John Medeiros vs. David Yurman: Which is Better?

David Yurman and John Medeiros are world-renowned jewelry brands with rich and exciting histories.

John Medeiros was formerly David Yurman’s protégé, and the two are now crafting stunning jewelry.

When you talk of top jewelry brands offering high-quality products, these two brands rank high on the list.

If you’re seeking to spoil yourself with a new piece of jewelry, or perhaps you want to gift a loved one, you may come across these two brands.

Choosing the best brand to patronize might be a difficult task.

If you can’t seem to pick the right one for yourself, let this article be your guide.

This article will uncover their differences and delve into their unique attributes to help you make an informed decision.

However, before then, let’s discuss the rich histories of these brands.

Overview of the Brands

John Medeiros

John’s story began at the age of nine when he arrived in America.

At twelve years, he started his career in the Jewelry District of Providence, where he worked on production lines.

He founded Tahoe Jewelry in 1985, where he was responsible for the meticulous polishing and stone setting services to the jewelry industry and notable designers such as Gucci.

While working there, at night, he would draw and create ideas.

Influenced by the skilled and brilliant artisans of the Renaissance and a passion for manufacturing the most outstanding quality, inexpensive jewelry.

His dream became a reality with the establishment of The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection in 2000.

His objective is straightforward: to produce high-quality jewelry options at reasonable prices.

He designs meticulously hand-tooled jewelry pieces with styling options for any occasion, from casual to elegant.

The collection is now one of the few entirely created jewelry companies in Rhode Island.

David Yurman

Sybil, David’s wife, who desired a piece of art she could wear to an art gallery, inspired David Yurman’s first jewelry design.

David Yurman is a timeless inspiration, innovator, and master craftsman.

Yurman created Dante, a bronze necklace consisting of interweaving distorted figures.

The necklace fascinated the gallery’s owner, who desired to replicate the design.

The Yurmans realized that their creative and sculptural backgrounds could lead to the production of more fascinating pieces of jewelry.

This realization gave birth to the establishment of David Yurman’s jewelry brand, committed to crafting jewelry that can double as a piece of art.

Two years later, the branch launched the cable bracelet, which quickly became synonymous with the name.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Yurman’s jewelry remained immensely popular and at the forefront of new American jewelry designers.

David Yurman swiftly became noted for his unorthodox use of materials. In 1997, he became the first significant jewelry designer to use diamonds in sterling silver jewelry

Now that we’ve established the history of these brands let’s discuss their differences using some factors.

Materials and Craftsmanship

John Medeiros’s handmade designs are crafted with utmost passion and intentionality, resulting in fascinating pieces.

The brand uses the craftsmanship and engineering principles employed by the high-end jewelry industry.

It used 14 karat gold overlay, pave crystals, rhodium, and cubic zirconia to design its jewelry, making them relatively cheap.

Each piece of jewelry is electro-plated with rhodium, a platinum derivative that is stronger, brighter, and lasts longer than platinum.

The designs include cubic zirconia cut precisely for John Medeiros Jewelry by diamond cutters, and each stone is manually fitted throughout the casting process.

The whole process is perfect because the designer guarantees the jewelry.

David Yurman’s jewelry is also crafted with immense thought and intentionality.

More than two-thirds of the pieces are manufactured in China.

The brand claims to use high-end craftsmanship worldwide, including those in China.

David uses uncommon and conventional materials like black titanium, meteorites, and forged carbon.

It employs pure, natural diamonds in its jewelry. It solely employs diamonds obtained through the Kimberley Process in its jewelry.

David Yurman’s jewelry is created from various precious and semi-precious stones, including amethyst, lapis, and citrine.

Product Varieties

Both brands offer customers different pieces of jewelry to choose from. However, the options each offers differ.

David Yurman provides more jewelry options for customers. John Medeiros offers necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and sets for every occasion.

David Yurman makes bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces, and rings.

In terms of design and aesthetics, it also has a more prominent signature style, its iconic cable design.


Unless you have a fat budget, the price factor should also be a priority before choosing your ideal brand.

When compared, John Medeiros’s jewelry is cheaper than its counterpart.

The brand offers similar quality products to David Yurman at way lower prices.

Resale Value

Buying a piece of jewelry should also double down as an investment.

In the future, you should be able to sell your jewelry at a reasonable price. Both brands have products with high resale value.

However, in comparison, David Yurman offers better resale value, and it’s not even close.

Other Services

Both brands offer a great quality assurance program that guarantees long-lasting jewelry.

They provide repairs for their products in case of any defects. Additionally, David offers professional cleaning services for a fee.

John Medeiros Vs. David Yurman: Which Should You Choose?

Both brands provide high-quality jewelry that has been expertly made.

While you can’t go wrong with one of them, they outperform each other in different areas and appeal to different customers.

Generally, David Yurman outperforms John Medeiros in almost every department.

Beyond the fact that it’s a more prominent and popular brand, it offers better aesthetics, designs, resale value, and a wide range of products.

Except that price is a significant factor in your selection, your choice should be David Yurman.

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