Is Rosetti a Good Brand? The Ultimate Guide!

While Rosetti has remained under the radar compared to other brands, there has been a wave of new users wanting to try them out. Is Rosetti expensive? Is it a good brand? Should you buy Rosetti bags?

Whatever is drawing you to Rosetti, you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for in this article.

I cover a short history of the brand, the positives and negatives of the brand and its purses, the features of its handbags, where you can purchase them, and most important, what others are saying about them.

Because this article is long, here is a summary of everything:

  • Rosetti is a good brand that offers a lot of handbags, purses, and totes at affordable price points, in different styles and colors.
  • Rosetti purses and handbags are widely available both in local department stores and various online stores.
  • The purses are dirt cheap, but be ready to change the purse after a year.
  • You should buy Rosetti bags, purses, and crossbody bags, but a caveat…
  • Make sure you read this article to the end…

About the Rosetti Brand

Rosetti was established in 1994 with a headquarters in New York City. The brand specializes in women’s handbags, luggage, purses, and accessories.

According to Wikipedia, Rosetti is more of a fashion accessory brand and not completely comparable to brands like Gucci or Coach.

That means you’re more likely to find enough styles of bags but you should be able to supplement your current bags with the offerings from their accessories catalog.

Another distinguishing feature of Rosetti is their well-designed handbags that are cheap, compared to other brands like Longchamp, Herve Chapelier and the rest.

That makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking for affordable handbags.

An interesting tidbit about Rosetti is that it’s not as popular as Coach, CK, MK, etc. However, those who are familiar with the brand have a love or hate relationship.

You’ll learn more about this as we look at the positives and negatives of this brand.

In terms of accessibility, Rosetti is available both offline and online at a variety of places. No matter where you’re you should be able to get yourself a lovely Rosetti bag/purse.

As long as you have an internet connection and a smartphone, you can browse their collection on sites like Poshmark and make your selection.

Is Rosetti a Good Brand?

Is Rosetti a Good Brand?

If you’re considering buying a Rosetti handbag, you’ve probably been drawn by the price. These bags are available for well under $100, and in some instances, you can knock that number down to under $25.

Add in the fact that the brand name is recognizable, and the appeal grows. What could possibly go wrong?

Plenty, as it turns out. What follows is a survey of user reviews, and we’ll give you an advance warning—some of what we’re about to tell you is not reassuring at all.

The Positives

Start with the plusses. The Rosetti handbags are mostly attractive, depending on your tastes, and you can get them in a wide variety of styles and colors.

They’re also roomy and well organized, which was appealing to many would-be buyers.

Then there’s the pricing. A survey of blogs and user reviews revealed prices as low as $13.99, along with some reviews that claimed that Rosetti bags were both sturdy and durable.

Based on all that, a purchase would seem to be a no-brainer, especially if you’re firmly committed to buying in this category.

The Negatives

Once you start scanning reviews of Rosetti handbags, you’ll quickly see a pattern.

For every positive review of a Rosetti handbag, you’ll notice that it’s followed by at least one or two negative reviews, many of which feature the same complaints.

The one that recurs most frequently is “strap failure.” This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if it appeared once or twice, but that’s not the case at all.

You’ll also see complaints about Rosetti bags that fall apart in a very short amount of time, often weeks or months.

If you average out the “falling apart” reviews and throw out the positive reviews that look too good to be true—i.e., they may or may not be planted—you’ll realize that anyone who has one of these handbags for more than a year is probably living under a lucky star.

The other complaint that surfaces far too regularly is about customer service. Specifically, there is none, at least in the experience of many purchasers.

It’s okay to have a complaint about customer service from the occasional cranky customer, but where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, and there’s plenty of smoke here.

Some of these complaints also show up on consumer protection sites, which obviously isn’t a good thing at all.

The Verdict

So is Rosetti a good brand? The evidence says either “no” or “probably not,” depending on whether you’re feeling lucky when you buy.

The phrase “caveat emptor” applies here, so use your common sense and best judgment accordingly.

Is Rosetti a Good Brand for Purses?

Yes, I believe so. Rosetti purses are not quite as well known as the likes of Dooney, Tig, and Coach, but they are nonetheless one of the brands with a cult following.

Lots of styles and colors

Those who have used their purses describe them to be well-built, well-designed, and compartmentalized.

The styles of the purses are also excellent with lots of bright colors to choose from.

