Marc Jacobs vs Coach Bags: Similarities & Differences

If you’re a bag enthusiast, you see bags more as partners than friends.

When choosing the right partner, you have to make sure they fit your standards and share great chemistry with you.

Whether it’s luxury or not, what bag you buy and wear reflects who you are and your fashion sense, but not everyone can afford to get what they want.

Does luxury matter, or does design matter most?

You don’t have to worry, as we’ll be giving you a general review of two brands: one that is a reliable source of luxury brands and one known for its intricate designs—Marc Jacobs and Coach, respectively.

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The Brands and Their History

marc jacobs or coach

The American brand Marc Jacobs was created by the former Louis Vuitton artistic director, Marc Jacobs, in 1984.

Although it’s not a luxury brand in terms of its product selling price, you can still consider it as high-end.

They sell shoes, wallets, clothing, make-up, and accessories, but their most famous products are designer bags made of intricately stitched authentic soft leather.

Coach, also an American brand, began on its early path by selling its double-stitched leather bags as early as the 1960s.

Although considered luxury, it can be categorized as mid-level because it’s relatively less expensive than high-demand selective-stock luxury brands.

Like Marc Jacobs, Coach also sells clothing, wallet, shoes, and bags, offering a broader collection than the former.

Similarities and Differences

Marc Jacobs’s bags are significantly lower than Coach’s in terms of price range.

They offer loads as low as $135 and high as $550. Meanwhile, Coach bags retail at $440 to $925.

Although Marc Jacobs costs less, they offer almost more than 100 bags on their website, while Coach only offers 20 loads on theirs.

Another option that only Marc Jacobs offer is installment payments via their website which allows buyers to pay for a bag in four installments.

Both brands ensure high-quality items for their bags when it comes to composition.

They use authentic leather, but Coach has been known longer for its specialization in these goods.

However, since Marc Jacobs’ founder has a colorful history in Louis Vuitton, their timeless bag designs are one reason why people gravitate towards them.

Marc Jacobs bags are mostly neutral-colored, with few designs featuring colors of the rainbow. Similarly, Coach also offers neutral-colored bags.

Still, more from its catalog feature two or more colors in one design compared to Marc Jacobs, which generally sticks to one to two colors in one bag.

What’s Fit For You

To help you pick what bag to buy – Marc Jacobs vs Coach – here are two similar-looking bags from the two brands.

Marc Jacobs’ The Jacquard Small Tote Bag

Marc Jacobs vs Coach Bags

This tote bag comprises 64% cotton and 36% polyester with removable and adjustable straps.

It’s 13 inches in length, 6 in width, and 11 in height, with its warm sand color that is double-layered.

If you want a sophisticated yet straightforward light travel or everyday bag, this one’s definitely for you.

Coach’s Field Tote With Colorblock Quilting and Coach Badge

Marc Jacobs vs Coach Bags

This bag has plush quilted ultra-soft leather, and this multi-colored ivory bag fits your everyday errand bag.

It does not specify the dimensions on its website, but it has an interior zip pocket so you can ensure your things are safe inside.

It also comes with a webbing strap that you can attach to wear on your shoulder. Overall, this bag is smaller than the Jacquard, making it easier to carry every day.

Which is more expensive Marc Jacobs or Coach?

The answer is, it depends. Sometimes, a specific bag from Coach may be quite expensive that you cannot afford it.

But then, you see a similar brand from Marc Jacobs that is much cheaper. And vice versa.

So, I’ll say it depends on the bag you’re buying. Generally, however, I would say MJ is slightly more expensive.

Which is more popular Marc Jacobs or Coach?

As far as my research is concerned, I’ll say they are similar in this. They are both extremely popular, but that can sometimes depend on what product you’re looking at.

Final Words: Marc Jacobs or Coach?

Being two similar brands, it’s normal to know which is the better of the two brands.

Is Marc Jacobs better than Coach?

This has to be a subjective question because while some people find Coach great, others prefer Marc Jacobs. That’s to say both brands stand to serve your preferences and taste adequately.

Quite a few users note that the quality of Coach bags has gone down since the brand went mainstream.

So the quality aspect may not be as strong as Marc Jacobs.

While some users state that Marc Jacobs has a lower price point, I wouldn’t think that’ll be true in all cases.

So, in terms of price, I’ll say they are similar. In terms of trendy design, I’ll give it to MJ as has been confirmed by several users.

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