Is Gucci Cheaper in Hawaii?

Gucci products are beautifully designed, durable and trendy. As one of the leading luxury fashion companies globally, Gucci items are costly.

Hence, people always seek an opportunity to get them at a discount.

Even those that can afford its high price will love a good deal. Hawaii is rumored to be one destination offering these products at a lower price.

Is Gucci truly cheaper in Hawaii? Let’s quickly answer this question.

Is Gucci Cheaper In Hawaii?

Yes, Gucci products are cheaper in Hawaii.

You’ll get these products at lower prices in Hawaii compared to the Mainland U.S.

Truly, the current Gucci deal in Hawaii isn’t as cheap as it used to be, but getting your Gucci items in Hawaii is still worth it.

Gucci products in Hawaii are once 20% off but are now only 10% off. It’s not an outlet store.

Luxury items have different price tags in Hawaii than in the Mainland US.

This Hawaii discount is still one of the mouth-watering deals on luxury items you can get.

So if you’re planning to visit Hawaii soon and you’re planning to grab a Gucci purse, shoes, or bags, best believe it’s your lucky day.

Why Are Gucci Items Cheaper In Hawaii?

Generally, all luxury items, not only Gucci, are cheaper in Hawaii.

The price point is more affordable for most premier designers, including Fendi, LV, and Chanel.

While there’s no utmost certainty why luxury brand items are at a discount in Hawaii, there are numerous theories on why it’s much better to get them on the island.

Firstly, more companies regard Hawaii as their special pricing zone.

So, they don’t impose the exact pricing for their products on Hawaii as they do Mainland USA and Mainland Asia.

Significantly, luxury goods are taxed less in Hawaii. The sales tax in Hawaii is below average.

It’s presently 4%, but local jurisdictions can increase it by 0.5% and more. It’s currently 4.5% in Honolulu/Waikiki.

This number is incredibly lower than most other states in the country. For instance, California and Florida are 6%.

Generally, the U.S is a low-tax country. Most brands in Asia have higher tariffs and taxes, especially for imported luxurious items.

This Hawaii tax rate is most beneficial for shoppers from Asia.

Furthermore, luxury goods in Hawaii are priced for the Asian target audience and not America.

Luxury brands have allotted Hawaii to their Asia-pacific divisions, which justifies the lower prices compared to the other states in the country.

It’s common to notice bilingual songs in the Hawaii market, primarily Chinese and Japanese, asides from English.

Moreover, different luxury brands offer specific discounts on their products in Hawaii.

Prominent places you can visit in Hawaii for incredible deals include Ala Moana Center and Kalakaua Avenue.

Is Gucci Cheaper In the US?

Compared to the Asian market, Gucci is cheaper in the United States.

In the country, many luxury items such as Gucci have sales tax. It varies across States, but it can be up to 10%.

However, compared to the European market, Gucci is more expensive in the US.

This is because, like many other luxury items, Gucci products are manufactured in Europe and then imported to the US.

The higher price point in the US is due to importation fees and forex exchange.

Does Gucci Ever Go On Sale?

No, Gucci does not go on sale. The brand doesn’t offer any discounts.

You won’t find any Gucci discounts or black Friday sales on the brand’s website, except it’s a private sale for VVIP customers.

However, there are authorized Gucci retailers/resellers, both in-store and online, that can offer discounts on Gucci products.

Examples include Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue. You can get good deals on Gucci products when they offer these discounts.

Generally, the Gucci brand warns against these offers.

If you see any Gucci product at a discounted rate on a website that’s not a licensed Gucci reseller, it might be a fake product.

We recommend you sign up for these stores’ newsletters and always watch out for announcements on their websites for upcoming sales and promotions.

Best Ways To Save On Gucci Products

If you want to save on your next Gucci purchase, below are the best ways to do it:

Visit Gucci Outlet Stores

Gucci outlet stores are where you can buy Gucci items on sale when they’re no longer available or are being phased out.

They are different from retail stores. When Gucci provides seasonal items that are not sold, they are taken to outlet stores.

So, you can get out-of-the-season Gucci products at these outlet stores at lower prices.

Patronize Luxury Department Stores

Buy your product at luxury department stores or licensed stores, such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Gucci permits these stores, and you can get original items at lower prices when they offer seasonal sales or promotions.

Shop at Reliable e-Commerce Stores

Retail stores such as MyTheresa, Farfetch, The Luxury Closet, and The RealReal are where you can get Gucci products at lower prices.

These platforms offer secondhand or pre-loved items that still have decent quality.

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