The problem with these purses, however, is that they don’t last as well as other brands. So, you can only expect to get a season out of them or so.

However, the price is always two digits, as fans would name it. That means you’re paying quite low for a Rosetti branded purse, which is quite nice especially if you’re looking for affordable purses and don’t care about designer or leather ones.

And when they fall apart, you’re ready to get another one. Not a big deal replacing them.

The reviews on the purse are mixed though. While some users are busy raving about the purses, others are complaining about their own.

The most common issue is longevity, the bags don’t last a long time. So, make sure you have this at the back of your mind when shopping for a Rosetti purse.

Great for use anytime

These Rosetti purses are not affected by rain, so you can go anywhere with them. Also, nice designs with no fear of fakes

Another advantage of these purses is that you don’t have to worry about knock-offs that are common with Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and the like.

In addition to that, they are equally available in different bright colors and styles, depending on your taste and preferences.

Easily available and accessible

The purses are available on Walmart, Kohl’s, Etsy, Poshmark, etc. I found over 100 of these bags on Etsy when I checked and probably a lot more will be available on Kohls and Poshmark.

You just have to look and you’re likely to find a good option. I’ll also be reviewing some of these purses later in this article, so make sure you read to the end.

Alternative Brands to Rosetti


This is another great alternative to Rosetti. The brand isn’t expensive and relatively cheap like Rosetti. I have had one review of them with Bagglani here.

Both of them are great brands with lots of options to choose from. So, if you’re cheap, Kipling, and Baggalini, are great brands to also check out.

You’ll be able to choose from handbags, purses, crossbody bags, satchels, totes, and the like.


I believe fossil is slightly different in that the brand is focusing a lot on watches. However, you can still find a lot of women’s handbags, wallets, bags, and accessories there.

The brand also offers sales and free shipping if you’re buying directly from the website, which is always good. You can save money there.

If you want to know what a typical Fossil bag is, read the review here and here.

B. Makowsky

While researching, I kept coming across this brand. Multiple users mentioned them as a good alternative to Rosetti.

Turns out that B Makowsky also belongs to the same brand that bought Rosetti in 2006.

Li & Fung Limited bought the brand around 2-3 years ago, which makes me think they now work together with Rosetti.

In essence, you should expect to see similar offerings from both brands. Obviously, B. Makowsky Handbags specializes in handbags as well as shoes.

I have an article coming up where I look at what happened to the brand after the acquisition by Li & Fung Limited.

I’m seeing a lot of chatter about the brand not being as good as it once was. So, come back and maybe I’ll have added a link here.

Does b Makowsky still make handbags? Yes, the brand still makes handbags, but not as before just as I mentioned above.

Are Rosetti Purses Expensive?

No, Rosetti purses, bags, handbags, and crossbody are not expensive. In fact, they are some of the cheapest in the industry. Find out more below:

Rosetti Purses: Simplified and Demystified

As handbag possibilities go, Rosetti represents an interesting possible choice.

Strictly speaking, Rosetti isn’t a handbag manufacturer—they’re known for making accessories, which means you won’t find them on any lists of the best or most prominent handbag makers.

So what does that mean?

Basically, what it translates to is that you’re taking a gamble of sorts by buying a product that will generally be much less expensive than handbags from those made by the bigger-name companies.

That may or may not be a good gamble, so let’s take a peek behind the handbag curtain to see what you’re getting yourself into if you give this a shot.

In the process we’ll answer the most fundamental question of all: Are Rosetti purses expensive?

The Tradeoffs

A quick search of how much buyers typically spend on handbags can be very revealing.

The average price lands in the $300-600 range, with much larger numbers for the likes of Hermes, Chanel and other luxury brands, of course.

That makes Rosetti handbags very appealing, price-wise.

Most of their products are priced below $100, and many are even under $50. Bargain hunters can easily find them for under $20, so how can you go wrong?

Given that level of discounting, it makes sense to do a little bit of homework about the company itself.

Rosetti was founded in 1994, so it’s clearly not a fly-by-night company.

However, a more detailed look into the history reveals that Rosetti was acquired by a Chinese company, Li & Fung, in 2006 (repeating this again for context), which should at least raise the eyebrows of many potential buyers for all the obvious reasons, manufacturing-wise.

How to Evaluate a Rosetti Handbag

That’s the basic lay of the land in this particular corner of the market, but let’s take an even deeper dive into customer reviews for Rosetti.

