Is Van Heusen a Good Brand? Let’s Find Out!

Founded just over 100 years ago, Van Heusen had a mission to provide affordable, quality menswear.

Today, the company continues its founder’s vision of providing quality swear to the general public.

Van Heusen sells its products in most outlets and department stores across the United States as well as online.

Is Van Heusen a Good Brand?

Overall, Van Heusen customers are satisfied with Van Heusen’s products. The cuts of its dress shirts, pants, and polo shirts are distinctive.

Not only that, but the brand also offers sizes that may be difficult to come by, for instance, the size for someone who is very tall and slender.

The polyester/cotton mix used in most of its clothing can be a little hot for some but is sturdy and long-lasting.

Van Heusen advertises all its products as ‘wrinkle-free’, and indeed its pants, shirts and jackets come out of the dryer wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

Van Heusen is a good brand for stylish menswear; especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes.

How Much Does Van Heusen Clothes Cost?

The company advertises itself as an affordable place to buy stylish, quality menswear. What is the price range defined by “reasonable”?

Van Heusen dress shirts start at $59 and polo shirts also at $59 while full suits weigh in at around $300.

While it is true the prices mentioned here aren’t considered bargain prices, especially if you’re on a budget.

You should compare it to similar brands, such as J. Crew, which start its dress shirts at $79 and its polo shirts at $69.50.

This means that VH is a bit more affordable than the competition.

In addition, Van Heusen offers a rotating selection of bargains and sales such as 2 dress shirts for $80 which makes them even more affordable.

Is Van Heusen Considered a Luxury Brand?

Although Van Heusen is a quality brand and incredibly popular, it isn’t considered a luxury brand.

For a clothing line to be considered a luxury, it needs to be limited, and have a legacy or distinctive mission.

It should equally be of exquisite quality, associated with a well-known figure (such as a political persona or famous writer), exquisite quality, and offer an exclusive customer experience.

Van Heusen is many things but limited isn’t one of them. Moreover, it doesn’t have associations or endorsements from a famous individual, at least not yet. ‘

Customer service is an important area of Van Heusen’s mission.

But the red-carpet treatment expected in luxury brands is impractical with the number of customers Van Heusen receives.

Quality products may be, but Van Heusen’s very nature prevents it from becoming a luxury brand.


Van Heusen has made a reputation for itself as an affordable resource for stylish menswear but is Van Heusen a good brand? Overall, the answer is yes.

Though its clothing is mass-produced, each item is made from a particular cotton/polyester mix that makes it durable and wrinkle-free.

It provides a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes on par or lower than its peers’ pricing.

When you wear the Van Heusen brand, you will look like a million dollars without having to spend the same amount.

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