is ben sherman a luxury brand

Is Ben Sherman a Luxury Brand?

Is Ben Sherman a Luxury Brand? Yes and no.

Since 1963, the British apparel company Ben Sherman has been a mainstay of the fashion world. The company was started by Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, and it is renowned for its classic check shirt patterns and contemporary, preppy aesthetic. With its merchandise available in more than 70 nations now, Ben Sherman is well known as a high-end fashion brand. Its hallmark items include anything from traditional clothing like Oxford shirts and fitted suits to contemporary streetwear like polos, tees, and chinos.

Ben Sherman has established itself as a go-to option for fashion-forward people who want to make a statement without going overboard thanks to its timelessly stylish designs and high-quality materials. In 1963, the British lifestyle company Ben Sherman was established in Brighton, England. It creates apparel and accessories for men, women, and children and is renowned for its traditional British design. The distinctive Oxford shirt produced by the firm, which is available in many different designs and hues, is its standout item. Other clothing options by Ben Sherman include suits, pants, t-shirts, knitwear, and outerwear.


Is Ben Sherman a Luxury Brand?


British apparel and leisure company Ben Sherman is well-known for its timeless, well-tailored styles. They provide a variety of apparel, including formal and casual attire, as well as accessories and shoes. Ben Sherman does provide high-end quality things that might be perceived as luxurious, even if they are not strictly speaking a luxury brand.

The business was established in Brighton in 1963 by the late Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, whose goal was to provide fashionable, high-quality apparel. Since then, Ben Sherman has developed into a well-known international fashion brand known for its classic but cutting-edge styles. Mark Thomas is the company’s current CEO, and it is still a family-owned business.

The high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship used in Ben Sherman’s apparel give it an expensive appearance. Their products are frequently regarded as stylish yet modest, making them appropriate for any setting. The company has also partnered with some of the biggest brands in fashion, like GQ Magazine and Burberry, confirming its reputation for timelessly chic design and superior workmanship.

Overall, because of its premium materials and elegant designs, Ben Sherman may be considered a premium brand. Although it might not be regarded as a real luxury brand like Louis Vuitton or Chanel, its goods are unquestionable of a high enough caliber for some customers to believe them to be luxurious.


History of Ben Sherman


Since its creator, Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, began creating shirts in 1963, Ben Sherman has been a well-known name in fashion. Brighton, England gave birth to the enduring Ben Sherman shirt, which immediately became a mainstay of mod fashion. Legendary musicians like The Who and The Clash wore the look throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Ben Sherman gained international recognition after swiftly becoming well-known in the UK.

Since then, thanks to its classic designs that have won over countless generations of admirers worldwide, Ben Sherman has become a recognized name in the fashion industry. The company is well-known for its famous Harrington coats, traditional Oxford shirts, and distinctive gingham check pattern. It is also well known for including vibrant colors in its collections that may be combined with other items to create unique looks.

While producing contemporary designs that are appropriate for any occasion, the company continues to honor its British history. Some of the most important figures in fashion, such as David Beckham, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake, have worn Ben Sherman over the years. The clothes of Ben Sherman are classic designs that never go out of style and look fantastic when worn with assurance.

Today, Ben Sherman sells a whole range of clothes, including men’s, women’s, and accessory items like purses, wallets, and caps. The company also creates perfumes and shoes, all of which are influenced by traditional British design. The Ben Sherman collection has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking for traditional items or something more contemporary.


Ben Sherman Brand Identity

An enduring image of British fashion is the Ben Sherman brand. The brand has grown to be associated with timeless, classic style because of its classic tailored design. Over the years, the company’s iconic gingham pattern has appeared in a number of fashion collections, and its classic fit and slim-cut shirts have become mainstays of British menswear. Ben Sherman is a well-liked option for men looking for high-quality clothes because of its reputation for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Ben Sherman creates a variety of accessories, such as watches, bags, shoes, and perfumes, that share the same traditional look as its apparel line.

British culture and tradition are at the foundation of the Ben Sherman brand identity. Given that its name has grown to be associated with British coolness and style, it is a common option for people who want their attire to make a statement. The brand’s iconic gingham design has appeared on a variety of items, including skirts, ties, and pocket squares, and its slim-cut shirts are regarded as basic pieces for contemporary males. Any occasion or event is ideal for the classic but elegant Ben Sherman aesthetic.

The devotion to quality and workmanship is something that the Ben Sherman brand takes great pleasure in. Its clothing is all constructed using premium fabrics that are intended to last for many years. Every piece of apparel from Ben Sherman is produced with meticulous attention to detail, so it looks as wonderful as it does. In order to ensure that consumers can get the ideal fit for their body type, the firm also provides a broad choice of sizes.

