Is ASICS A Good Brand? Can You Trust the Brand?

ASICS is a Japanese sporting equipment brand, named after the acronym for the Latin expression Anima Sana In Corpore Sano; healthy mind in a healthy body. It aims to create a quality lifestyle through intelligent sports technology.

Is ASICS a good brand?

ASICS focuses heavily on R&D, developing a large number of innovations, many of which have contributed to breaking records in sports competitions around the world.

One of the main targets of its R&D activities is the soles of sports shoes. Emphasis is also placed on innovative solutions for fit, cushioning, stability, flexibility, grip, ventilation, and durability.

One example of innovative technology, developed in 1960, is the ventilation system of the “Magic Runner”, which helped prevent long-distance runners from getting blisters.

Another illustration regarding this matter is its ASICS FLYTEFOAM™ technology, which has excellent shape recovery properties that allow the cushioning to last much longer.

Some of this brand’s best-selling products include ASICS Nimbus 20 and Cumulus products. The Nimbus family is one of the most well-known of the brand, owing to its beautiful designs, as well as comfort and cushioning.

The Cumulus line is another classic Asics collection. It is a medium/high range shoe with a very good value for money and stands out for its significant features of breathability and comfort.

Choose Asics or Not

Asics has made a reputation for itself as an affordable resource for stylish menswear but is Asics a good brand? Overall, the answer is yes.

Though its clothing is mass-produced, each item is made from a particular cotton/polyester mix that makes it durable and wrinkle-free.

It provides a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes on par or lower than its peers’ pricing.

When you wear the Van Heusen brand, you will look like a million dollars without having to spend the same amount.

What the customers have to say

Having the right shoes to practice your favorite sport has become a must for all athletes.

Plenty of runners choose Asics due to the good value for money and the comfort of their clothing and footwear. 18.4% of those who choose this brand do so for their running shoes.

Any sports shoe worthy of the title must have essential features such as grip, cushioning, stability and comfort. ASICS shoes guarantee all this and more thanks to their manufacture with top-quality materials and the most advanced R&D activities.

We can conclude that it is a brand of considerable renown and quality.

Sustainability and cruelty-free?

Nowadays, high quality is not the only thing that matters regarding a brand. Many consumers take into account the product source and may refuse to buy an item if it does not meet environment-friendly and cruelty-free standards.

According to PETA, the ASICS brand produces quite a significant number of sports shoes that are vegan; the most popular is the Onitsuka Tiger line.

Other vegan information sources, such as Vegan Kicks, involved in climate change and animal industry issues, also confirm that as of 2019 ASICS has been producing items that are entirely vegan, as well as fully synthetic shoes.

While ASICS is not a brand completely dedicated to manufacturing sustainable and cruelty-free products, they do make an effort to avoid using animal-based materials.

In addition, they actively reduce the environmental impact of the production and distribution of their products.

This can be a major incentive for those who are highly invested in sustainability and veganism, as they can enjoy a variety of products without concerns.

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