Is Kate Spade A Good Brand? Are the Worth It?

In the early 1990s, Kate Spade was an editor at a fashion magazine in New York City. Then she decided to leave the world of publishing behind.

And create her own line of unique, fashionable handbags alongside her husband.

She recognized the lack of bold, colorful yet functional purses on the market.

Immediately, she quickly began designing handbags that were utilitarian, simple and classic enough for work, school, or everyday use. But also featured quirky patterns, colors and intricate attention to detail.

Her handbags were intended to be useful, unexpected and unconventional conversation pieces.

By 1993 she had begun selling her products at higher-end retailers and via a small store in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

In addition to handbags, Kate Spade went on to sell a myriad of fashion accessories as well as housewares, paper goods, and gift items.

In 1999 the Kate Spade brand was sold to the Neiman Marcus Group, and in 2006 it sold to Fifth and Pacific.

Design, Style, Quality, and Cost

Kate Spade is considered a well-made, mid-range luxury brand. And is comparable to brands such as Coach, Furla, Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs.

Handbags can be purchased at Kate Spade retail stores and outlets as well as on the vendor website.

As well as at select retail stores. They are also available on the second-hand market via websites like Poshmark and ThredUp.

Despite the popularity of all Kate Spade products, her handbags continue to be the most iconic, and generations of women have since coveted them.

For many young women, purchasing their first Kate Spade bag was and still is, considered a right of passage. One of the earliest and most popular styles called the “Sam” shoulder bag remains popular nearly 30 years later.

Is Kate Spade a Good Brand?

The short answer is yes, Kate Spade is a good brand you can invest in.

Thousands (or millions) of consumers flock to this brand every year for different products.

The brand has been around for quite a while and is trusted by legions of consumers around the world.

Kate Spade has maintained high-quality standards in its handbags and other items since its inception and has continued to do so.

I’d venture to say that it’s far better than brands like Coach when it comes to quality. The prices of KS products are also not too high or prohibitive.

So, if you’re still thinking about a brand to invest in for your next handbag or purse, Kate Spade is worth considering.

Should You Buy Kate Spade Handbags?

Are Kate Spades handbags considered a good brand that is worth buying?

The answer is a definite and enthusiastic yes!

These beautiful handbags are famous for their unique combination of functionality, fashion and fun. The shape of the bags is typically pragmatic, traditional, and functional.

But the use of vibrant colors and unexpected patterns give off a timeless, friendly, affable and effortlessly stylish, feminine vibe.

Kate Spade sells bags made of everything from nylon and coated canvas to raffia and jacquard fabric.

As well as saffiano leather, which is an Italian textured leather known for its durability and resistance to scratches and water.

With so many different, unique styles there is truly a Kate Spade handbag to suit every personality and fashion sense.

Available Styles for Kate Spade Bags

Bags are available in a multitude of styles including crossbody, laptop, clutches, satchels, shoulder bags, raffia basket bags, totes and backpacks.

This also include novelty handbags shaped like apples, tigers, hearts, even a slice of pizza.

The bags are very well constructed and feature impeccable stitching and good quality, durable lining.

Kate Spade handbags typically feature interior sections or pockets for the storage of small items and cell phones.

In some instances, coordinating wallets, keychains and other accessories are sold separately. Kate Spade handbags will retain their value and may even be worth more in the future to collectors.

What Are Average Prices of Kate Spade Bags?

Prices for Kate Spade bags vary depending upon the style and size. However, expect to pay somewhere between $120 and $498 retail.

The brand also offers some surprise sales that can slash the retail price of its goods. So, if you’re interested in a Kate Spade bag, you can wait till that time to get some discounts on your purchase.

The bags are considered a very good fashion investment, and if taken care of properly will last for many years to come.


Whenever you’re thinking about adding a new bag to your wardrobe, think about Kate Spade. You’ll be getting very good value for your investment in terms of quality, longevity, and durability.

Don’t hesitate to check out reviews on the brand if you’re still unsure. There are plenty of that online and I believe you’ll be convinced whether or not the brand is for you.

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