That reveals yet another problem—there are many negative reviews interspersed with glowing five-star reviews, plenty of which seem too good to be true.

Busted straps, bags that fall apart, and bad customer service are all on the menu when you scroll through these, so there’s clearly plenty to be wary about.

Given all that, do you want to make the purchase?

If you do fall in love with a Rosetti handbag, the amount you’re risking is small, but you need to know what to check out, quality-wise, to see if you should still be willing to part with your cash.

Specifically, you’re looking for things like shabby stitch work, cheap linings, hardware that doesn’t fit quite right and poorly made pockets, for starters.

The more you see, the more reluctant you should be—a bargain isn’t really a bargain if you can’t really use it, after all.

The Verdict on this

Another way to approach this purchase is to have a backup plan.

Most women own an average of 11 handbags, after all, so if you have some extras, think of your reliable standbys as risk backup.

Your product may fail, of course, but there’s also a chance that you and your Rosetti will live happily ever after, at least for as long as that lasts in the handbag world.

Rosetti Handbag Reviews

Rosetti E.T.A Mykonos Large Crossbody Bag

This is one of the more popular crossbody bags from Rosetti.

The handbag has a removable wrist strap so you can interchange the carriage of the bag to suit your needs.

That gives you a better and more versatile option when carrying the bag around. The bag measures 10″H x 12″W x 5″D, which is a big one.

In fact, one of the good things about the bag is that it’s extremely large, making it easy to carry a large number of items at a time.

It has 2 zip pockets, 6 card slots, and 2 slip pockets to keep all the smaller, movable items. As you can see, this isn’t just for shopping but also possible to travel with.

One thing that a few people have pointed out is that it’s not much a briefcase but a purse even as large as it is.

So, if you don’t need something as big as this, you may want to look for another smaller bag from the brand.


The material is polyester, which makes it great if you’re looking for a manageable nylon bag. The bag costs around $25 if you buy it from Kohl’s.

Compared to LeSportsca and similar brands, this is more of an affordable handbag for anyone looking to go on the cheap.

Another complaint about the bag centers around the metal fittings on the bag, which can sometimes make it unattractive.

It also has a big branding patch on the front, which sadly, is ugly and unattractive. That can easily be removed if you don’t want it.

Moreover, the bag isn’t heavy (since it’s nylon) so it should be relatively easy to move around.

General Perception About Rosetti Handbags

These purses are designed to be easy to carry around, lightweight, and without any compromise in their design and aesthetic.

They come in a variety of colors including brown, black, red, burgundy, and different styles.

Some of the purses have wide openings to make accessing your items easy. You can also purchase them at a discount if you know where to look.

What are Others Saying?

Unfortunately, most bags and purses from Rosetti I’ve seen reviewed are often plagued with negative reviews.

Some users complained of bad customer service while others are furious that their bags breaks down a few months after buying them.

In fact, a few users state that if the zipper doesn’t come off, the handle will rip off and if that doesn’t happen, then the color will peel off.

Most people that buy these purses buy them on the cheap but rather want to use them for years.

What those people don’t understand is that bags that come cheap often have average quality, no matter what the brand says. It’s all costs against profit.

If you read this article from the top again, you’ll see I’ve not mentioned the quality of the bags.

Although quality is subjective, I don’t expect most of the Rosetti bags to be very high quality nor be durable enough to last some years.

Concluding Remarks on this

If you’re after bags that’ll last you for several years, you need to pay more and probably look at more expensive (but mainstream) brands like Coach.

However, if you don’t mind replacing your bags yearly, then Rosetti is a great choice. Why not, people will compliment you for being current since you’ll rock new styles new every year.

Is Rosetti an Expensive Brand

If you check all of the listings online for all the different Rosetti bags, you’ll have your answer. And that is, Rosetti isn’t an expensive brand. Rosetti purses are cheap and not expensive.

Most of their offerings are not expensive at all. I’ve gone through quite a few and have found the price range to be between $20 and $100.

Most of the bags are under 100 dollars. I’m talking about their crossbody bags, satchels, totes, handbags, etc. So, Rosetti is generally an affordable, cheap, and accessible brand.

If you contrast Rosetti with the likes of Coach, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, etc., you’ll quickly come to the realization that they are more expensive and Rosetti is less pricey.

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