Is Marc Jacobs Luxury? Should You Buy their Bags?

Marc Jacobs is one of the popular fashion brands out there. It’s there with the likes of Coach, Kate Spade, and similar brands.

In the world of fashion, brands occupy diverse niches that cater to different styles and price points. Marc Jacobs, known for its innovative designs and unique aesthetic, has garnered attention in the fashion industry. However, the question remains: Is Marc Jacobs considered a luxury brand? This article aims to provide insights into the positioning of Marc Jacobs, its characteristics, and the factors contributing to its reputation as either a luxury or non-luxury brand.

If you’re looking for a reliable brand to purchase your bags, purse, handbags, and totes from, then Marc Jacobs is a good option. But you may not be satisfied with just being able to order the product from this brand.

So, you may end up asking yourself, “Is Marc Jacobs Luxury?” And most importantly, is it the brand for you?

Whatever is drawing you to this brand, you’ll find many answers to your questions in this post. Keep reading while we show you what kind of brand MJ is, whether or not it’s luxury, and why should or shouldn’t buy it.

Brand Identity and Design Philosophy

Creative and Artistic

Marc Jacobs is recognized for its creative and artistic designs that often challenge conventions and embrace unconventional aesthetics.

Avant-Garde Collections

The brand’s avant-garde collections and unique runway presentations set it apart in the fashion landscape.

Price Points and Accessibility

Premium Pricing

While Marc Jacobs products command premium prices, they are generally more accessible compared to high-end luxury brands.

Affordable Luxury

Marc Jacobs occupies a space that can be described as “affordable luxury,” offering high-quality designs without reaching the price points of top-tier luxury brands.

Consumer Perception and Luxury Status

Creative Direction

Marc Jacobs’ reputation is shaped by its creative direction, artistic collaborations, and the brand’s ability to push boundaries.

Brand Associations

While not exclusively focused on traditional luxury elements, Marc Jacobs’ artistic and boundary-pushing approach has cultivated a strong brand following.

Market Positioning

Marc Jacobs falls within the category of accessible luxury, catering to consumers who appreciate distinctive designs without the exclusivity of high-end luxury.

Overview of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is an American brand founded by Marc Jacobs, who is a designer. The brand was established in 1986. The brand controls more than 200 brands throughout the world all scattered in 60 countries.

Marc Jacobs bags are designed for everyday use in the office, malls, and other areas. Marc Jacobs has always maintained high quality in their bags. However, they are not considered to be luxury bags.

Looking at the price points of their purses, tote bags, and crossbody bags reveals this point clearly.

The Snapshot bag, a very popular crossbody bag from Marc Jacobs, is around $290, which puts them at the high end but not at the luxury realm.

Is Marc Jacobs Luxury and Expensive?

Although MJ produces some luxury items, it’s not considered a luxury brand in the same sense as others like Dior’s, Gucci, Fendi, etc.

A luxury brand exemplifies quality design, unique craftsmanship, high price, and some rarity.

Finding affordable, easy to access, designer bags from these brands is impossible.

Unlike them, Marc Jacobs is more affordable, easily accessible, and ubiquitous. Most see MJ as being equal to brands like Coach, Kate Spade, and similar medium, low-end brands.

The closest the brand was to being considered a luxury brand was before 2014. Then, Marc Jacobs was the creative director.

He has always had these fashionable, differentiating qualities.

Marc Jacobs fell out of stardom when he left after 16 years of directing the company. I’d say the company is only struggling to regain footing in the fashion industry.

Is Marc Jacobs High End?

Marc Jacobs is not considered a true luxury brand due to its affordable price, unlimited units, and having sales many times a year. A luxury brand wouldn’t have as many quantities and the price point will be over the top.

As a result of this, Marc Jacobs wouldn’t be considered a high-end brand such as the likes of Dior, Hermes, or Gucci. That’s a good thing for budget-savvy shoppers like you and me. Yes, I can’t afford a luxury brand, just yet!

