Neverfull MM vs PM: Which Is Better?

Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull collection is one of its most popular and luxurious bags.

The bag’s design and styling make it ideal for various occasions, offering exceptional versatility. The collection is also popular because of its high durability.

The bag comes in different sizes or shapes, including GM, PM, and MM.

Each size offers unique features, and your ideal size will depend on some factors. The GM is the largest of the size.

If you’re eyeing the Neverfull collection and a huge bag is not your thing, the PM and MM size options are for you.

Comparing these sizes will expose their differences and influence your decision-making.

Let’s discuss these size differences and help you decide which will be the best for you.


Louis Vuitton established this collection in 2007. It’s a practical bag for modern women providing outstanding quality and versatility. It comes in three sizes.

The PM size refers to the ‘petite model.’ It’s the smallest size of the collection, and its measurements are 11.4” x 8.7” x 5.1”.

The Neverfull MM is the most popular size of the collection because of the high demand.

The MM signifies a medium model, and it measures 12.6” x 11.4” x 7.5”.

Neverfull MM vs. PM: Similarities

Generally, the size factor is the only differentiating factor between the Neverfull MM and PM.

Both bags have the same quality and design features.

They come in different variations, including LV Monogram Canvas, Epi Leather, Damier Azure, and Damier Ebene.

Canvas models feature gold-plated hardware, and the Epi leather variation has silver-plated hardware.

The Monogram Canvas and the Damier patterns are the most popular variations.

Both bags have a printed lining, depending on the stock LV print. They have a simple clasp closure with two shoulder straps.

An exciting attribute of the bags is that they are reversible, meaning you can turn them inside out to explore the beautiful contrasting lining.

Every season, the bags’ variations are produced in limited variations.

Neverfull MM vs. PM: Capability

The PM and MM sizes are crafted for different reasons and target audiences.

The PM is small and designed to be carried as a handbag, so it has less space than the MM. This size can hold different items or everyday essentials.

It’s spacious enough to accommodate a phone, Ipad, keys, makeup, and planner.

It can not carry a laptop. The PM size is an excellent handbag for everyday use, with a handle drop of 16.5cm(6.5 inches).

On the other hand, the Neverfull MM size is a perfect size for school and work purposes.

It’s used for everyday purposes. It can carry anything and everything you need to survive a day outing.

It can accommodate whatever you will put in the PM size and still leave some extra space, making it a popular choice for numerous people.

The PM size will carry a laptop, notebooks, Ipad, A4 magazines, and phone. It features a handle drop of 21.5cm(8.5 inches).

Neverfull MM vs. PM: Popularity

The MM size is the most popular size of the Neverfull collection.

Most fashion enthusiasts prefer it to the PM size.

The reason is mainly that the size finds a middle ground between the GM model’s voluminous size and the PM model’s petite size.

It is big enough to accommodate everyday valuables and compact enough to be effortlessly carried everywhere.

Neverfull MM vs. PM: Price

The price point could be another factor you might want to consider before deciding on your choice.

The Neverfull PM is lesser than the MM by a few dollars. It is the least expensive of the Neverfull collection.

This lesser price is justifiable since it is smaller.

The smaller size means there are fewer materials and time used in its production.

The Neverfull PM high price is reasonable since it basically offers value in exchange for some dollars.

Neverfull MM vs. PM: Which Is Better?

The better size between the Neverfull MM and PM will depend on the individual’s preference for purchase.

Each of the dimensions is specifically designed for a reason.

Before you decide on which is best for you, there are specific questions you should answer so you can make the right decision.

Questions like:

  • What’s your height?
  • What’s your everyday workload?
  • Do you know your taste and preference?

Answering these questions honestly will make the decision easier.

The PM size is a handbag great for everyday use. It’s mostly chosen by and perfect for women with petite body frames. If you have a small body and choose the MM size, the bag might seem to swallow you up.

The Neverfull PM is also an excellent choice for people who prefer smaller and compact handbags or like carrying their bags on the shoulder. If you fit any of this narrative, the PM size is your ideal size.

However, if you’re seeking a bag that can fit for casual outings and workspace, the MM size is your choice.

This bag is not too small, and neither is it too big.

It finds an outstanding balance between the two regions, which is why it’s the most popular size.

Generally, if you can’t decide on the best size, go for the MM size. It’s better to have a big bag than a small one that can’t accommodate your loads.

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