Nike Cortez Discontinued: True or False?

Is the Nike Cortez discontinued? No, it hasn’t been discontinued.

In fact, there is a lot of buzz around the shoe’s 50th year in existence a while ago. In fact, it should be 50 years since the Nike Cortez was released. So, it can be that they stopped making them. However, there is a big scarcity now because of supply issues. As a result, the shoes are either as accessible as they were or prohibitively expensive.

Why Is It Hard to Order for Nike Cortez?

Nike Cortez Discontinued

Most popular Nike sneakers (and like any other product) will always be on sale.


Because the brand sells them fast and often makes a decent profit on them.

Unfortunately, the less popular ones are either halted or enough are not produced that’ll satisfy the demand for them.

This is the case with sneakers like the Nike Cortez, most of these shoes have become scarce because demand has far outweighed the demand for them.

Therefore, you’ll be surprised that shoes that you could easily get or order while at home is not how they used to be.

Can You Still Find Nike Cortez?

Of course, you’ll still be able to find them.

But you’ll have to pay double the price of the original price since you’ll not be able to get it from the manufacturer or popular eCommerce brands but a few resellers on sites like eBay.

A pair of the Nike Cortez used to cost around $80 but now you may be looking at paying more than 100 grand.

What Happened to the Sneakers?

The Nike Cortez shoes are not very popular enough for the brand to make enough of them to go around.

So, it seems that some brands and individuals are mopping up from the market and then reselling them at a high margin.

So, if it’s been a long time since you’ve been using your sneakers and now looking for a replacement, then all is not lost.

You can still get them. But at a much higher price than they used to be.

There is another theory about their scarcity that I wouldn’t want you to believe. The theory goes thus:

The Nike Cortez shoes are now associated with gangs, making them unfit for the brand to continue to make them. This is a possibility but I thought these people can wear any shoe and still carry out their operation. It doesn’t have to be the shoe they are putting on unless it’s used to communicate among their community, which would be a real problem for ordinary users.

Where Can I Get them Now?

There are a couple of areas you can check for them.

The usual suspects are eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Some users noted that the sneakers are available on

However, they might not be the real Nike Cortez but it’s worth checking them out.

Final Thoughts: Are they Coming Back?

No one can really say if they are coming back or not. Except, of course, the manufacturer releases any information on their status.

At the moment, people are still celebrating its 50 years and the prices are as high as they can be.

All you can do now is wait, get them at the current price, or look for an alternative.

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