much price difference and it offers extra space.

You’ll get more material, and it actually fits more.

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