Forever 21 vs Rue 21: Which is Better?

Forever 21 and Rue 21 have been around for a while. While some people see the as the same, both brands are very different. However, they have a lot in common than they differ.

Probably while a lot of people are often confused when it comes to choosing between both brands.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll be looking at a few of their similarities and differences so you can decide which brand you absolutely want to buy from.

We’ll look at the quality of their offerings, prices, styles, and most importantly, what to look out for when buying your clothing items from either brand.

Forever 21 vs Rue 21: Which is Better?


In terms of quality, they are very similar. According to a lot of users, the two brands offer similar clothing items, deals, and sales, etc.

Another area where they are similar is in pricing. Both are affordable, even though it might sometimes depend on the style of cloth you’re buying.

My research shows that both brands are not as popular as the likes of Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Coach, etc.

However, the reviews on both brands are positive. Which means that those who get their products find them satisfactory.


In terms of price, there aren’t a lot of differences between Forever 21 and Rue 21.

I’ll imagine that both are similar in their pricing and that you wouldn’t save a lot if you were to choose one over the other in terms of affordability.

If you’re on a tight budget, then you can target when the brands do their sales. You may be able to find a discount that’ll save you some.

Where their Products are Made

Although the two brands look to be the same, they are entirely different brands.

While most of Rue 21 products are made in the United States, Forever 21 is made in China.

However, just because a brand’s products are made in China doesn’t mean they are inferior. As a matter of fact, some of Rue 21 products are also made in China and Guatemala.

Styles and Target Audience

In terms of style, Forever 21 is more trendy and appeals more to younger women.

Compared with Rue 21, which features bright colors designed for older women. However, neither of the brands discriminates according to age.

Whichever age bracket you are, you can go for any of them that is more attractive to you.

If you look at a lot of their clothing, you’ll discover that Rue 21 is more mainstream fun and less classy than Forever 21.

For more mature clothing, Forever 21 may be more suitable.

Which Brand is More Upscale?

I’d say that Forever 21 is more upscale and has a larger portfolio/catalog than Rue 21.

They also engage in marketing and advertisement, compared to Rue 21 which relies on word of mouth.

As a result, Forever 21 may be easily accessible, especially for those out of the United States.

According to, the brand has more than 400 stores in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Canada and Europe.

A Few Pointers When Purchasing

No matter what brand you’re going for, making sure you do proper research is absolutely essential. And the advantage is immediately obvious.

You’ll be able to know where to buy them at a good bargain as well as avoid snake oil marketers.

Another thing is to ensure the bags can be authenticated.

There are a lot of fake bags on the market, and most are targeted at premium brands like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.

Fortunately, there are a lot of forums as well as dedicated sites that will allow you to authenticate a specific brand.

Finally, check multiple sellers before committing to one. Sometimes, you’ll be able to get a product cheaper on Amazon and not other retailers.

That also depends on the time of the year you’re buying.

Final Thoughts: Forever 21 or Rue 21?

Both brands are suitable. If you’re looking for the cheaper of the two, then you aren’t going to get much luck.

However, if you’re looking for a fun brand with bright colors, then go with Rue 21. Young women looking for trendy styles will also find Rue 21 has more edge than Forever 21.

If you like mature clothing and want to be able to choose from a larger catalog, then go with Forever 21.

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