Prada vs Burberry Handbags: Which One Should You Choose?

Prada and Burberry are two of the most popular and influential luxury handbag brands in fashion.

Both brands are well known, highly regarded and beloved the world over for their high quality, cutting edge purses and fashion accessories.

Designer purses from both companies are highly coveted and considered good investments. As both brands have consistently shown that their handbags retain their value.

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Prada Handbags

Prada is a prestigious Italian luxury brand that has been in business since 1913. And is widely considered one of the most influential fashion houses in the world.

They have over 600 stores worldwide and owning a Prada purse is, for many women, considered a status symbol.

Fashionistas and handbag lovers covet many styles of Prada bags. But especially love their limited edition purses despite their high cost.

Prada handbags feature designs that are classic, cutting edge and just a bit eccentric and unique all rolled into one.

Purses are made with extremely high-quality fine leather and high-end sturdy synthetic fabric.

Because Prada utilizes saffiano leather, the end product is extremely sturdy and can withstand most conditions without showing signs or symptoms of wear.

The construction of the bags and stitching is always immaculate.

Burberry Handbags

Burberry is an opulent British fashion brand that has been in business since the 1850s. The brand is famous for its patented, highly recognizable gabardine fabric with a checked pattern.

Their bags are available in a myriad of styles, but they are best known for their totes, crossbody bags and backpacks.

Other popular styles include brightly colored lambskin and calf leather handbags with a chain handle, the pocket bag, the Lola bag and the note bag.

Burberry is widely considered the quintessential and classic example of British fashion and design.

Burberry bags feature the finest materials and craftsmanship. And their timeless elegance makes them an excellent choice to wear now and in the years to come.

Prada vs Burberry Handbags

Prada and Burberry make luxury handbags that are of exceptional quality and style.

And as such, handbags from both companies have continually retained their market value, making them a good fashion investment.

However, while their customer bases have some crossover, each brand has its unique type of customer.

Generally speaking, Prada’s core shoppers tend to be young, between 18 and 34 years old.

They are modern and heavily influenced by social media.

Prada uses this to their advantage to entice their well off and fashion-forward audience with the latest high end looks and styles.

Meanwhile, Burberry has a target audience of 20 to 45 year old women who are middle and upper-middle-class as well as wealthy customers.

While they have the same interest in fashion as Prada customers, they tend to be older. And often interested in a more classic, refined look that still manages stands out from the crowd.

As far as pricing goes, Burberry handbags are typically in the $1.000 to $2,500 range. While Prada bags are between $1,000 and $10,000 depending on the style and rarity.


When trying to decide on which brand to go for, look beyond just the price.

Consider the quality, design, and possibly durability of the bags you’re buying.

This way, you’ll end up selecting something that’ll give you the highest value for your money, even if you premium prices.

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