Odeon PM vs MM

Odeon PM vs MM: Which One Should You Choose?

You’ve probably fallen in love with the Odeon handbag. That’s a feeling most fashion enthusiasts can’t escape. However, before you buy the handbag, you’ll need to decide which size is better for you.

Read along as we reveal the better size to choose between the PM and MM sizes.

While awfully similar in appearance at first glance, the two main variations of Louis Vuitton’s popular Odeon lineup, MM and PM, have some noticeable differences.

The following few sections will outline the main Odeon PM vs MM characteristics in order to help you choose the right bag for you.

Odeon PM vs MM: Which Is Better?

Both sizes are two most famous of the Odeon handbags. They offer different capacities and, as such, are targeted at different audiences. The better size for you will depend on factors such as your preferences or tastes, load capacity, and, notably, your height or size.

The PM size fits everyday essentials. It has a strap of 42.5″, making it ideal as a small crossbody and tote. This size is perfect for shopping trips, lunches, and everyday casual outings.

The MM size is bigger but has a strap of 39″. It will carry everything the PM will plus offer much extra space. The belt also makes it perfect to use as a crossbody.


The PM variation (short for Petit Modele) is much more compact than the MM (Moyen Modele).

Its length and height are 3 and 2 inches smaller, respectively.

This means that you won’t be able to store larger objects such as tablets or heftier books, but it’s still spacious enough for wallets, mobile phones, and the like.

Surprisingly, the two inside slip pockets are almost identical, which means that only the main compartment is different. Also, the PM’s opening is 1 inch smaller.

The MM model is more appropriate for travel purposes due to its size.

With the difference of around 8 cubic inches, it can fit almost an entire extra bag/accessory compared to the PM.


The PM model has a shorter strap drop (the length between the top of the strap and the top of the bag), making it a tad more suitable for everyday carry.

One of the determining factors between the two will be the height of the person that wears it.

Fortunately, the straps on both bags are adjustable and removable, which means that they can be carried crossbody, on the shoulder, and even as a clutch.

Shorter women will probably find it uncomfortable to wear the MM crossbody due to its size, while the PM is almost guaranteed to fit anyone.

In addition, if you fill the MM to the brim, it’s going to get very heavy, so be prepared for some accompanying shoulder pain if you decide to choose it.


The difference in price between the two is $130 on the official website – $2,100 for the PM and $2,230 for the MM.

Compared to the amount of extra space that you get with the MM, the 6% price increase is almost negligible.

They’re both made out of the same combination of leather, canvas, and textile so the durability is going to be identical.

Choosing between the two is going to vary based on the person.

If you pack light and rarely go on longer trips, the Odeon PM is the bag for you.

It’s suitable for any woman regardless of her size.

On the contrary, the MM is going to give you more than enough space even if you carry a lot of stuff with you – just be prepared for potential struggles.


Which Should You Choose?

Generally, most people tend to choose the PM size because It’s neither too big nor small. This size is ideal for almost any casual outing, and it accommodates everyday essentials.

The MM size, on the other hand, might be too big to carry out for casual outings. It’s mainly perfect for work, travel, and weekend trips.

So, you’ll choose the perfect size for yourself, depending on your intended use. Below are other points that might also influence your decision:

  • The PM size is the most popular and versatile
  • Choose the MM size if you’re looking for a travel/work bag.
  • Choose the PM size if you’re looking for a casual bag.
  • If your height is a determining factor, i.e., you’re petite, choose the PM size because the MM size might swallow you up.
  • Choose the MM size if you have a hefty load capacity
  • If you want a perfect crossbody tote, the PM size is your option because of its long strap. The MM size might also be too heavy(over time) as a crossbody bag

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