Red Wing Iron Rangers vs Allen Edmonds: Which Is Better?

If you’re looking for some higher-end shoes, Allen Edmonds and Red Wing are two good brands to look at.

There are others like Asics, Saucony, Aldo, Mizuno, Chukkas, Beckman, Viberg, White’s, Nick’s, Wesco’s, etc. Many of these brands are great and certainly have something that makes them unique from others.

However, there are a lot more things to consider aside from the price. You’ve to look at things like comfort materials in the shoes, the longevity, durability, how best they fit, and so on.

These are the things that’ll ultimately affect your buying decision especially if you don’t mind spending a good amount on your footwear.

Many people find these things in both Red Wings and Allen Edmonds. That’s why it’s sometimes difficult to choose between the two brands. In this article, I’m going to review the Red Wings Iron Rangers and the Allen Edmonds Surrey Boots.

They have many other shoes but these two are in the same range. So, if you’re looking to get one, read to the end.

Red Wing Iron Rangers vs Allen Edmonds: Which Is Better?

Red Wings Iron Rangers Review

Red Wing Iron Rangers vs Allen Edmonds

The Red Wings Iron Rangers has been around for many years. The Iron Ranger is named after the miners on Minnesota’s northern iron ranges. Minnesota was known to be the abode to ranges.

The state is also the largest producer of iron ore.

The word Iron Ranger comes from a place near Lake Superior which is located in the mid-east region of the United States. Lake Superior has several Minnesota ore deposits.

Due to our state of Minnesota being famous for its industrial ironworks, the Iron Ranger is a touchstone of our company and the United States of America.


The Red Wing Iron Rangers is made up of stitch-down welt construction.

When the Red Wing Iron Rangers are constructed, the insole is larger. The upper outside curved edge is bounded to the insole. After binding, the sole inside the Red Wing Iron Ranger is bounded.

All of the parts are brought together by stitching with a welt added over the edge.

The excess material from the side of the Red Wing Iron Rangers is cut before it is trimmed. The Red Wing Iron Rangers are constructed by Goodyear Welt.


Due to its highly constructed built; the Red Wing Iron Rangers is built to last an extremely long time.

This is regardless of whether you choose to wear them during the hot, sizzling summer months or the bitter, freezing cold months.

The Red Wing Iron Rangers are capable to go through all of the seasons. It is recommended that you practice post-wear drying techniques to keep sweat and other moisture from corroding on your Red Wing Iron Rangers.

Sole Material

The Red Wing Iron Ranger sole material is constructed out of the Vibram 430 mini-lug soles. Vibam is an Italian company that constructs rubber soles. These soles are used on the Red Wing Iron Ranger.


The Red Wing Iron Ranger leather is made from amber harness leather. The amber harness leather endures a long process of being built. It is constructed through a process called tanning.


The Red Wing Iron Ranger has the look of a masculine boot. It is kind of the look in which you can say, “That is an attractive boot.” They come with Taslan brown and black laces.


Red Wing Iron Ranger is weighted at 2 pounds.


Red Wing Iron Ranger’s price stands at a few hundred dollars. Buy it here!

Allen Edmonds Surrey Boots Review

Red Wing Iron Rangers vs Allen Edmonds

The Allen Edmonds Surrey Cap-Toe Boots are an American classic.

Made by one of America’s premier shoe manufacturers, the brand is known for creating timeless men’s dress shoes made with premium leather and handcrafted in a meticulous 212-step process.

The Surrey Cap-Toe Boots are a classic with a relaxed fit.


The Surrey Cap-toe boots are made with the 360-degree Storm Welt. This welt is known to be the most labor-intensive method for a long-lasting shoe.

The method is time-consuming with the boots having sealed construction to protect the foot from the elements – be it snow, rain, or mud – it is sealed for durability.

If you’re the type of man who weathers out the storm, literally, then these shoes are perfectly constructed for you.


The shoes are water and weather-repellant, which means they are made with the best craftsmanship. They are made with surrounding layers of innovative materials that are not just comfortable, but extremely durable.

While the Surrey boots are dress shoes, you can wear them all day, every day, and expect them to last for many years of wear.

Sole Material

The insole material of the Surrey Cap-Toe boots is made of the Allen Edmonds CustomCork insole for a custom fit.

They’re a relaxed fit, which means there’s wiggle room inside that makes them perfect for long flights or at the end of the day when your feet expand.

The outsoles are made with the All-Weather Commando rubber material, which is made for added traction and long-lasting durability.

As mentioned earlier, these boots are weather-proof, and one of the reasons behind that is their traction-proof rubber soles that don’t slip even on wet surfaces.


Allen Edmonds has always been committed to using only the finest quality leathers in the world. With the Surrey boots, the brand use premium Nubuck leather that’s soft and smooth.

Nubuck leather is premium leather that’s water-repellant, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.


The Surrey boots are designed for the classic Americana look. They’re minimal but with exquisite details that make them ideal to wear with any kind of clothes.

You can wear them with a business casual look, streetwear, or even as corporate wear. It is built on 1757 Last, which is characterized by a wider forepart, a rounded toe, and a sleek profile for a youthful aesthetic.


The Surrey cap-toe boots are 4.55 lbs. in weight.


The boots are priced at $$$ and they’re currently on sale at the Allen Edmonds official website. You can get a few offers here too!

The Allen Edmonds Surrey Cap-Toe Boots are a pair of dress boots that offer style, durability, and function.

With rubber soles, a water-repellent Nubuck leather material, and weather-proof sealed construction, these are the boots that are made to conquer the elements in style.

Red Wing Iron Rangers vs Allen Edmonds: Comparison

One of the differences between Red Wings and Allen Edmonds is that AE is more of a fashion shoe while RW is constructed for work. The price of both shoes is similar with the Allen Edmonds being slightly more expensive.

In terms of construction, the quality is similar in the two boots. And in the looks department, there isn’t much difference.

The Iron Rangers Shoes used Vibram mini-lug soles while the Surrey Boots comes with the Commando Soles, which is thicker so if you’re looking for a slimmer profile, then it’s the Iron Rangers.

Another difference you should keep in mind is that the Surrey Boots come with 360-degree storm welt and waterproof Horween leather, while the Iron Rangers come with only 270-degree GYW (GoodYearWelt) and the leather isn’t waterproof.

This means that the Surrey Boots will be more water-resistant than the Red Wings.

However, both are great shoes. If you like one over the other, then go for it.

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