Is Neverfull GM Too Big For An Everyday Bag?

Louis Vuitton is one of the top luxury brands and a pioneer in the fashion space.

It’s a classic brand with a long-lasting heritage, thus etched in people’s hearts.

One of the reasons the brand is famous is its classic handbags, and the Neverfull bags are an integral part of the handbag collection.

The Neverfull collection happens to be one of the most versatile bags of the brand, offering outstanding durability and comfortability.

For most people considering the Louis Vuitton Neverfull collection, the Neverfull GM is a top choice.

However, the primary concern about the bag is its size.

The Neverfull GM is a large bag that can contain an extensive array of everyday essentials, thus portraying the “Neverfull” tag excellently.

Is the Neverfull GM too big for an everyday bag? Read along as we aim to clarify this question.

Is Neverfull GM Too Big For You?

The answer to this question depends on how you intend to use the bag, how often you’ll use it, what you plan to carry, and others within that scope.

The Neverfull GM is the largest of the Neverfull collection as it measures 15.7 in length, 13 in height, and 7.9 in width.

It can hold essentials up to 200lbs so that users can load up the bad without worry.

This large size might not be ideal for your daily use if you don’t carry multitudes of items regularly.

It’s also worth noting that the bigger the size, the more stuff you pack in it, which is quite ok until the weight is too much that it starts to hurt your shoulders.

The bag is also soft and unstructured.

Hence, the bottom sags when you put a few heavy items in it. Consequently, it becomes too large and big on your build.

Therefore, you need to consider how often you want to use it and the many items you have.

If you want a huge bag that can hold many things to travel to and fro every day, it might be an ideal choice for you.

However, If you don’t carry much, you might want to opt-in for the MM version, which is a great-sized bag for daily use and all events.

About the Neverfull GM Tote Bag

The Neverfull bag is unarguably one of the most successful handbags made by Louis Vuitton.

It might seem to be around forever, but the bag was developed in 2007 and is now regarded as a classic.

The Neverfull collection was created to be a practical tote bag that can carry everyday essentials comfortably.

The shoulder straps are the best fits for carrying on the shoulder, and the collection consists of three sizes.

The Neverfull GM is the biggest of the collection. It is perfect for work and travel as it can hold many items. It will conveniently contain a 15” laptop and beyond.


The bag unites classic design with heritage details.

It was designed with a supple monogram canvas with smooth leather trim.

It’s versatile and ultra-roomy with side laces you can loosen to have a casual look or cinch to give an elegant look.

It features a detachable pouch you can use as an extra pocket or clutch. The bag has thin, comfortable handle straps that wrap over the arm or shoulder smoothly.

The Neverfull bag has many variations, including the famous Monogram Canvas, Damier Azur, and the Damier Ebene geometric patterns. It has a printed lining depending on an LV stock print.


Considering it’s the largest of the Neverfull collection, the Neverfull GM is the most expensive.

It comes at a high cost of more than $1000, depending on the customization categories.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull lacks structure and has a reasonably thin coated canvas.

The bag is relatively expensive, considering it’s a bottomless pit without an interior organizer and coated canvas having only very little leather.

The Neverfull GM: Pros And Cons


  • Very roomy and versatile
  • Ideal for many outings and occasions
  • It’s a popular tote instantly recognized as a Louis Vuitton
  • Perfect for transporting many lightweight items
  • It comes with a valuable and versatile pochette


  • Too popular and everyone probably has it
  • It lacks structure and sags when it contains heavy items
  • Thin straps that become uncomfortable when carrying heavy items

Final Thoughts on the Neverfull GM Tote

The question of whether the Neverfull GM bag is big for everyday use is dependent on individual preferences and needs.

If you carry many heavy items daily or fancy a big bag, there’s no second option. The Neverfull GM bag is the perfect choice for you.

Otherwise, it would help if you opted for the other smaller sizes of the Neverfull collection based on your needs.

However, whichever one you choose, you will get value for your money.

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