Is DKNY an Expensive Brand? Or Is It Affordable Like Coach?

As a popular brand that’s doing well in the industry, it’s only natural that prospective buyers will have a lot of questions.

If you’re looking to purchase your next DKNY product but aren’t sure if this brand is expensive or not, this article is for you.

No matter what product you’re buying, you should be concerned about what you’re spending. Your money is your money.

And you deserve to get the most value for it. Can DKNY be that brand you’ve been waiting for? Let’s find out in this article:

The Brand

Since its launching in the mid-80s, the brand DKNY has established its name in the world of fashion.

Behind this popular brand is Donna Karan who founded DKNY in 1985 wherein she launched the first-ever Donna Karan Collection in New York, but it only catered to women and costs more luxurious.

However, her special gift and vision in fashion design have paved the way to the brand’s substantial success.

After a few years, DKNY did not only cater to women but also men making them a versatile and diverse brand. Over the years, its label grew to be much popular, not only in New York but also around the world.

Aside from apparel, the brand also sells handbags, accessories, fragrances, beauty products for men and women. They also sell bags and purses which are suitable for different occasions from formal. casual to sporty

Is DKNY Bag an Expensive Brand?

DKNY is labeled to be an “accessible luxury” as it sits in a midsection of luxurious brands.

It isn’t anywhere like Gucci, Channel, Louis Vuitton, or Dior when it comes to its price, but it is more pricey compared to standard or mass-produced brands.

If you’re looking for a branded bag or purse, DKNY provides a wide array of quality products without breaking the bank.

Basically, DKNY is not known for handbags because only a few know that they offer a wide selection of handbags and purses.

These are “accessible luxury” bags ranging from $100-$500 that vary from crossbodies, purses to totes. However, it does not come last though it sits in “in-between of all sorts.

Though DKNY had promoted diversity in their brand, they had established popularity despite not pursuing brand uniqueness or revolutionary changes.

The brand maintained its classic designs while staying within the reach of many to which their clients have loved over the years

Are DKNY Bags Worth it?

A piece of DKNY bag won’t break your bank compared to other luxurious brands. However, it does not disappoint you when it comes to quality and durability.

This brand provides excellent designs and high-quality products but is still within the reach of many customers.

Every penny is worth it. However, take note that every bag brand lasts long or short depending on how a person takes good care of these little treasures.

What are Brands similar to DKNY?

1. Calvin Klein

Just like DKNY, Calvin Klein also caters to classic but sophisticated bags that are considered to be affordable for those who do not want cheaply made products but also don’t want to splurge a thousand bucks either.

CK’s bags last long because the brand pays attention to details and materials.

2. Coach

Coach bags sit from mid to high-level price points but their styles never go out of fashion.

They can be a good alternative for more expensive brands as their produce excellent leather goods and durable but gorgeous bags.

3. Guess

Guess is still a popular brand around the world. Their products are definitely high-end, but their bags are ranging from relatively low-cost to deluxe bags depending on the type of products you are looking for.