Do Under Armour Shoes Run Small?

Shoe sizing is an essential factor to consider before buying shoes.

You’ll want to buy a shoe that offers maximum comfortability because poorly fitting shoes can be a real pain.

It can cause blisters, calluses, chafing, and other foot pain which hinders your free movement.

If you’re a sneaker enthusiast, you will understand that shoe sizes differ based on different brands.

Choosing the accurate size can be tedious, especially if you’re an online shopper.

Perhaps you’re eyeing Under Armour shoes, it will be wise to know the brand shoe sizing. These shoes cost quite a lot so you wouldn’t want to buy the wrong size.

This begs the question, do Under Armour shoes run small or big?

Let’s quickly answer the question.

Do Under Armour Shoes Run Big or Small?

From experience and other users’ reviews, we can deduce that Under Armour shoes are true to size.

Most buyers claim the shoes are a perfect fit, especially the width.

The brand offers no surprises regarding the size and fit of its shoes.

It is among the brands that run true to size, and it aligns with other significant athletic brands.

However, if you’re getting the shoes for the first time, it would help if you measure your foot length first before buying.

Generally, you won’t have to struggle to find your exact size since UA offers half sizes.

If you fall between sizes, your best bet is to go with the larger one.

What is Under Armour Shoe Sizing?

Under Armour shoe sizing is coherent with other major athletic brands such as New Balance, Brooks, and Reebok.

The brand chose a very straightforward approach in its shoe sizing, as stated below:

  • 5 mm between half sizes
  • 10 mm between full sizes

Sizing Tips for Under Armour Shoes

Truly, Under Armour is true to size, and you won’t struggle much to find that perfect Cinderella fit for yourself.

However, it will be wise if you are cautious and follow some specific tips before buying the shoe. Below are some particular tips we’ve curated for you:

Take Your Foot Measurement

First things first, before heading to buy your UA shoes or any other one for that matter, you should take your foot size.

It might be disastrous to think you know it.

Sizes do change.

Numerous factors could have affected your foot size.

For instance, you might have lost or gained weight. You must take your latest measurement to get a perfect size fitting.

Also, remember that different brands have different shoe sizes.

While some run big, others run small, and some are true to size.

Hence, comparing your size to another shoe brand might not work accurately.

It might be too much hassle, but take that measurement rather than comparing it with another shoe brand you own.

If you’re unsure how to get your size, here’s a tip.

Measure in inches from heel to toe.

Place your foot on a piece of paper and trace it to get a suitable measurement.

Ensure you place your whole weight on that foot measurement.

Also, it would be better to measure at the end of the day because your foot would be stretched in your shoes.

Know Your Size Description

To make better decisions, you should prioritize your sizing guide and measurement tips.

Every inch counts, and none is insignificant.

Remember that an inch can be the difference between getting a perfect fit and otherwise.

Ensure you run your sizing guide and measurement tips exactly to get the ideal shoe fitting.

Keeping this in mind will ensure you get a comfortable shoe.

If you desire a more oversized fit, add a half-inch to your size, and vice versa if you want a smaller fit.

Check the Return Policy

We can’t rule out you picking the wrong size even after being cautious.

Hence, you must understand the return, refund, and exchange policies of the store.

Ensure you understand all terms and conditions and should only move forward if you’re comfortable with them.

Generally, buying from UA’s official website gives you more flexibility regarding return and exchange policies.

UA accepts exchanges and offers free returns within two months of purchase if you have a valid proof of purchase.

FAQs About Under Armour Shoe Sizing

Do Under Armour shoes run small?

While some customers find them true to size, others may perceive Under Armour shoes as running slightly smaller. It’s advisable to try them on or consult size charts.

How can I ensure a proper fit when buying Under Armour shoes online?

Consult Under Armour’s size charts and consider reading customer reviews to get a sense of how the shoes fit.

Should I size up for all types of Under Armour shoes?

Not necessarily. It’s recommended to consider the specific model and usage. Some styles may require a size adjustment, while others may fit true to size.

Are there specific tips for sizing kids’ Under Armour shoes?

Follow the same principles: consult size charts, consider half sizes, and read customer reviews if available.

Can I exchange or return Under Armour shoes if they don’t fit well?

Under Armour typically offers exchange and return options for unworn shoes within a specified timeframe. Check their return policy for details.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Find My Exact Shoe Size?

Since Under Armour Shoes are generally true to size, we recommend you pick the next larger size if you can’t find your exact size.

A smaller fit is not advisable since the shoe can bring discomfort over time.

However, if you buy the shoe and it’s a bigger size, you can wear extra thick socks to accommodate the extra space.

Is Under Armour Shoe Bigger or Smaller than Nike?

Under Armour and Nike are pretty similar regarding sizing options.

However, While Under Armour is true to size, Nike shoes usually run smaller. If you want a Nike shoe, you might have to buy a bigger size than your actual size.

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