MKF vs MK: Are they The Same?

There have been a lot of questions about the MKF and the MK brands.

The MKF and MK brands produced similar bags which carry the ‘M’ logo.

While many people think both brands are the same, others do not share that thought.

To answer your question, the MKF and MK are two separate brands with nothing in common.

While the MK is a Michael Kors brand, MKF is owned by Mia K. Farrow, a designer who has chosen to remain anonymous.

Besides the difference in terms of ownership, below are other ways both brands have proved that they are different.

MKF vs MK: Are they The Same?


Here, we’re going to be looking at both brands and comparing the material, quality, affordability, and style of their handbags.

Of course, this shouldn’t be taken as an exhaustive list. However, we’re hoping it does cover most of the things you’ll want in a bag.


An MKF and an MK bag might look similar at first glance, however, they are made from different materials.

It is popular knowledge that the MKF collection is made from vegan leather, making it environmentally friendly.

In the production of bags belonging to the Michael Kors brand, pure leather is used.

This difference in terms of production materials is one reason why both brands are not the same.


When it comes to quality, Michael Kors takes the lead.

Even though MKF bags are found practically everywhere, they do not possess the same quality.

A lot of individuals who appreciate luxury and high-quality bags claimed that the MKF collection is lacking in that area.

The fact that the MKF collection began production 12 years ago might be the reason for its average quality.

However, when you think about the low price the MKF bags are sold at, you will consider it to be fair.

Michael Kors, on the other hand, produces luxury bags, which are believed to be of superior quality.


The Mia K Farrow collection is affordable and can be used by everyone who loves quality but is on a tight budget.

Michael Kors handbags are designed for lovers of luxury fashion items.

As such, products belonging to the Michael Kors brand are expensive and can’t be afforded by everyone.

Judging by the high-quality materials used in making Michael Kors products, you have no choice but to agree that the price is worth it.

Style & Bag Creation

Most Mia K. Farrow’s bags are made out of vegan leather, making them cruelty-free and vegan.

Michael Kors, on the other hand, makes use of Lambskin or the infamous Saffiano leather to make their bags.

So, if you’re looking for a vegan and cruelty-free brand, MKF will be your best option. This also means that both brands are not the same as some people often believe them to be.


Another aspect I want to talk about is popularity.

There is no doubt that MK is more well-known and widely recognized than MKF.

You might think there isn’t much advantage to this but there is one.

Most times, when a brand is as popular as MK, you’ll find that most, if not each, of their bags, will have dozens of reviews.

Such that you’ll be able to decide whether the bag is for you or not by reading the experience of others.

A less popular brand, on the other hand, will have lesser exposure for their products so the reviews will not be many.

As such, buying the bags will be more like a trial since you can’t determine the quality based on aggregated reviews.


The MKF and MK brands are not the same.

While one produces affordable and environmentally friendly bags, the other deals with luxury bags.

In other words, both brands cater to different sets of people. If you like bags that are good yet affordable, the Mia K. Farrow collection is for you.

For lovers of luxury, Michael Kors is the brand to go for.

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