Coach vs Prada: Handbag Edition

What’s that one staple accessory loved by every fashionista on the planet? Handbags!

And if you’re someone who’s filthy rich or one of the private, unknown billionaires, then your handbag obsession can land you with more than 400 designer bags worth $1 million.

Unfortunately, some people can only afford one luxury at a time and in such a state, what suits you best is to choose and shortlist.

Create a list of top brands that you can afford and the ones that can last a lifetime while looking ‘Billion Dollar’ simultaneously.

And if you wish to make your life a tad bit easier, then head below as we’ve done the hard work for you by comparing two of the elite yet not so expensive brands.

Welcome to our edition of Coach vs. Prada.

Coach vs Prada: Comprehensive Comparison

Coach Handbags


If you’re considering buying yourself a high-end bag that will cost much, then do consider this factor.

If your bag is not cleansable, there is no use in keeping a branded bag. Many of you will be saying that durable bags are expensive but hey!

What’s the use of keeping a durable bag that looks dirty because it’s not washable?

Fortunately, Coach handbags can be hand-washed with water and fabric cleaner, so that’s a pro.


Coach is an extravagant brand with over 225 outlets worldwide. It is one of the most adored handbag brands, which automatically makes it expensive.

However, if you compare Coach with other top names such as Chanel and Hermes, you can satisfy yourself as there is a big price difference.

The average Coach bags cost between $300- $2000, but the bad news is that the Fashion house is increasing its production techniques that’ll cost each bag between $3000-$5000.


When we talk about durability, the conversation becomes pretty biased as no matter what the bag’s quality is, it depends on the person’s handling.

However, Coach bags are super durable and last a lot longer than their durability; if you don’t handle it like a gem, it will go bristly in a few tears.

High-end bags need to be kept away from dust at all times and are high-maintenance.

Prada Handbags:


Authentic Prada bags are made up of high-quality calf leather, making them a chic piece, but what if you spill your loose powder on it?

You have the option to wipe the powder off or use a damp cloth to clean it, but in case the powder is tinted and doesn’t go away, you’re in a big crisis.


Because Prada bags are not supposed to be washed even by hands. And the worse scenario is that most Prada bags are water-resistant, so there’s absolutely no room for mishandling.


There’s no doubt that brands like Prada cost huge cheques and bundles of cash, but are their pricing reasonable?

As compared to Coach, a big No!

When Coach bags cost around $300 to $2000, Prada charges its clients around $2600 to $3200 for each bag. And if you order your bag online, then you’ll have to pay additional delivery charges.


Prada bags are most commonly popular for their durability, after their status and beauty.

All handbags come with a one-year warranty and are guaranteed not to get damaged, broken, or detached.

However, this warranty does not implement on normal day-to-day wear-and-tear. Apart from the warranty, Prada has flexible repair policies, and you send your damaged bags to their repair house.

Final Verdict:

As I mentioned before, if you’re extremely rich, then you’ll buy both.

But if you’re wise enough to save those extra few (thousand) bucks, then you’ll surely go with Coach.

Prada is a nice brand, too, except for its heavy pricing and un-washable factor.

According to our view, if you’re spending well, spend on something good. We will let you decide further which brand wins.

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