Is Kate Spade Still Popular?

There is no doubt that Kate Spade is one of the most well-known designer brands out there.

Like many others, the brand has been reigning for a while.

KS bags used to be fun, cool, and modern, which is why a lot of people carry them. Has Kade Spade lost this luster and is now uncool?

Let’s find out.

Is Kate Spade Still Popular?

In our humble opinion, Kate Spade is still very popular.

If you were to go look at the forums where brands like Kates Spade are discussed, you’ll quickly discover that people are divided.

While some still prefer Kate Spade to any other brand, others believe the brand has fallen out of favor.

There are a couple of factors that may affect the popularity of Kate Spade.

They are more accessible than before.

Like Coach, which now owns Kate Spade, you can almost always find Kate Spade in most stores.

As they become more accessible to everyone, they lose some of their attraction.

Kate Spade is now everywhere and becoming less desirable than before. This takes us to the next point:

The quality of Kate Spade bags dropped.

In the 90s, Kate Spade maintains top quality in their products with lots of styles and beautiful designs to choose from.

Whether you’re choosing because of design or the bright colors the brand is known for, you expect to get the best quality.

The bags are durable, thick, and well-made.

As the brand changes ownership, those features are fading along with Kate Spade’s popularity.

Not many are after their vintage bags.

One thing that keeps brands like Coach afloat is the demand for their vintage brands.

Gucci, LV, Chanel, etc., have huge demands for their vintage bags. As a result, they have remained relevant and popular.

Kate Spade, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same demand for its vintage brand.

So, when the quality of their products depreciates, users want to look for alternatives that are priced similarly but with better quality.

The age factor also matters.

While a lot of youths want a trendy brand, those middle-aged women don’t mind carrying a not-so-cool handbag as long as it is functional and durable.

For these people, Kate Spade is generally fine.

If you’re young, you probably hate Kate Spade because the price doesn’t reflect the quality or is not as trendy enough compared to the likes of Burberry, Longchamp, Vera Bradley, Steve Madden, and the like.

What Age Group is Kate Spade For?

Vera Bradley’s fantastic and distinctively colored backpacks, crossbody bags, and handbags can be used by people of all ages.

From college students, aged travelers, tweens and teens, young mothers, and middle-aged moms to grandmothers.

The brand is a unique fashion brand that encompasses all generations of users.

Did Kate Spade Go Out of Business?

No, Kate Spade isn’t going out of business. Aside from being bought by Coach’s parent company, Kate Spade is still making bags and doing business as usual.

It’s clear the company has been battling lower sales for a few years now. However, they are still relevant today but not as competitive as in the past.

Should You Buy Kate Spade Handbags?

Are Kate Spade’s handbags considered a good brand that is worth buying?

The answer is a definite and enthusiastic yes!

These beautiful handbags are famous for their unique combination of functionality, fashion and fun. The shape of the bags is typically pragmatic, traditional, and functional.

But the use of vibrant colors and unexpected patterns gives off a timeless, friendly, affable and effortlessly stylish, feminine vibe.

Kate Spade sells bags made of everything from nylon and coated canvas to raffia and jacquard fabric.

As well as saffiano leather, which is an Italian textured leather known for its durability and resistance to scratches and water.

With so many different, unique styles there is truly a Kate Spade handbag to suit every personality and fashion sense.

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