Coach vs Michael Kors

Coach vs Michael Kors – Which One Is Best for You?

Handbags are girls’ best friends. It’s their way to express themselves, show their personality, and most especially filter out what’s a boom and bland.

In the world of handbags, there are two brands that you can rely on when it comes to quality and style; those are Coach and Michael Kors.

However, if you can only choose one because of budget restraints, which would you choose?

Well, worry no more because, in this article, you will get a brief review of Coach vs Michael kors handbags from their design to their differences.

Coach vs Michael Kors: How They Differ


The Quality of Coach Bags:

While you can consider both brands as luxury, quality-wise, Coach has the historical upper hand.

After the company’s creation in 1941, they specialized in using authentic leather for its handcrafted handbags.

They have also announced their latest developed leather called Rainbow Patent Leather in recent years. You can see an original Coach bag through its stitch—an even, straight stitch.

Versus the Quality of Michael Kors:

Meanwhile, Michael Kors is still a quality brand, and they also use authentic leather—but not all of their handbags come from it.

Due to the brand’s popularity and increase in sales demands, they added handbag selections made out of PVC and a mixture of PVC and leather.

The leather bags they produce use saffiano leather, a durable, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant leather.

When it comes to stitching, an authentic Michael Kors handbag uses double stitching with a distinct triangle stitch at the end of the sewn line.

This type of stitch makes the sewn materials more durable, and thus, more durable.


How Coach Bags Are Doing:

Coach bags are simple but timeless. Their website catalog offers different bags under satchels, crossbody, backpacks, shoulders, totes, and small bags.

Most of their bags are neutral colors such as browns, whites, blacks, and grays, with a few rainbow variations and printed pieces that bring spice to every collection.

As the popularity of shoulder and small bags have gone up over the past months, Coach’s Jacquard shoulder bag and petite top handle bag have topped Coach’s best-selling handbags in recent months.

Versus How Michael Kors Bags Are Doing:

On the other hand, Michael Kors handbags available on the website are crossbody, shoulder, totes, sachets, backpacks, belts, mini handbags, and the like.

Michael Kors can offer a broader range of designs from the listings on its website compared to Coach; it also has more branches globally.

Its popular bags are bolder and trendy in terms of colors, patterns, and shapes. Michael Kors has more color combinations and patterns per bag.

Although similar to Coach, Michael Kors uses its neutral colors as a plain print on bags and combines them.


Average Cost of Coach Bags:

The average cost range of Coach bag prices is between $300 to $450 but can go higher as the handbags’ age increases.

The most expensive Coach bag can reach up to four to five digits.

One of its most costly lines is the Rogue, as the quality and thickness of the leather and its intricate details and design contribute to its high price tag.

However, most Coach’s handbags are available online through the Coach website.

You can get your desired handbags through their shipping options that only require you to give an additional fee.

Average Cost of Michael Kors Bags:

Meanwhile, as the popularity of Michael Kors bags has increased, its value has relatively decreased as a ‘luxury’ brand.

You can see fakes and replicas of its handbags online and in retail shops that would only cost you a few dollars.

However, if you want authentic Michael Kors handbags, you can get them for only $100 to $500.

Limited edition bags can cost up to $500, but generally speaking, this brand is not the cheapest among other handbags but is more affordable than Coach and its similar brands.

Conclusion: What Matters the Most

When it comes to handbags, your preference matters. Whether it’s Coach or Michael Kors, you can flaunt whatever bag that is as long as you see yourself loving it.

At the end of the day, although designer and luxury brands give you extra confidence and praise, you are your own best designer.

When it comes to historically trusted luxury brands, you can rely on Coach to give you quality handbags that will undoubtedly look authentic.

However, if you prefer a bolder handbag and more in-trend, you can opt for Michael Kors’ trendy bags.

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