Coach vs Gucci: Handbag Edition (Which Brands Wins?)

Do you have a passion for fashion in a way that makes you an extremist? If yes? Then it would be best if you hopped onto this debate of which country has better brands, Italy or France.

Yep! The same old endless wrangle.

Since these two countries are the pioneers of the international fashion industry, they are each other’s greatest rivals, and so are their supporters.

People who adore such big brands usually end up gabbling to defend their darling side. While some defend the quality, others cover up with the ‘comparatively’ low price tags.

Adding fuel to the fire, we have come up with another controversial question of the kind.

Which handbag is better, Coach or Gucci?

We’re pretty sure to get mixed answers, and then the whole debate will start all over again.

So, to make things logical instead of biased and favorable, we have listed the major difference between these brands.

Head below and check them out to satisfy or destroy your mood completely. And another thing… “Let the brand wars begin!”

Coach vs Gucci: Battle Line Drawn, Who Will Win?

Coach Handbags: The Rundown


Apart from charm and status, Coach handbags are super durable.

Although they offer a one-year warranty on all their handbags, including the snakeskin and lambskin leather bags, they last for more than a year.

The reason might be their quality or the careful handling of such expensive bags.

Still, even if they get weary between the warranty period, you can avail of their repair policy. Coach has a repair policy that allows all bag repairs within the one-year time slot.


Most of the time, people fail to recognize real leather. The key to recognizing real leather is checking if the leather is way too shiny.

If it is, then consider it pleather (plastic and leather). Good for Coach; all their handbags are not pleather-y and indicate real leather.

Although they use a wide variety of leather skins, their pebble leather is the most famous out of all. However, the common factor in Coach bags is that all are flawless and feel rich.


Coach is not considered a high-end brand, maybe because it creates doubt about its standard.

The average price from Coach is around $300 to $400, which is ‘affordable’ for brand-obsessed bag ladies.

On the contrary, their expensive bags cost around $1200. However, the Coach+Billy Reid Crocodile Tote bag is the prized possession at Coach, costing $20,000.

Gucci Handbags: The Rundown


The Gucci leather bags have a warranty from a few months to a maximum of a year; however, they last for a pretty long time.

According to sources, even when used rough, the Gucci leather bags will not look bristly for 11 years. True that! The credit goes entirely to their quality.


All Gucci handbags are made up of the finest Italian leather, considered the best in the world.

The main reason behind their epic quality and precision is the limited amount of manufacturing.

Instead of focusing on the number of products, they invest in limited yet exclusive handbags.

Gucci’s brand idea is based on the concept ‘quality above quantity which they implemented from day 1 till date.


Gucci is an Italian brand and one of the most expensive in the world of handbags.

The price factor of Gucci is a major con due to its 3 to even 5 figure price tags. And that’s evident in the quality of Gucci handbags if you’ve used one before.

According to research, the most economical GG handbag is the Ophidia minibag which costs $720, while the most expensive one, the GG Zumi Crocodile Top Handle bag, costs $32,564 in total. Insane? Maybe…

Final Verdict: Which Brand Should You Choose

Without any dragging or bragging, let us unveil the final results.

Gucci is the winner! Now don’t come at us since it is just a personal judgment.

If you consider it rationally, it is better to pay a hundred bucks more than to replace your handbag with a brand new one after a year.

Think of it as a long-term investment, as these luxury brands symbolize high status. Both are the best, but GG got lucky. If you have a second doubt regarding the quality, don’t bother and take our word.

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