Is Balenciaga Italian?

Balenciaga is a Spanish brand owned by the Kering Group, a conglomerate of luxury brands.

The Kering Group also owns Gucci, Saint Laurent, Brioni, Alexander McQueen, and Bottega Veneta.

All of these are luxury brands in France and are recognized around the world for their brilliant creativity and craftsmanship.

Balenciaga was never Italian, even though most of its products are made in Italy.

Is Balenciaga Made in Paris?

The answer is no. Being a Spanish brand, it’s not possible that the brand’s products will be made in Paris.

While a lot of people are confused about where Balenciaga originates from, it’s easy to know that a Spanish brand will have its production factories in Spain and we can expect its products to come from there.

So, if you’re doubting whether Balenciaga is French, Italian, or Spanish, you have your answer.

About Balenciaga

Before its acquisition by The Kering Group in 2001, Balenciaga was a Spanish boutique in San Sabastian. This would later be expanded to open branches in Madrid and Barcelona.

It was founded in 1919 by the Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga.

Balenciaga had to later relocate his business due to the Spanish Civil War ongoing at that time.

The brand relocated to Paris in 1937 and has been there ever since.

Thus, Balenciaga was most popular among women and was recognized as the revolutionary that completely changed women’s clothing.

The brand that changed fashion, some of Balenciaga’s notable pieces: the bubble hemlines, the sack dress, the cocoon coat, and the IT bag, the Ceinture boots.

There is another question that’s worth asking at this point. I’ll try and answer it accordingly.

Cristobal Balenciaga

The master of us all, the only real couturier, the fashion Titan, Our teacher, the architect of haute couture.

These are some of the names of important fashion figures of the world such as Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy, Coco Chanel, Emmanuel Ungaro, and many others used to address this great fashion talent.

Cristobal Balenciaga was reputable for always being a trendsetter, rather than following trends.

Born to a dressmaker and a fisherman, Cristobal developed a passion for fabrics from his mother and was already working as an apprentice with a tailor in his country at 11 years old.

He opened his first shop in San Sebastian when he was 12 and later relocated to Paris during the Civil War.

Cristobal was a couturier of unwavering standards and lived his whole career as an icon in the fashion industry, different from everyone else, until his retirement in 1968.

He died in 1972, at 77 years old.

Where is Balenciaga Made?

Most of the products manufactured by Balenciaga are made in Italy.

This may explain why without the brands’ background knowledge, many would conclude that Balenciaga is an Italian brand.

But Balenciaga itself is based in Paris, France.

Balenciaga’s production spreads across numerous countries: the shoes are made in Italy and China.

The clothes are made mainly in Italy and China, but some production is carried out in other countries like Portugal, France, Japan, Tunisia, and Madagascar.

The most expensive bags are usually made in Italy and the cheaper ones in China.

Balenciaga doesn’t manufacture in Spain and mainly manufactures its perfumes in France.

The Modern Balenciaga

After the acquisition by Kering, Balenciaga has through numerous revamps to keep up with the modern-day trend and create new ideas, and new designs.

The brand now manufactures ready-to-wear apparel such as tops, dresses, sweatshirts, jackets, knitwear, pants, and underwear for both men and women.

Balenciaga is also in the production of shoes, bags, and accessories.

The range of shoes goes from sneakers to sandals, boots, heels, crocs, and tracks. Its famous shoe is the Triple S, the first of its kind.

A bulky silhouette style with various colorways.

Co-designed by Demna Gvasalia and David Tourniaire Beauciel, the Triple S became the catalyst for the luxury sneaker market which is now worth hundreds of millions.

The brand offers bags like crossbodies, explorer, and satchels among others.

And an interesting catalog of accessories: Sunglasses, socks, scarves and caps, belts, jewelry, and phone accessories.

Final Thoughts

Balenciaga is also in collaboration with Adidas where it produces high-fashion wear with sportswear details.

The collaboration is a 33-piece collection, from socks to sweatpants, to sneakers showcasing Adidas’s triple-stripe motif with Balenciaga’s silhouettes.

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