Coach vs Longchamp: Which One Should I Choose? (Find Out!)

Both Coach and Longchamp have been around for quite a while.

The brands make stunning, sturdy, and sound tote bags for travel and everyday use. In fact, they are highly rated among consumers, especially at the mid-range level for tote bags.

There are a few technical differences and similarities in the designs of their bags. If you’re looking for a comparison of both bags, this article will get you covered.

For maximum benefits, read the article to the end.

Coach vs Longchamp: Which Is Better?

Coach vs Longchamp

In terms of comparison, I’d say that Longchamp is more stylish than Coach.

Even more so, they’re very popular among girls looking for brands that are good in quality and are a good value for money. In terms of budget, you’ll have to be prepared to spend more with Longchamp.

Coach is cheaper, which I think is a good option for those who cannot afford to spend much.

Here is what one customer has to say about Coach “Coach bags are mainly from factory stores, and are old fashioned.

You can find stylish Coach bags in a Coach boutique store, but they are not good value for money.” That’s not to say that Coach is not good as others have good words for the brand. ”


Longchamp has nylon bags, which are ubiquitous and certainly very good for travel.

Not only are they lightweight, but they are decent for packing a lot of stuff. The bag folds flat and is stable on the shoulder. This is good for when you need to move a lot during a journey.

You can also use them as your everyday bag, and they’re big enough to carry all your things around. They’re also very durable and will go through multiple machine washing quite well.

However, these bags are pricey, compared to an averagely priced Coach bag.

The leather bags from Longchamp are even more pricey.

The price will beat your average expensive Coach leather bags. Coach, being more classic, will appeal to the older girls looking for a mature look.

Remember, the classic never goes out of style. Combine that with the affordability of the bags and you have a strong Longchamp contender.


One thing I like Longchamp for is that you can customize the bags to your liking. Go on the official website, look for a bag you like, and then personalize it to your taste.

Unfortunately, Coach doesn’t have this level of distinctiveness. You have to make do with what they give you.


As much as I’d like to say you should look beyond price, there are times you’re just strapped for cash.

If you happen to want a bag at such time, then know that Coach is your best bet. It’s hands down cheaper than Longchamp.

A note about the pricing. If you’re purchasing from France, Longchamp may be more affordable. Just because that’s where they’re made.

Outside there, you won’t get them as cheap. Coach bags, on the other hand, are made in China. While the quality is there, they’re going to be generally cheap.

Le Pliage vs Kelsey Satchel

Coach or Longchamp

The first thing to note is that Kelsey Satchel from Coach is discontinued. But you can get one from retail sites like Merchari, Poshmark, etc., even for half the price.

The two bags are similar in terms of features and style. In terms of versatility and organization, the KS may be ahead of the LP.

The handle on both bags is pretty much similar. Both can be tucked on the shoulder easily, are both comfortable but the Longchamp tote may be a little bit longer.

Material Used

While the Le Pliage is made out of nylon, the Kelsey Satchel comes out of pebbled leather. LP is obviously water-resistant so it’s better for use during the spring and winter.

On the other hand, Coach is more resistant to scratches.

So, if you’re a nursing mother or have kids around, then the Kelsey Satchel Tote is going to serve you better. Obviously, the Coach bag will look better long-term than the Longchamp.

Another difference between them is that the Longchamp bag has a leather flap on top with zipper closure.

The Coach bag, on the other hand, only has a zipped top supported by the overall pebbled leather.

The flap on the LP is obviously for design but can get in the way when you want to open the bag. You don’t have that problem with the KS.


In terms of construction, the Kelsey Satchel is a little better. The bag is built with different leather and sewn together in a uniform manner.

There are no sharp corners and everything is smooth.

The Long Champ Le Pliage, however, has nylon throughout. With some sharp corners around the bottom and top of the bag, which often wear horribly.

And they don’t look pretty when they do.


The handles on both bags are different too.

The Longchamp has a rolled handle contrasting with the flat handle on the Coach. In the long run, flat handles are more comfortable and practical than rolled ones.

The one on the Coach is equally detachable, which offers some versatility you won’t get on the Le Pliage.

Why Is Longchamp So Expensive?

I don’t think Longchamp is that expensive.

And when you’re talking about Lonchamp handbags, then it’ll probably be the Le Pliage, which is an iconic bag from Longchamp.

And the most popular bag from the brand. This bag is made with high-quality materials and finished to a good taste.

Fortunately, a lot of people seem to be able to afford it. This is why I don’t think the brand is expensive.

Are Longchamp Bags Worth it?

Yes, they are worth the price. Especially if you’re looking at the Longchamp Le Pliage bag.

Aside from being a luxury brand and high quality one, it’s clear the bag is affordable and well made.

It’s super light and comfortable to wear.

And most importantly, it lasts very well.

This explains why the bag is successful and has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews through the years since its released.

Is Longchamp a Good Brand?

Yes, Longchamp is a good brand. You can learn more about the brand here.

Verdict: Coach or Longchamp?

From the above comparison of both bags, I’d say Coach Kelsey Satchel wins hands down.

I’m not sure of the current price that’ll be available to you for both. But the Coach bag should be your best option.

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