Goyard Artois PM vs MM: Difference & Similarities!

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Life is short, buy the bag.” A common line that motivates women to get that bag they are eyeing for.

This is the usual confession of bag shopaholics.

Buying that bag you have been wanting brings certain joy and the kind of satisfaction that most non-bagaholics could not understand.

The bag completes your outfit for the day since it is considered an accessory.

It plays an important role, especially for women because it is more than just a fashion statement, it carries all the essential things we need every day.

Thus, a perfect bag for you must be a balance of style and function. Luxury branded bags provide the perfect combination of style and function.

There is an endless list of brands and designs to choose from.

Goyard (For Designer Handbags)

One of the beacons of high-quality luxury brands is Goyard Paris.

Their bags are hand-painted with the Goyardine pattern and are durable and waterproof canvass.

If you want to invest in leather goods that last a lifetime, then Goyard bags are a perfect choice.

One of the classic tote options coated in canvass material is the Goyard Artois which are thicker and more structured with reinforced leather at the bottom corner of the tote.

Goyard launched the Artois PM size in 2014 before releasing the smaller PM.

While they might look like a replica of the Goyard Louis bag, the Artois bags were released to serve as an upgrade.

The features included in the bag address the general displeasure with the St. Louis tote.

The St. Louis bags have an open top, while the Artois has a zipper that protects items from falling off, ensuring the security of belonging.

Enters the Goyard Artois Series

Goyard Artois addresses the commonly raised concern with the other classic tote St. Louis.

While St. Louis is an open tote, the Artois features its zipper to ensure safety as you carry your valuables.

For a more professional-looking tote, they made this bag thicker and sturdier with its double-lined canvass and leather reinforcements at the bottom corner of the bag.

Since mostly coated canvass it is very lightweight.

It is also the most rigidly structured among the 3 other classic totes they have and stands up straight even when empty.

The straps of the Artois are also the longest so it is perfect to be used as an over-the-shoulder bag making it comfortable to wear especially when wearing a thick winter coat.

Artois also comes in 2 sizes, the Artois PM and MM.

Both of these are smaller than the St. Louis PM and GM sizes.

Which is better between Artois PM and MM? Let’s see its list of comparisons:

Goyard Artois PM vs MM: Comparison

Goyard Artois PM vs MM

Artois MM

  • Sizes: Artois MM measures 6″ w x 14.5″ l x 11.5″ h, 10″ strap drop
  • Height handle: 25 cm
  • Style: Linen and Cotton Inner side
  • Classic: $2,125
  • Colored: $2,530

Artois PM

  • Sizes: 5.5″ w x 12″ l x 9.5″ h, 8″ strap drop
  • Height handle: 20 cm
  • Style: Linen and Cotton Inner side
  • Classic Price: $1,740
  • Colored Price: $2,175

Is PM Better?

We think the answer depends on you, but we’ll help make the decisions simpler.

If you want a bag that can fit many of your essentials, i.e., a carry-all must-haves bag, we recommend you choose the Artois MM because of its extra space.

The space is enough to easily carry a 13-inch laptop and other essentials for play or work.

The PM size can be pretty small and might not fit over your shoulder, especially if you’re tall.

The MM size has a more extended handle and is comfortable, especially if your cloth is thick.

Generally, Artois MM is more suited for ladies. Its size and sophistication is crafted for women and is ideal for most style and function.

It’s an excellent choice to take to work or for running errands.

In summary, the Artois PM is suitable for women or anyone who prefers a smaller bag, while the MM size is a go-to choice for men because of the size.

Goyard Artois PM vs MM: Differences

Goyard Artois PM or MM

There is not much difference between the two. Only that Pm size is more suited for women since it is smaller.

It was launched last 2014 and by 2017, Goyard MM was launched. MM size is much bigger so it fits more for men.

They’re happy now as they can enjoy a Goyard that is a more suitable size for them.

Since MM is newly released than the PM, it offers special customization in which one can choose a maximum of three letters that can be placed on the front or the side of the tote.


The size is the significant difference between the Goyard Artois MM and PM.

The Artois MM size is the most popular in the collection. It measures 50cm in length, 30cm in height, and 17cm in width.

In the same vein, the Goyard Artois PM measures 30cm in length, 25cm in height, and 14cm in width.

These measurements indicate that the MM size is bigger than the PM.


Of course, it’s not surprising that the MM size is pricier than the PM.

This price difference is to compensate for the extra space provided in the MM size. However, there is no significant disparity between the two prices.

Comfortability and Durability

The Artois tote bags are similar in this category.

They have a more feel and formal look compared to the St Louis collection.

The bags have a zipper rather than an open-top, with double-lined canvas materials. They have a sturdier and thicker double-live canvas that ensures more structure.

There are interior leather reinforcements at the four corners of the bags so they can retain shape even when empty. The shoulder straps are the longest of the Goyard bags, making them more convenient when used as an over-the-shoulder bag.

Artois PM or MM: Which One to Choose?

So if you need a carry-all must-haves bag, choose the Artois MM since it is more spacious in size.

Its handle is longer than PM so it is comfortable to carry especially when you are wearing thicker clothing or you may be taller or bigger.

Artois PM, on the other hand, can be a good choice too if you decide to have a smaller bag.

Its sophistication and size are perfectly designed for women thus making it a perfect choice for the function and style you are looking for.

Final Thoughts:

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