louis vuitton galliera pm vs gm

Louis Vuitton Galliera Pm vs Gm: Which one is better?

The Louis Vuitton Galliera PM and GM are two of the French luxury fashion house’s most well-known purses. Both designs feature a classic look and are made of premium materials. Despite the fact that they are both from the traditional Monogram series, they may be distinguished from one another by their little variances. This article will analyze the two bags in-depth to assist you in determining which is best for your personal style and way of living.

Two chic and sophisticated handbags from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton are the Galliera PM and GM. The classic LV Monogram canvas with genuine cowhide leather accent is featured on both bags, which also have a timeless style. The Galliera PM is larger than the Galliera GM, which is smaller, measuring 10.6 x 8.3 x 5.1 inches compared to 13.8 x 10.2 x 5.9 inches.

The Galliera PM is ideal for daily usage since it can store all of your necessities without being unduly large or heavy, including a wallet, phone, keys, and more. For individuals who require more storage for their belongings or prefer a roomier bag with a traditional appearance, the bigger Galliera GM is fantastic.

Both of these Louis Vuitton handbags include an adjustable shoulder strap with polished brass hardware that allows them to be worn either over the shoulder or cross-body. An outer pocket with a safe gold-tone zipper closing is also included on both bags, giving you quick access to goods you need during the day.

Overall, whether you’re doing errands around town or attending a formal event like a wedding or gala dinner party, both of these Louis Vuitton models exude timeless refinement and are ideal for any occasion.

Features of the Louis Vuitton Galliera PM

A fashionable and opulent purse with several features is the Louis Vuitton Galliera PM. You may customize the shoulder strap’s length to suit your preferences thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap. Natural cowhide leather was used to create the top handles, which have a firm but pleasant grip. Additionally, there are two zip-closed outside pockets and one zip-closed inside pocket. The classic LV monogram design can be seen on the treated canvas used for the outside. A distinctive cloth lining lines the inside.

Benefits of the Louis Vuitton Galliera PM

The Louis Vuitton Galliera PM’s adjustable shoulder strap makes it simple to carry anywhere, and it looks stylish either worn across the body or over the shoulder. When carrying your bag, the top handles offer a strong grasp and are cozy. The main compartment with zip closure helps keep your valuables safe and secure while the two exterior pockets with zip closure offer additional storage space for minor items. Its outside also has the recognizable LV monogram design and is constructed of treated canvas for durability and elegance. To add even more defense against dirt and dust within your bag, its interior is coated with a distinctive textile lining.


The Louis Vuitton Galliera GM is a chic handbag with plenty of room for all of your everyday essentials. It is made from opulent Monogram canvas and has golden brass hardware and genuine cowhide leather embellishments. For optimal comfort when carrying, the bag has an adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder cushion and a double zip closing for further security. The bag has two roomy pockets inside that are lined with Alcantara fabric and are ideal for transporting notebooks, tablets, and other essentials. In addition, there are two side pockets for smaller items like keys and a phone and an internal zippered compartment to protect valuables.


The Louis Vuitton Galliera GM has a number of advantages that make it ideal in any circumstance. With its roomy inside, you can carry all of your daily necessities without worrying about overpacking or forgetting to bring something crucial. The double zip closing provides additional security, allowing you to travel with confidence. The adjustable shoulder strap makes sure you can carry it comfortably while you’re on the move. Furthermore, the bag will never go out of style thanks to its timeless Monogram canvas covering.

The Louis Vuitton Galliera GM is, all things considered, the perfect option for individuals who want a lot of room and style when traveling or just on the run. This bag will keep you organized wherever you go thanks to its elegant materials and clever design elements.

Louis Vuitton Galliera PM vs GM: Size Comparison

Two of the most well-known handbags from the renowned French design brand are the Louis Vuitton Galliera PM and GM. Both bags are constructed of premium leather and have a classic style. But their size is what distinguishes them from one another. With dimensions of 12.6 inches long, 8.3 inches high, and 5.1 inches wide, the Galliera PM is the smallest of the two. Additionally, it has a single top handle for simple carrying and a detachable shoulder strap for comfort while using one hand for another.

The Galliera GM, on the other hand, measures 13.8 inches in length, 10 inches in height, and 6.3 inches in width, making it somewhat bigger than its predecessor. It includes two top handles that make carrying it around simpler, as well as a longer, adjustable shoulder strap that makes using it hands-free more comfortable. This bag is the best option for individuals who want extra storage space while still appearing fashionable because it has a larger overall capacity than the Galliera PM.

Both bags have a timeless design that is ideal for both formal and casual settings and never goes out of style. Both bags provide fantastic alternatives that will meet your style demands and keep you constantly appearing stylish and trendy, whether you’re seeking something smaller or something with more room.

