Is J. Crew expensive? Well…It Depends!

Temperatures are quickly starting to change and you might have found yourself considering a new wardrobe.

Maybe your style changed or you want some fresh outfits to start the new season.

Whatever the reason may be, it is never a bad idea to add some new clothes to your closet.

Clothing companies from all over the world are pushing out commercial after commercial trying to get people to purchase their clothes.

One company that has stood out amongst the rest is J. Crew.

Their celebrity appearances and everyday styles may have caught your eye a few times.

Before you rush to the store, you might find yourself wondering if J. Crew is an expensive brand.

Worry not, by the end of this article, you will know whether or not J. Crew is a brand that can financially work for you.

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Is J. Crew expensive?

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is maybe, depending on your financial situation. If you don’t make a lot of money, J. Crew can be described as expensive.

If 30 dollars sounds like a lot to spend on a t-shirt, you might want to consider doing your shopping elsewhere.

When looking at J. Crew compared to other brands, J. Crew appears to be less expensive.

For example, if you look at women’s t-shirts for Ralph Lauren, they average about $50 at their cheapest.

With J. Crew’s t-shirts being priced at around $37, this means that there is about a $13 difference between the women’s t-shirts at J. Crew versus Ralph Lauren.

So, for the average American, J. Crew would be considered expensive, but when compared to other high-quality brands, they are more affordable.

J. Crew and Women’s clothes

There is quite a price gap when looking at the most expensive versus least expensive item in the women’s clothing section.

Their highest-priced item of clothing is a jacket that is just $2 short of $600, while their cheapest shirt is priced at $37.

Depending on how you look at it, both prices can be considered expensive. Some stores like Ross and Walmart offer the same style of shirt for a fraction of the cost.

The quality may not be as good, but the style is the same.

Some people shop at stores like J. Crew based solely on the fact that the company is well known.

When looking at other sites like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing, the same clothing items at J. Crew typically rank the highest in price, making J. Crew most expensive.

J. Crew and Men’s clothes

When comparing the men’s clothes to the women’s clothes, there isn’t much price difference.

However, the most expensive item on the men’s side is also a jacket, but it’s priced $100 higher than the women’s jacket.

This is most likely due to the extra fabric it takes to make men’s clothing.

Since men are typically bigger than women, their clothes need to be made with extra fabric to accommodate, making them more expensive.

If you want to buy anything other than a t-shirt, you will find the average price to be around $75-$120.

So, if you consider J. Crew to be expensive for women, you will find that it is expensive for men as well.


Overall, J. Crew is a fairly well-known brand that is not considered to be a luxury brand, but it is high-quality.

The question of whether they are expensive or not is primarily based on income.

For most people, spending $100 on a single clothing item is a lot of money to spend.

So, if you want to re-do your entire wardrobe, consider adding a few J. Crew items for special occasions only.

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