Is Marc Jacobs a Designer Brand?

A designer brand is another way of saying a luxury brand. Designer labels include the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and similar brands.

It’s easy to assume that this brand is a designer brand because of the owner, who is a fashion designer.

However, in terms of what the brand produces, Marc Jacobs isn’t a designer brand. A designer brand is one that has limited edition pieces, made out of exotic items that aren’t cheap.

Alternative Brands to Marc Jacobs

There are more than 20 alternative brands to Marc Jacobs, depending on what you’re looking for.

These other options include Kade Spade, Ralph Lauren, LuxeDH, Tory Burch, Lux Lair, Guess, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Farfetch, Lacoste, and Chanel. Did you see your favorite brands here?

Is Marc Jacobs a Good Brand?

Marc Jacobs is a good brand because it produces high-quality, reliable, classic, and fantastic bags. The brand has been around for decades, providing much the same quality it’s known with.

We all know how it’s not that easy for a brand to continue to provide quality products after so many years in operation. Here is another post with more information on MJ:

Is Marc Jacobs a Good Brand?

Are Marc Jacobs Bags Expensive?

The expensiveness of an item is relative. Hence, what may be expensive to me might be cheap for you. In order to determine how expensive Marc Jacobs bags are, we have to look at other fashion brands.

Considering Marc Jacobs bags retail for around $150-$600, depending on the style of bag, it’s easy to put the bags in their own leagues.

It’s similar brands like Coach, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors that have a pricing model similar to this.

When compared with the likes of Kate Spade and Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs’s bags aren’t expensive.

Their prices may be slightly higher than those of Coach, Lonchamp, etc. Luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc., all have extremely expensive bags with some costing as much as $2000.

However, that’s not to say the quality is bad. Marc Jacobs bags are simple but reliable. The brand has been around for quite a while and the quality is still good on average.

So, if you’re looking for a good choice to invest in, Marc Jacobs is suitable.

There are dozens of outlets you can shop for Marc Jacobs bags. The bags are available on Amazon, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Poshmark, Farfetch, and Marc Jacobs’s official site.

The pricing on these shops may be different, offering a good option for price comparison. So, if you’re after good deals, try and check a couple of these sites and see if you can save a few bucks by buying at a particular store.

Pros and Cons of Buying Marc Jacobs Bags


  • The brand uses good quality materials in the bags
  • Affordable
  • Reliable and popular
  • It’s easy to see previous reviews by others who’ve used the product


  • Many discontinued products

FAQs About Marc Jacobs as a Luxury Brand

Can Marc Jacobs be considered a luxury brand?

Marc Jacobs is generally categorized as an accessible luxury brand due to its unique designs and premium pricing.

Are Marc Jacobs products of high quality?

Marc Jacobs products are known for their quality and attention to detail, contributing to their appeal.

How do Marc Jacobs and traditional luxury brands differ?

Marc Jacobs distinguishes itself through creative design and accessibility, whereas traditional luxury brands emphasize exclusivity and heritage.

Should I consider Marc Jacobs for special occasions?

Marc Jacobs’ artistic and avant-garde designs make its products suitable for unique and statement-making occasions.

Does Marc Jacobs have a dedicated customer base?

Yes, Marc Jacobs has a dedicated following of consumers who appreciate the brand’s artistic and innovative approach.

Final Words on Marc Jacobs’s Status

Aside from being affordable, which is a reason many are attracted to the brand in the first place, MJ is quite popular and reliable. You can easily see a variety of their products in different stores and most importantly, reviews on each one.

This helps you decide if buying a particular item/brand is good for you or not.

Though obscure products often come out good (and even win over older brands), the lack of information might keep you longer before buying. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with Marc Jacobs.

On the other end of the coin, MJ has gone through a lot of changes over the past few years. One of those is the discontinuation of products.

Why this isn’t a con in itself, and other brands do it too, it’s important to be aware. Fortunately, your bags should last you a long time so you don’t have to worry too much.

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