Santos Demoiselle vs Panthere: Which is Better?

The Santos Panthere and Santos Demoiselle are two of the best-known wristwatches to have come out of the Cartier brand in the 2000s.

Interestingly, both models have remarkable designs. In addition, they have a square dial and a square frame in a yellow steel-gold tint.

Even though both wristwatches were designed by Cartier, they were intended for different consumers.

In this article, we will review both wristwatches to help you choose the best.

Santos Demoiselle vs Panthere: General Comparison

Santos Demoiselle vs Panthere

Who Can Wear Santos Demoiselle?

The big size of the Santos Demoiselle indicates that it was intended for male consumers.

The item’s design, however, has evolved over time.

The watch is currently available in a design that is appropriate for both sexes.

Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of wearing Santos Demoiselle.

Knowing your wrist size is the most reliable indicator of whether the watch will fit properly or not.

If your wrist diameter is greater than 155 or 160 millimeters, you will probably be able to use the model comfortably.

Who Can Wear Panthere?

When compared to the Santos Demoiselle, Panthere’s dial is noticeably smaller. As a result, it takes on a more feminine form.

Also, the model was first created for ladies. Because of this, guys should avoid Panthere.

Women with average-sized wrists will get the most use out of this watch. Thus, this watch is the best choice if your wrist diameter is less than 140 millimeters.

Notable Differences Between Santos Demoiselle and Panthere

Knowing the basic differences between Santos Demoiselle and Panthere will help you to determine which is best.

Below are the areas in which both Cartier wristwatches are different from each other.


Compared to Panthere, the Santos Demoiselle is considerably larger. Additionally, it is bulkier than the alternative watch.

The large square dial of the Santos watch is largely responsible for this distinction.

Consequently, the extra millimeters in the Demoiselle variant make it ideal for unisex use. On the other hand, Panthere is best suited for petite individuals.


Due to their respective target audience, the two watches couldn’t be less similar in terms of wearability.

Santos Demoiselle is a wine that is equally appealing to men and women. While Panthere caters primarily to women.

Both watches are pleasant on the wrist and provide a pleasant experience for the wearer.

However, Panthere’s bracelet is better than Santos Demoiselle’s. As a result, the former is preferable if you want to make a good impression during social gatherings.


There are subtle aesthetic differences among the watches due to their varied components.

Panthere is more customizable than Santos Demoiselle wristwatches.

One of the best things about the former is that they come with jubilee bracelets as well.

Santos Demoiselle, on the other hand, has a simple bracelet. As a result of its fewer aesthetic features, you get to save more time and money.


Compared to the Santos Demoiselle, the Panthere is more expensive because of its higher-end construction.

The price of the latter watch ranges from $8,750 for the biggest model to $8,250 for the average.

Meanwhile, the medium size of Santos Demoiselle would set you back $6,800.

As there are fewer customization options available, the price of the Santos Demoiselle model is reduced.

Santos Demoiselle vs Panthere: Which is Better?

A good watch is one that serves your purposes, fits your wrist, and doesn’t break the bank.

If you have a larger wrist or just want a chunkier watch, the Santos Demoiselle is your best bet.

Meanwhile, Panthere is your best bet if you’re after a more delicate appearance. The compact version of this product is available for those looking to save money.

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