Herve Chapelier vs Longchamp: Why You Should Never Buy Before Confirming!

Herve and Longchamp are two high-quality handbag makers.

Herve Chapelier is a French brand that specializes in bright, colorful nylon bags. Longchamp is equally a well-known brand that shocked the industry with its Le Pilage, which has remained a classic.

They’ve both been around for decades.

Both are native to France but can be found in many other areas of the world.

Although I really like to have multiple brands of bags, sometimes, you may just need only one. If you find you need to choose between both, then read this article to the end.

Which Is More Established?

If you’re a fan of buying only from established brands, then Longchamps is a more firmly established brand. The brand has been around longer than HC.

That isn’t to discount Herve Chapelier though. It’s a nice brand. HC has some killer color combinations of handbags. These bags are also available in different sizes and shapes and you can readily see their prices on the official site.

But the popularity of Longchamp will always draw more people to the brand. Along with being consistent, dependable, and reasonably priced.

Bag Handle

If you’re starting school or looking for one to use in school, Longchamps is a little better. LC bags come in soft leather handles that are not only more comfortable in the long run.

But are also going to be a lot easier to carry around campus.

Even if you’ll only be going to events with them, you’d still want one that’s very comfortable.

You never know the day you’ll fill your bag with some heavy load that’ll need to carry a long distance. Moreover, a couple of users of Herve also complain of the handle bothering their shoulders, as against the Longchamp.


If you’re going to be storing a lot of things in your bag, then Herves should be better. It’s sturdier and comes with an inner pocket which is quite good if you need to stuff your bag full of things.

Design & Looks

In terms of design and look, Herve bags are more stylish and have a modern appearance. Of course, if you’re in your younger years and want to look great, then have your Herves. If you’re older, then Longchamp isn’t that bad.

In addition, if you’re fun-loving, you’ll probably like Herves more. Plenty of reviewers of both say that they love Herves for being more fun. Longchamps, on the other hand, is more subtle in the looks department.


At the end of the day, both Longchamp and Herves are functional stylish, and practical. While the Herves have better color combinations, you can give it to Longchamps for brighter colors.

So, if you want an all-rounder bag that you can use on different occasions, then Herves is a good option.

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