Price Comparison: Louis Vuitton Galliera PM vs GM

Louis Vuitton is one of the most well-known and sought-after brands in the world when it comes to high-end clothing. The Galliera PM and GM are only two of the many purses and other accessories offered by the company. Although there is a noticeable price difference, both purses are fashionable and useful.

The selling price of the Louis Vuitton Galliera PM is about $1,750 USD. This bag has a distinctive appearance and feels since it is constructed of Monogram Empreinte leather. It has retractable shoulder straps for enhanced convenience and silver-tone hardware. The inside is roomy and has two flat pockets in addition to a sizable center compartment.

With a suggested retail price of about $2,200 USD, the Louis Vuitton Galliera GM is more costly than its PM sibling. The hardware on this bag is golden-tone rather than silver-tone and is made of the same Monogram Empreinte leather. Additionally, it includes an adjustable shoulder strap that makes carrying it more comfortable and convenient. Two sizable compartments and one zipped pocket are included in the interior for additional storage.

Due to its higher quality materials and bigger interior, the Louis Vuitton Galliera GM costs more than the PM version overall. However, for any fashionista wishing to add a hint of luxury to their outfit, both bags are chic and useful options!

Pros of Louis Vuitton Galliera PM

The Louis Vuitton Galliera PM is a stylish and opulent purse that elevates any ensemble with a dash of style and refinement. It is a timeless classic due to its classic design and ageless appeal. It is constructed with premium components including Monogram canvas, calfskin leather, and gold-tone hardware. A robust, long-lasting bag made from this combination of materials will survive for many years. There are several pockets and compartments in the bag as well to accommodate all of your necessities. Additionally, the adjustable shoulder strap makes it convenient to tote when out and about.

Cons of Louis Vuitton Galliera PM

The Louis Vuitton Galliera PM has a high price tag and is an expensive purse. For people who need to travel light, it might not be the best option because it is not as lightweight as other bags in its class. Furthermore, if not properly maintained, its monogrammed canvas material is susceptible to scuffs and scratches. Finally, if the gold-tone hardware is not frequently polished or treated with appropriate care products, it may become susceptible to tarnishing over time.

Pros of Louis Vuitton Galliera GM

Those searching for a fashionable and robust bag might choose the Louis Vuitton Galliera GM. It is durable and resistant to tearing since it is composed of high-quality materials. Additionally, the bag has several straps, pockets, and compartments that make it simple to arrange stuff. The shoulder strap also makes it comfortable for you to carry the bag. Additionally, the bag is available in a range of hues and designs that are appropriate for every event or fashion.

Cons of Louis Vuitton Galliera GM

The Louis Vuitton Galliera GM’s price is perhaps its only drawback. It might be pretty pricey for some individuals, but if you want a fashionable and durable bag, it’s worth the expense. The shoulder strap’s length and width may also not be comfortable for certain persons. Additionally, this bag’s material could not be weatherproof or waterproof, making it unsuitable for carrying things in damp or rainy situations.

Where to Buy the Louis Vuitton Galliera PM and GM


The Louis Vuitton Galliera PM and GM are two of the renowned French fashion house’s most sought-after handbags. Each bag has a timeless style with a leather accent and traditional LV monogram canvas. These two bags are the ideal choice for anybody seeking a chic everyday purse or a sophisticated evening accessory. The Louis Vuitton Galliera PM and GM may be purchased in a number of locations, including internet sites, upscale department stores, and specific Louis Vuitton boutiques.

Online stores: Purchasing a new bag is frequently made easier when done from the convenience of your house. Fortunately, there are several internet retailers who sell genuine Louis Vuitton Galliera PM and GM bags for affordable costs. The RealReal, Farfetch, Vestiaire Collective, and Fashionphile are a few of the most well-known internet merchants.

Luxury Department Stores: A lot of upscale department stores have Louis Vuitton merchandise either in-person or online. One well-known department shop that stocks LV goods is Saks Fifth Avenue. Additionally, limited-edition versions of the Galliera PM and GM could be available at select smaller boutique retailers like Neiman Marcus.

Choose Louis Vuitton Boutiques: Your best option if you want to get an original LV handbag straight from the manufacturer is to go to a chosen Louis Vuitton boutique in person or do your online shopping there. On their website, LV provides a list of all approved sellers so that you can be certain you’re purchasing an original item.


Both the PM and GM Louis Vuitton Galliera handbags are stunning, classic designs. They both stand out thanks to their individual characteristics. The GM is ideal for formal events or travel, while the PM is ideal for regular use. Both bags feature a timeless design that will look excellent with practically any outfit and will last for many years. They are both excellent options for anybody searching for a fashionable, durable bag.

The decision between the Galliera PM and GM essentially boils down to personal choice. Both bags have a classic style and different ways to wear them. However, the GM could be a better option if you’re seeking for a bag that works for every situation. The PM, on the other hand, would be the best option for you if you want something a little bit smaller that can still be worn up or down. Whichever bag you decide on, you can be sure that it will serve you well for many years and become a favorite accessory for your outfit.

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