How To Wear a Walking Boot With Pants To Maintain Style

You got your foot injured. Oh!

You run to the doctor and get your foot x-ray.

Hurray! There is no fracture. But alas! It has a muscle sprain, and tendons are severely damaged.

Yeah, you are afraid that a doctor would advise you on a cast or plaster for foot and ankle stabilization.

It is very irritating and difficult to hold for so many days. But there is an alternative, and that is walking boots. Although it is a bulky, ugly, and dull-looking medical boots, they are much better than plaster casts or crutches.

Along with many other concerns about walking boots, a question that may also irritate you that is, how do you wear a walking boot with pants to maintain style?

Whether you like pants or jeans, here we have advised some useful ways to stay smart, with walking boots.

What is a Walking Boot? Why Wear it?

First of all, you have to know what a walking boot is.

A medical device called a CAM boot, moon boot, below-knee walking boot, or controlled ankle motion walking shoe is also an orthopedic device. Advised by the doctors, when you get fractures, ligament, and tendon tears in your foot or ankle, you need these protective walkers.

Then it comes to mind why wear such a bad-looking walking boot?

Unlike plaster cast, it is removable to clean the foot when having a bath. And easy enough to sleep while putting it on.

It is a removable immobilizer that helps in the proper healing of your injured foot.

It consists of an inner fabric liner and has a hook and loop closure to support and cushion the injured part. With a hard frame and a rigid shell, it helps to immobilize the lower leg.

You have to wear these shoes because you do not want to break your other foot as well. Check out dozens of walking boots here!

Comfort and Functionality

Loose-Fitting Pants

Opt for loose-fitting pants or joggers that can easily be pulled over the walking boot, ensuring comfort and ease of movement.


Choose stretchy leggings that can comfortably accommodate the walking boot while providing a sleek and put-together look.

Stylish Outfit Ideas

Casual Athleisure

Combine a loose-fitting sweatshirt, leggings, and sneakers for a casual yet stylish athleisure look that complements the walking boot.

Flowy Dresses

Pair a flowy midi dress with a denim jacket or cardigan for a feminine and comfortable outfit that offers ample coverage.

Oversized Tops

Opt for oversized tops or tunics that provide comfort and versatility while allowing easy movement.

Denim and Casual Tees

Pair your walking boot with your favorite jeans and a simple casual tee for an effortless and timeless look.


Statement Scarves

Add a stylish touch to your outfit with a statement scarf that draws attention away from the walking boot.

Stylish Sunglasses

Complete your look with a pair of chic sunglasses that not only protect your eyes but also enhance your overall style.

Can You Wear Pants With a Walking Boot?

Pants with elastic strings, are easy to pull up or down, especially when you are using crutches.

If you are handling a wrist cast or splint, you must avoid pants with zippers or buttons. Pants having pockets can be very helpful for carrying wallets and keys along with plaster casts and crutches.

You can wear tight-fitting and soft fabric pants or skinny jeans that can be tucked in the boot, but the stylish stitched jeans can irritate you with that kind of shoe.

Neither put on high heels nor wear a flat shoes to prevent imbalance. The 1-2inch heel is a must for a perfect balance.

How to Maintain Style With a Walking Boot?

Coming to the heart-aching point, how to wear walking boots and maintain style as well.

Walking boots are a necessary evil. You want to join your friends at parties and want to look stylish as well. Then you should pick pants that look stylish and comfortable too. Just consider these features for the purpose.

  1. Style: you have to compromise your style. But no need to worry! that is just for a short time. Simpler is better, and a sophisticated look comes with the walking boot with the most simple pant.
  2. Event: then consider the occasion. If it is a party, a date, or a movie, you can compensate for the pants with a lush shirt, upper, or coat. But if it is a school function, simplicity in both would give a decent look.
  3. Comfortability: do not try to compromise your comfort while choosing the pan with a walking boot. It is a matter of the health of your foot. An emotional decision can lead you to wear those ugly, bulky shoes for a long time. Pants with rough or itchy fabric can cause a rash on the part of the leg in the boot.
  4. Top or shirts: your top will help you a lot to be stylish and elegant while picking pants matching with a walking boots.
  5. Season: keep in mind the weather too. Pick light pants in summer and cozy ones in winter.

But Your priority is the proper healing and treatment of the injured foot. Whether it is a cast or walkers, it is necessary to wear, and you have to ignore that it is not glamorous.

Best Pants to Wear With a Walking Boot

Fitted pants made with soft gauzy fabric, pajama pants, and sweatpants with a cut-on leg, and pants with a drawstring or elastic bands work well with walking boots.

There are two ways to carry walking boots with pants. One way is to put the walking boot covering the pants, and the other way is to wear pants covering the shoe.

