Coach vs Furla: Which Is Better for Your Shopping?

Furla and Coach have been around for a while. Both brands make high-grade, good-quality handbags.

Whether you’re looking for affordable bags or premium bags, you’ll find lots of options from both brands.

Sometimes, their products are similar both in look and quality and it can be difficult choosing one.

This is the case of the Furla Opportunity Tote and Coach Dempsey Tote.

Both are similar so you might need to compare to be able to choose one that suits you.

In this article, I’ll be looking at the features of both as well as the pros and cons. I’m hoping you’ll be able to settle on one after reading this article.

So, let’s get started with the review:

Coach vs Furla: Comparison

Coach vs Furla

Furla Opportunity Tote Review

Coach or Furla

Furla is a famous Italian brand well-known for its high-quality leather handbags. The bags are made out of high-grade materials and constructed with good craftsmanship.

The Furla Opportunity Tote is a similar bag to the Coach Dempsey Tote. This is a large shopping bag with a jacquard-embossed fabric.

It’s a big bag with plenty of space for keeping accessories for when you travel and go on shopping.

The bag is finished in palladium and features metal foot studs and an inner zipped pocket.

The tote bag is a big one but very light. It also has a smaller size one too but the big one will take far more accessories.

Coach Dempsey Tote Review

Furla Opportunity Tote

The Coach Dempsey Tote 40 Denim With Coach Patch features a pebble leather construction and inside multifunction pockets to store cell phones and other smaller items.

The top has a snap closure and handles with a 6-inches drop. The strap is detachable and has up to four protective feet at the base.

Although it’s thicker and heavier than the Opportunity Tote, the Dempsey is multifunctional so the versatility will make up for that.

The bag is also stylish, well made, and looks stunning.


The Furla Opportunity Tote is made from jacquard fabric, which is embroidered.

The whole spectrum of the bag is embroidered and has a visibly embossed ethnic motif Arch logo, the reason why it’s called the opportunity tote.

The bag is an open bag with two handles.

Each handle has leather material, which is the only leather on the whole bag. The hardware is palladium with the top of the bag attached with a ring that can hold a strap.

When you intend to use it as a cross-body or shoulder bag, you hinge the strap to the ring.

The inside of the bag has no compartment, it’s just one big space for storing things. However, there is a little zippered pocket on one side inside the bag.

There is also two slip pocket in the interior for easy storage of smaller items. There are different sizes and colors of the bag and all of that can be seen on the Furla website.

The Coach Dempsey Tote is a little different in that the material used is a combination of canvas and leather material.

This combination makes the bag unique and stands out. However, it can be heavy, due to the combo of materials.

But that adds to the beauty. Because of the material, the bag is also very durable, which is important for getting maximum value from your money.


Similar to the Furla Opportunity, the Dempsey Tote also has handles made out of leather material. However, it’s flat and not round like that of Opportunity.

I would think that round one is going to be more comfortable if you’re carrying the bag for a long period of time.

The flat one will be soft on the hand though, so it’ll be easy to carry around, especially if you’re shopping and not going to be carrying it for a long time.


There is a snap on the top of the bag, which is easier to open and close than a zipper.

It’s not as secure though but if you’re looking for convenience, this is better. Inside the bag, there is a fabric lining and two zip pockets on each side of the bag.

There are another two slip-on pockets inside, which is more than the one you have in the Furla Opportunity.

Another advantage of this bag is that it comes with an adjustable strap, which stays on each side of the bag. This is absent in the Furla Opportunity Tote.

Accordingly, you’ll be able to adjust the strap to suit your height and whenever you need to change your stance.


When I check the Furla website, the Opportunity Tote is listed for $348 with installment payment to make paying easy. The bag is also available in only 3 colors.

The Coach Dempsey Tote, on the other hand, is available for $249 (50% off at the time of writing) also with 4 installment payments.

I could only see 1 color. There may be more. In terms of price, the Coach tote is cheaper.

So, if you’re reading now and decide to get the cheaper of the two, then that’ll be Coach Dempsey.

Final Thoughts: Furla or Coach?

Is Furla better than Coach? Should you choose Coach or Furla? What should you consider when looking at both brands?

In terms of price, the Coach Tote is cheaper.

Moreover, Coach has more pockets to store items, you might want to consider that if you plan to travel with your bag a lot.

The Furla Opportunity Tote is lighter so it’s easier to carry around.

Based on these, I’ll recommend you go for the Coach bag if you’re on a budget and need extra space for keeping your things.

However, if you need something lightweight, then go for Furla.

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