You can be sure that the Ben Sherman brand will always provide you with fashionable solutions that will help you look your best, whether you’re searching for a basic piece of clothing for your regular wardrobe or something more formal. The Ben Sherman brand identity is expected to endure as a classic due to its ageless appeal and classic aesthetics.

Prices of Ben Sherman Products

Known for its elegant and current men’s apparel, Ben Sherman is a well-known British clothing company. The company is renowned for its high standards, timeless style, and reasonable prices. You may easily discover something that suits your style and budget with their large assortment of items. The product categories available from Ben Sherman include shirts, coats, pants, accessories, and more. Products by Ben Sherman range in price according to their nature and quality. In general, Ben Sherman offers goods that range from casual to formal dress at reasonable pricing. Depending on the style and material, shirts typically cost between £20 and £50, while jackets cost between £50 and £150. Depending on the style and fabric, pants might cost anywhere from £30 and £100. Affordable pricing ranging from £10 to £30 is also offered for accessories like belts and caps.


Materials Used by Ben Sherman


Known for its fashionable and high-quality apparel and accessories, Ben Sherman. The firm employs a variety of materials in its goods, from man-made textiles like polyester to natural fibers like cotton and wool. Ben Sherman also employs leather to make stylish shoes and jackets. The business ensures that each product is created to the highest standards of quality by obtaining its resources from sustainable sources. All Ben Sherman products are expertly crafted, with careful attention to every single detail, resulting in a product that will last for many years. Customers can be confident that when they buy a Ben Sherman product, they are making an investment in high-quality materials that will last a lifetime.


Quality of Ben Sherman Products


Ben Sherman is well known for its dedication to quality and care for the little things. Since the 1960s, the business has produced high-quality clothing, as it still does now. The best materials and components are used exclusively in the design and manufacture of every piece of clothing made by Ben Sherman. Each piece of clothing is expertly made to provide a great fit and optimum durability.

The business takes pride in its dedication to customer satisfaction, making sure that every customer receives the best product available. Ben Sherman takes all necessary measures to guarantee that each item of clothing satisfies its strict requirements for quality control. Before every product is published, every aspect—including fabric selection, sewing processes, and manufacturing methods—is carefully taken into account.

In addition, Ben Sherman offers a number of services for consumers who want to alter their apparel. Customers may have logos or personalized phrases embroidered on their clothing, as well as include other features like patches or appliqués. Each modification is carried out precisely and carefully, guaranteeing that each product will seem exactly as intended when it is delivered to the buyer.

Overall, Ben Sherman products are meticulously crafted to ensure that buyers receive high-quality items that they can be pleased to wear. All consumers who make purchases from Ben Sherman are guaranteed to receive the greatest possible product because to the company’s dedication to quality.

Where to Buy Ben Sherman Products

Popular men’s clothing company Ben Sherman sells fashionable and timeless apparel. Ben Sherman provides what you need, whether you’re looking for a shirt, sweater, or pair of trousers. But where can you find these fantastic apparel items?

Products by Ben Sherman may be found at a wide variety of traditional and online retailers. An authorized Ben Sherman merchant is among the greatest places to purchase merchandise. These shops provide the whole Ben Sherman clothing collection, including limited edition items that are only sold at particular merchants. Using the shop locator on the official Ben Sherman website, you may discover a licensed retailer close to you.

Products by Ben Sherman are available worldwide in a variety of upscale department stores and specialized shops in addition to its authorized sellers. Both timeless items from previous seasons and things from the current collection are available at these stores. Online shopping is always an option if you don’t live close to one of these shops. Since it offers a whole selection of items in both men’s and women’s sizes, the official website is an excellent location to start your search.

Finally, outlet stores can be your best choice if you’re seeking for Ben Sherman things at a bargain. You may get fantastic savings on high-quality apparel without breaking the bank at these retailers, which sometimes offer overstock goods or previous season trends at discounted costs. By utilizing the shop finder on the official Ben Sherman website or by conducting an internet search for “Ben Sherman outlet stores” in your region, you may locate outlet outlets close to you.

Wherever you decide to buy Ben Sherman goods, you can be sure to get fashionable, classic pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Ben Sherman is undoubtedly an upscale brand that caters to people who value superior craftsmanship, cutting-edge styles, and a hint of luxury. Its excellent materials, contemporary designs, and timeless appeal make it a brand worth considering for anybody searching for something of higher quality than the standard high street choices, even if it may not be as pricey as some other luxury brands. The enduring popularity of its classic menswear designs among discriminating customers means that Ben Sherman will continue to be a household name.

Overall, Ben Sherman is a luxury label that sells high-quality clothing with classic styling. With its timeless designs, customers may purchase apparel that will last for many years and add value to their wardrobes much beyond what is typical of most high street fashion labels.

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