Is Buffalo Saint Legit?

If you’re searching for high-quality bags, belts, leather materials, and accessories, you may have come across the Buffalo Saint website.

It’s an online inventory that boosts a collection of bags, backpacks, accessories, and other items.

This website is a new but popular site on social media platforms. There are numerous ads for this company on these platforms, and you can hardly miss them.

The ad claims some bags are for free. This offer seems cool, and it attracts a lot of customers.

However, the site has generated a lot of negative reviews. Most people that have patronized the brand claim the company is a fraud.

In this article, we’ll present all available information about the brand, including customer reviews, to establish if it’s legit or otherwise.

Is Buffalo Saint Legit?

In this time and generation, the online fashion market is filled with scam portals, and Buffalo Saint seems to be part of them.

There’s no genuine evidence to prove the website’s legitimacy.

Most customers’ reviews have also confirmed that the company is a fraud.

It begs to ask, why is the company’s contact address, phone number, or any information not available on its website?

Why’s there no reliable refund or return policy?

What’s the company trying to hide?

Customers do not have any means to reach the company in case of any complaints or feedback.

All these complaints only prove the illegitimately.

The brand only reiterates the fact that whatever sounds too good to be true is most likely not. We recommend that you desist from the website till there’s enough conviction about the genuineness.

About Buffalo Saint

Buffalo Saint is an online inventory store where people can shop for numerous stylish leather materials, accessories, and trending items.

The website is a platform for worldwide shopping.

The brand attracts customers to the website through its ad that claims free offers for most goods, such as bags, belts, and stylish items.

However, customers will have to pay for the shipping cost, and the transaction will be made online.

Let’s review the brand based on specific criteria.

Quality of Goods

From most customers’ reviews, what the brand offered is some crappy imitation of the goods the customers ordered.

The products are of bad quality and don’t have the quality close to what they wanted.

Some customers also claimed that they ended up paying as much as twice the average price of the bags.

Online Presence

The brand has a poor online presence.

You’ll hardly find any substantial information about it except for the negative reviews from customers.

There’s nothing about them on any popular fashion blogs and websites. It’s like it doesn’t exist, excluding the website and unlimited ads.

Contact Information

As unbelievable as it seems, the company does not have contact information on its website.

There’s no phone number or contact address to access the company.

The email address is also well hidden on the website. Most people miss its presence.

Refund Policy

Since there’s no contact information, including phone number and address, there’s no way for customers to contact the company in case of a complaint.

Hence, there’s no refund or return policy.

Customer Reviews

Honestly, it’s hard to think this company is genuinely based on the reviews saturated on the internet.

We can’t find any positive reviews about the brand that might indicate its legitimacy. Most customers claim the brand is fraudulent and charges them for fake products.

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