Is Persaman a Good Brand? Read this Before Buying!

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Fashion brands have now evolved to become a medium of artistic expression and reflect someone’s taste of luxury, standard, and class.

However, not everyone can afford handbags, clothing, and shoewear from luxury brands, and that’s where Persaman, a relatively cheaper yet quality brand, enters the spotlight. In the following we’ll be answering the question – is Persaman a good brand?

Brand, Price, and Products

Persaman New York is a women’s clothing store that sells artisanal Italian-inspired handcrafted handbags and shoes and accessories.

Saman, an art enthusiast, also advocates for education for children, started creating the brand 30 years ago. On their website, bag prices range from $130 to $500, depending on the size and design.

But they become even more affordable once seasonal sales and discounts are available.

Aside from handbags, they also sell a variety of designs of clothing, accessories, luggage, and accessories.

They have a website that catalogs their products and makes them available for online purchase, something we don’t often see in luxury brands.

Quality of the Bags

Their handbags are intricately handmade from authentic leather worth the spend, compared to luxury brands that offer similar features.

Despite the timeless designs and durable leather, they provide for males and females. Their prices are more affordable to most middle-class buyers.

Their pieces also feature attention to detail as the bags they sell have varieties of texture, handle, and shape.

Although their website doesn’t give information on the type of stitching and specific leather they use, testimonials on the quality handbags have been consistently positive.

Is It Worth Buying?

Suppose you’re looking for a handmade authentic leather bag that is not necessarily luxury but at first glance can look like one because of its design and durability.

In that case, Persaman bags are worth it.

They sell quality products that could cost more because of their intricate process, but it’s still affordable. In its quality, Persaman is an affordable luxury that will give you the feel of luxury without emptying your wallet.

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