Louis Vuitton Siena PM Vs. MM: Which is Better?

The Louis Vuitton Siena bag is an exquisite piece of leather suitable for any time or season.

This collection is one of Louis Vuitton’s best.

It’s a timeless piece that has won the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts.

The LV Siena collection is suited for women seeking handbags beyond being stylish.

This collection is highly durable and versatile. It comes in three distinct sizes, including the PM, MM, and GM sizes.

The GM size offers roomy capacity above the average daily use.

Based on your need for bag space, it’s worth weighing the options before choosing the best size.

If you’re having difficulty deciding the best size between PM and MM, let’s help you with our review and comparison of these sizes.


The size of the Louis Vuitton Siena bag is denoted by an acronym that signifies its relative proportions.

Siena PM means ‘petite model.’ It’s the smallest size of the collection, and it measures 11.8” * 8.3” * 4.7”.

The MM or Moyen Modele size signifies the ‘medium model.’ The size is not too small or too big, hence the most popular size of the collection.

The measurement is 13.8” * 8.7” * 5.9”.

Louis Vuitton Siena PM vs. MM: Similarities

The LV Siena bag is an exquisite piece of leather. All the sizes have the same features and attributes.

The capacity is mostly the differentiating factor between them.

It comes in different variations, including Monogram and Damier ebene canvas.

The distinctive Damier canvas the bag wears provides an attractive appearance that’s hard to ignore.

It features a robust coated canvas fabric and an attractive boat-shaped appearance.

It also has smooth brown leather embellishments, a detachable crossbody strap, and gold-tone brass hardware.

Louis Vuitton Siena PM Vs. MM: Capability

The amount of loads the bag can carry is the significant difference between the Siena bags.

Each size is designed to cater to different audiences’ needs and purposes.

The PM size is smaller than the MM size.

It has enough space to accommodate everyday necessities such as books, makeup, keys, phone, and Ipad.

This bag is too small to carry a laptop. It makes a great handbag and is suited for any petite-size lady.

The MM size is medium but big enough to carry everything that the PM size can, with some extra space left.

For instance, it can take a laptop comfortably.

It has a roomy capacity, making it ideal for a weekend trip or shopping. It’s not extremely big like the GM size.

It resembles a sac. Because of its versatility, the size is the most popular of its collection.

Louis Vuitton Siena PM Vs. MM: Popularity

As we’ve established above, the MM size is the most popular.

It is also the most versatile because it’s neither too big nor small, yet it exhibits these size functionalities.

It’s roomy enough to carry everyday valuables and compact enough to carry around without hassle.

Louis Vuitton Siena PM Vs. MM: Price

Of course, the MM size is more expensive than the PM size.

The price is reasonable since it’s the bigger size.

It means the brand uses more time and materials in its production stage compared to the MM size. However, there are just a few differences between the prices.

It’s also worth stating that the prices are not stagnant.

They usually go up every year, and LV doesn’t offer discounts.

Which Is Better Between the PM and MM Size?

Honestly, there’s no better one between the sizes.

The better one is relative and will depend on what individuals prioritize and their reason for buying.

Each size is crafted for a different target audience.

While you may be attracted to the style, it’s imperative to consider how you’ll use the bag, how often, your workload, and most importantly, your height or size.

Considering this factor will help you choose the one that’ll cater to your needs effortlessly.

Generally, the scale tilts towards the MM size a bit.

The bag is versatile as it can be used for several outings, including workplace, shopping, and weekend outfit.

Which Should You Choose?

Considering the factors above, the choice should be easy now. If it isn’t, we can help you choose.

If you have a small body or height, it will be better to choose the PM size.

This choice is essential because if you select the other size, it might look too big and swallow you up.

You should also choose whether the size of your workload is minimal or, at most, average.

However, the MM size is your best bet if you want a versatile bag that can cater to many outings.

It’s ideal for the workplace, travel, and shopping.

This size finds a balance between the GM’s voluminous size and the PM’s petite size.

It can accommodate almost everything you need for a day or weekend outing. It may be more expensive, but it offers value in exchange for the extra dollars.

Wrapping up

If you can’t choose, we recommend you go for the MM size.

It is preferable to have too much space than not enough.

However, if you have the option, you may want to try them out in person.

That way, you’ll be able to determine first-hand how each size looks on you and how much they can hold.

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