How To Tell If a Tignanello Purse Is Real: (A Guide)

Tignanello is an Italian brand located in New York City.

The brand produces a wide variety of wallets and purses. The products are beautiful, durable, and made with high-quality leather.

Like every designer bag, If you want to buy a Tignanello purse, the ability to identify fakes and knockoffs is an essential skill.

This skill is necessary if you’re buying your Tignanello purse from street vendors, as fakes and dupes are packed in the market.

Generally, the primary factor people tend to pay more attention to is stitching.

However, beyond that, there are still many other factors you need to consider to confirm the purse’s authenticity so you won’t waste your money buying a substandard handbag.

If you want to check the authenticity of a Tignanello purse real quick, follow this guide keenly as we provide cheat tips for successful identification.

How To Tell If a Tignanello Purse Is Real (Guide)

How To Tell If a Tignanello Purse Is Real

We’ve highlighted below four things to check in a Tignanello purse to confirm its authenticity without mistake. Things to check include:

  • Brand tags and logo
  • Stitching
  • Leather quality
  • Zipper funtionionality

Below are in-depth explanations of these factors

Check Brand Tags and Logo

Fake manufacturers will always leave a loophole.

The brand tags and logo are their most common mistake. Inspect to see if the purse has a brand tag inside it.

The tag will show an authenticity labels with the serial number on it. This tag should be stamped or hand-stitched to the inside leather.

Even when you see an inside tag, inspect the font and size for any minor error.

Have you checked the logo on the purse? Is the Tignanello name correctly spelled on it?

Often, fake manufacturers might misspell the name or use a different letter.

Check the Stitching

Stitching is one of the significant factors to consider when checking your purse authenticity. Check for sloppy or slanted stitching.

Ensure you inspect the inside lining of the bag too because fake purses will have slack works hidden there.

These features are signs of a poorly-made and fake purse.

An authentic Tignanello purse will have even and seamless stitching. The stitching, both inside and outside, should be in a uniform pattern.

If these features are not present in your Tignanello purse, your purse is fake.

Tignanello is a reputable brand that produces quality items, so the stitching cannot be substandard.

Check Leather Quality

The leather quality is another way to spot a fake Tignanello bag. Generally, original Tignanello purses will have a quality leather build, so the handbags are relatively heavy.

The leather bag should also smell like leather.

So, Inspect the leather quality and the lining. If your purse is light or flimsy, it’s probably a fake.

The bag could only be lightweight because it’s lined with substantial material.

Check Zipper Functionality

Lastly, inspect the zipper quality and functionality. Your Tignanello purse zippers should be high-quality and zip smoothly without stress.

The zippers should also feel heavy, like leather.

If your purse zipper moves in a crooked pattern rather than a straight line or the pull fall off promptly, it’s most likely not authentic.

How Much Is a Tignanello Purse Worth?

The cost will almost always depend on the quality of the bag and the materials used in making it.

The higher the quality, the higher the price of the bag. Also, the size of the bag can also affect the price.

If a brand uses faux leather, it may not cost more than a few dollars.

However, real leathers can set you back a couple of hundred dollars. For instance, a large, travel-sized bag is going to cost more than a smaller, casual bag.

Finally, some retail houses sell at discounts and often have lower prices than others. So, that can also affect the final price you pay for a Tignanello purse or handbag.

Are Tignanello Handbags Good Quality?

Yes, Tignanello handbags are of good quality. Tignanello is a reputable brand that makes quality products.

Their bags are made with high-quality leather with seamless stitching. The interiors are lined wonderfully, and bag compartments are designed in enticing ways.

Are Tignanello Purses Made In China?

Tignanello is a New York-based Italian brand, but the products are made in China.

Since the company was founded in 1989, the Italian-inspired line has produced high-quality leather goods in China.


Handbags and purses are one of those things to invest in since they are often used frequently.

Tignanello is a leading brand that produces high-quality materials.

Except you intentionally want to buy a knock-off, you must check your purse to be sure it’s of original quality.

The identifiable characteristics we’ve discussed are enough to test the originality of your Tignanello purse. If your purse fails any of these criteria, it’s probably fake.

To avoid this situation, we recommend you buy your products from the brand store rather than visiting street vendors.

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