is olivia burton a luxury brand

Is Olivia Burton a Luxury Brand?

Is Olivia Burton a Luxury Brand? No, it’s not considered a luxury brand.

Leslie and Jemma created the upscale clothing and leisure company Olivia Burton in 2012. The company is well known for its chic and cutting-edge designs that feature the best of British workmanship and current fashions. Olivia Burton has emerged as one of the top luxury companies in the UK because to its extensive selection of watches, jewelry, and accessories. Everyone may find something they like among Olivia Burton’s timeless looks and striking standout pieces. Olivia Burton has established itself as a household brand in fashion and a necessary addition to every wardrobe thanks to its distinctive style.

Established in 2012, Olivia Burton is a British jewelry and watch company. It is well known for its designs with a vintage feel and the use of high-end materials. The company makes classic items that are intended to be distinctive, wearable, and reasonably priced. Olivia Burton has a wide variety of jewelry and watches to suit every taste.

Olivia Burton a Luxury Brand?

Since 2012, the British lifestyle brand Olivia Burton has produced jewelry, watches, and other items. The business is renowned for using high-quality materials and creating timeless designs. The items of Olivia Burton have gained popularity among celebrities, fashion bloggers, and influencers alike after being highlighted in some of the most prestigious magazines in the world. Is Olivia Burton a premium company then?

Depending on how you define luxury, there are several possible answers. Luxury brands are typically linked to excellent materials, workmanship, and design. These requirements are undoubtedly met by Olivia Burton, whose jewelry is composed of pure sterling silver or gold-plated brass and timepieces are constructed from stainless steel or real leather. The firm works very hard to ensure that its items have a chic, classic appearance.

Additionally, Olivia Burton takes great pleasure in offering superior customer service. If you’re unhappy with your purchase within 14 days, the firm offers free returns. If something goes wrong with your item within a year of purchase, it also provides a free repair service. With such a focus on customer happiness, Olivia Burton may well qualify as a luxury brand.

The ultimate determinant of whether you view Olivia Burton as a premium brand is what you anticipate from a luxury good or service. It might be claimed that the firm has all the distinguishing features of a luxury brand if you’re seeking premium materials, workmanship, and design together with top-notch customer service.

History of Olivia Burton

The British watch and jewelry company Olivia Burton was established in 2012 by Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings. The two friends had a passion for vintage-inspired design and wanted to make something that was both lovely and reasonably priced. More than 2,500 locations throughout the world, including Selfridges, John Lewis, and Bloomingdales, currently carry their goods.

The brand draws influence from floral patterns, art deco design, and antique aesthetics. Olivia Burton’s watches have earned a reputation for their classic design, which includes everything from traditional leather straps to elaborate dial decoration. The jewelry line includes delicate items made of a variety of materials, including sterling silver and rose gold plating.

The business established its first flagship location in the Covent Garden district of London in 2015. A 2016 launch of an internet store came after this. The Midi Dial Collection, which included watches with wider faces than those seen in the original collection, was also introduced in the same year.

With its cutting-edge designs and chic collections, Olivia Burton is still on the cutting edge of fashion today. The business is still committed to producing exquisite items that are also reasonably priced for everyone to enjoy.

What Makes Olivia Burton Unique?

Olivia Burton is a well-known independent fashion watch company with headquarters in London that is known for its cutting-edge designs and chic accessories. The brand distinguishes out from the competition because to its own design philosophy, superior craftsmanship, and traditional British flair.

The designers at Olivia Burton produce stunning timepieces that are both trendy and practical by fusing current trends with classic shapes. Customers may choose their own design from a variety of designs in their collections, which vary from colorful leather bands to minimalist metal watches.

From the carefully chosen materials, such as stainless steel and authentic leathers, to the delicate embellishments, such as embossed logos and engraved indexes, each watch is painstakingly made with attention to detail. Olivia Burton offers a two-year warranty on all of her items to guarantee that each was made with quality in mind.

In order to allow consumers to easily customize their appearance, the company also offers a large selection of straps made especially for its watches. Customers may select a strap that matches their own style from a selection of colors, textures, and materials available for the straps.

Olivia Burton’s dedication to elegance, quality, and workmanship sets it apart from the competition. Every customer has a watch they can be proud of thanks to their meticulous material selection and timeless designs that are both attractive and practical.

Quality of Products by Olivia Burton

Many fashion fans now favor the renowned British watch and jewelry company, Olivia Burton. The company is renowned for its distinctive aesthetic, fine craftsmanship, and classic designs. Customers always obtain the greatest possible product since every product is manufactured with the utmost care and quality. Stainless steel, real leather, precious metals, Swarovski crystals, and other premium materials are used to create each item. Each piece is made to be sturdy and long-lasting so that consumers may wear their purchases for many years to come. Users should refrain from wearing the watches while bathing or swimming because they all have a 3ATM certification, which indicates they are splash resistant but not waterproof.

