David Yurman vs. John Hardy

David Yurman vs. John Hardy – Which Is Best for You?

Unlike before, when the jewelry industry used to be dedicated to women, the men’s jewelry sector is seeing massive adoption too.

There are now gender-neutral and male-focused jewelry brands that men can patronize too.

Because of the recent boom in this industry, the option is limitless for both genders.

As such, it can be challenging to choose the best brand for yourself.

David Yurman and John Hardy are two brands that produce exquisite jewelry for people irrespective of their gender and preferences.

This article will discuss the two brands, focusing on their similarities and differences to establish the best one.

David Yurman vs. John Hardy: Overview

The John Hardy brand gets its inspiration from Balinese Jewelry-making practices.

The brand develops distinct, beautifully crafted jewelry pieces. It features an extensive collection of jewelry that is suitable for both men and women.

John Hardy’s jewelry pieces can be subtly worn alone or layered together.

The brand is most famous for its classic chain bracelets, which include numerous variations and styles.

David and his wife Sybil established the David Yurman brand after he produced a fascinating piece for his wife which awed many people.

David is a timeless inspiration, innovator, and master craftsman. He’s the first jewelry designer to include diamonds in sterling silver jewelry.

This brand is committed to producing pieces of jewelry that can also serve as a piece of art. It’s famous for its cable bracelet, synonymous with its name.

Let’s compare these brands using the following factors.

David Yurman vs. John Hardy: Which Is Best for You?

Materials and Craftsmanship

David Yurman created the majority of its jewelry pieces in China with the help of high-end craftsmanship.

It uses natural untreated diamonds to make its jewelry.

The pieces of jewelry are developed with critical intentionality and thoughts.

It uses conventional and uncommon materials such as meteorites, forged carbon, and titanium to produce them.

It employs numerous precious and semi-precious stones like lapis, amethyst, and citrine.

The brand claims it depends entirely on diamonds obtained from Kimberley Process to develop its jewelry.

Similarly, John Hardy develops her jewelry with immense precision and attention to detail.

Every piece is crafted in an eight-step process using exemplary jewelry procedures from Jewelers from ancient Bali’s royal courts.

The jewelry comprises precious metals and alluring stones.

Hardy’s diamonds and gemstone suppliers underwent an intensive vetting process to comply with the brand’s stringent ethical guidelines.

The jewelry is built with 100% repurposed gold and recycled silver.

Product Varieties

Regarding product varieties, Both brands boast a comprehensive line of jewelry pieces.

David Yurman’s offers more products. Its range of jewelry includes bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants.

John Hardy provides bracelets, rings, chains, earrings, and necklaces.


David and John both have impressive styles and designs.

David Yurman has a more prominent signature design with its iconic cable style.

Most people reveal the brand’s design to be glamorous and very addictive.

Hence, customers tend to prefer it over John Hardy’s design.

Generally, David Yurman’s designs are more conservative, while John Hardy’s designs are bolder.


Because of its exquisite designs, which are termed addictive, people tend to choose David Yurman over most of its competitors.

The brand is more popular than John Hardy. Celebrities and influential people highly covet it.

Resale Value

Your jewelry should be an investment since you’ll buy it for a large chunk of dollars.

In future circumstances, the jewelry should still be worth a substantial amount if you want to part ways with it.

Concerning resale, both Yurman and Hardy products have remarkable resale value. In comparison, David Yurman has a higher resale value because of her popularity among celebrities.

David Yurman vs. John Hardy: Pros And Cons

Pros of David Yurman

  • Bigger brand recognition than John Hardy
  • A comprehensive collection of jewelry
  • Better resale value
  • Offers availability of outlet stores
  • Highly coveted


  • Too common
  • Relatively pricier
  • It doesn’t provide email discounts and promotions

Pros of John Hardy

  • Unique and bolder designs
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Offers discounts and promotions


  • No availability of outlet stores
  • Less recognizable, unlike David Yurman

David Yurman vs. John Hardy: Which is Best For You?

Both brands offer high-quality jewelry pieces that are expertly crafted.

Regarding quality, both brands are on par as there’s no significant distinction between the product qualities.

While you can’t go wrong with either of them, the best brand for you depends on your style.

Generally, David Yurman is the bigger brand, and it offers better designs and resale value. It is the best brand for cable bracelets.

However, its designs are too common and similar.

John Hardy, on the other hand, has more unique designs that are not common. It is the better brand for chains, and it has bolder designs.

If you want unique and different designs without spending much, John Hardy is your go-to option.

If otherwise, say you want a more popular brand that offers better designs and high resale value, David fits your choice.

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