Walking Boot Covering Pant

Here is a detailed discussion of pants that you can wear while covering the walking boot.

  1. Wide-leg pants: these are pants with both legs wide from top to bottom. In themselves, they are stylish and help you to cover the boot easily.
  2. Bootcut pants are also called bell-bottom pants. These are a tight fit on the thighs and flared below the knees. It has a bell-like bottom. Not only stylish but also suitable for every top. It covers the walking boot and gives you a style look.
  3. Harem pants: these pants have a baggy style. Much more flare from top to bottom, but it is closed and has a narrow opening at the ankle. It looks suitable for these shoes, but you have to check the size of the ankle hole. It must be wide enough to go through while putting the boot on.
  4. Sailor pants. These pants are well fitted on the waist and wide straight to the ankle. With buttons and stylish seam work, it is more stylish than wide-leg pants. It can also cover the shoe.
  5. Jumpsuit: jumpsuits are pants having a shirt stitched to them. To maintain the style at parties, these are also suitable for covering walking boots. Stylish itself, you need not worry about matching the top or any other shirt in the jumpsuit.

Pants Covering the Walking Boot

The second way is to wear pants covering the walking shoes. Here are the pants to wear with walking boots in this way.

  1. Straight pants: straight casual pants are a common choice if you do not want to waste your time picking something special.
  2. Sweatpants are like casual pajamas, wide on the whole but tight on the ankle, having an elastic band on the bottom. Not suitable for parties or formal wear but at the time of relaxation they are good to put on.
  3. Three-quarter pants: these pants are a bit longer than shorts but not full-length like pajamas. These are suitable for informal wear. The only wearable in summer, it can not cover the whole leg.

Types of Walking Boots

This guide will not fulfill the purpose if we do not discuss the types of walking boots.

  • The low-top walking shoe is a boot having a padded insole and Velcro or other hook and loop closure around the ankle and half of the calf. It provides stability to the ankle after foot surgery, metatarsal fractures, and Achilles tendons.
  • Controlling mobility prevents the risk of being re-injured and stabilizes the bones in their proper place while walking. After the removal of the plaster, a quick movement causes pain. By using a cast, the limited movement of the foot reduces the pain day by day.
  • High-top walking boots also provide a leg wrap covering the ankle and half of the calf. Providing more mobility is useful in ankle or calf injuries. Higher than the low-top cast, it covers more of the calf and prevents re-injury. It is useful in sprains, shin splints, and tendon injuries.
  • Air cast boots contain an air cell pad fitted in the shoes in a plastic frame. While walking, it prevents the foot from rolling in or out and causes re-injury or pain.
  • But it is not suitable for jumping, running, or jogging. If your doctor allows at the ascertain stage, you can play while the air cast is put on. You can deflate air pressure by following the given instructions, according to your comfort.
  • Hard Cast boots and bottoms can be called broken-foot sandals. They only cover the foot, so can be used for minor injuries and do not provide tight protection.

You can remove this medical footwear at bedtime but must follow the doctor’s instructions strictly.


Q1: What is suitable for a broken bone, a cast, or Walking Boot?

ANS: If you have a severe injury, you must go for a cast to prevent the risk of re-injury and maintain immobilization. But if it is a minor, CAM is the right choice.

The cast is also better in a busy and dynamic life to feel free of the tension of broken bones.

Q2: What type of pants are suitable for a cast?

ANS: In both cases, either cast or boot, you can wear pants that are easy to carry and do not need much effort to pull on or off.

Whatever is a shortcoming bestowed to your style by this necessary evil, can be compensated with a suitable blouse, shirts, and blazers. Soft jeans in blue with a t-shirt are an all-time good combination to go.

Can I wear skirts with a walking boot?

Yes, you can wear skirts with a walking boot. Opt for longer skirts that provide coverage and balance with the walking boot.

How can I make the walking boot blend into my outfit?

Choose neutral-colored walking boots that easily coordinate with a variety of outfits.

Are there any footwear options besides sneakers?

Yes, you can opt for ankle boots or booties that offer additional support while complementing your outfit.

Can I wear heels with a walking boot?

It’s recommended to avoid wearing heels while wearing a walking boot to prioritize your comfort and safety.

Can I still wear jewelry and accessories with a walking boot?

Absolutely! Use jewelry, scarves, and sunglasses to enhance your style and draw attention away from the walking boot.

Final Thoughts

After reading about walking boots from all aspects, it is clear now that it is a blessing to be in them instead of a plaster cast.

And to be as trendy and stylish as you want is an easier task in these medical shoes. If you are very picky in your dress code, you will find a way to manage it.

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