Additionally, Olivia Burton offers a variety of jewelry items, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings in various designs. Customers will receive a high-quality product that will last them for many years since these products are created with the same meticulous attention to detail as the timepieces.

Olivia Burton takes pleasure in offering only the best items to its clients. Before leaving their workshop, each item is thoroughly examined, and every product includes a two-year warranty against manufacturing flaws. Should any problems emerge with any of their items during this time, the firm also provides free repairs and replacements. Their goal is to always put the happiness of their customers first, thus they make every effort to offer only the highest quality products at competitive prices. So go no further than Olivia Burton if you’re seeking elegant yet reasonably-priced accessories!

Olivia Burton’s Range of Products

Reputable British fashion house Olivia Burton offers chic, modern looks for ladies. The company offers a wide variety of goods, including bags, jewelry, watches, and accessories. While their jewelry is made with care and high-quality materials, Olivia Burton watches are created to be striking but classic. They also provide a variety of stylish purses and accessories to go with every outfit. Everyone may find something they like in Olivia Burton’s collection, whether they like something traditional or more contemporary. Their selection of goods can make any ensemble stand out in fashion!

There is bound to be a watch that is ideal for you among Olivia Burton’s assortment of styles and designs. Everybody may find something they like among their selection of traditional watches with leather straps and bold metal bracelets. Additionally, their timepieces include particular touches like Swarovski crystals and elaborate features that make them extremely exceptional. Olivia Burton provides both delicate jewelry and strong statement pieces in her collection. They provide jewelry for any occasion, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and necklaces. Additionally, Olivia Burton offers a variety of fashionable selections if you’re searching for the ideal purse or accessories.

Overall, Olivia Burton has a wide selection of goods that will entice any woman seeking fashionable yet classic designs. Their assortment provides something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something traditional or contemporary. Olivia Burton’s goods will assist you in creating the ideal appearance with their premium components and attention to detail.”

Prices of Products by Olivia Burton

A well-known British lifestyle company, Olivia Burton focuses on modern timepieces, jewelry, and accessories. The company is renowned for its distinctive designs, superior materials, and competitive pricing. For both men and women, Olivia Burton offers a broad variety of items, with different costs based on the product category. The most costly things are often watches, which may cost anything from £50 to £200. Typically, jewelry is more reasonably priced, with beginning rates of about £20. Typically, the price of accessories like purses and sunglasses ranges from £30 to £50.

The company occasionally makes special offers that allow clients to buy a number of things at a discount. There is no need to search for specific codes or coupons because these savings are applied immediately at the checkout page. Additionally, Olivia Burton offers a loyalty program that lets clients accrue points for each purchase they make. The greatest strategy to save money while shopping with the business is to use these points to offset future purchases.

Overall, Olivia Burton has a great selection of goods at fair rates. Customers who buy products from this well-known British lifestyle brand may take advantage of excellent savings thanks to the frequent availability of special offers and rewards programs.

Where to Buy Olivia Burton Products

Luxury clothing company Olivia Burton is well-known for its chic and trendy jewelry and timepieces. Since starting operations in 2015, the brand has grown to be a well-liked option for people searching for stylish accessories. Products from Olivia Burton are offered online and in shops all around the world.

Products by Olivia Burton are sold in several department shops and boutiques around the United States, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Additionally, the goods from the brand are sold in a large number of independent stores.

Olivia Burton items are available on their website or through other online merchants like Amazon for those who prefer to shop online. In addition, there are many independent websites that specialize in offering affordable used Olivia Burton merchandise.

Shoppers from other countries may find Olivia Burton items in establishments all throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Additionally, the business has authorized retail partners in nations such as Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan. Customers can also choose to buy their goods from foreign merchants or through online bazaars like eBay or AliExpress.

You’re sure to discover something chic and elegant that you’ll like wherever you choose to get your Olivia Burton goods from!


Olivia Burton is a high-end clothing company that sells a variety of reasonably priced, cutting-edge goods. Its outstanding selection of timepieces, jewelry, and accessories is expertly crafted with great attention to detail. The business has established a solid reputation for its dedication to quality and design as well as its capacity to anticipate fashion industry trends. Olivia Burton is the ideal option for anybody searching for a sophisticated and attractive accessory, offering both striking pieces and timeless classics.

In conclusion, Olivia Burton is a premium fashion company that sells things that are cutting-edge, fashionable, and reasonably priced. Due to its unwavering dedication to top-notch workmanship and design, it has become one of the industry’s leading brands. Olivia Burton can make every outfit seem fantastic with her vast range of watches, jewelry, and accessories.

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