12 Ugliest Louis Vuitton Purses

12 Ugliest Louis Vuitton Purses Ever Released

Louis Vuitton is synonymous with luxury, grace, and timeless appeal. However, no brand, no matter how iconic, is immune from releasing designs that polarize opinion. Here, we spotlight seven Louis Vuitton bags that, for one reason or another, were not universally adored.

Fashion, much like beauty, is often subjective. What one individual finds captivating, another might not appreciate as much. Over the years, while Louis Vuitton has designed countless bags that have taken the fashion world by storm, there have also been some designs that have raised eyebrows. Here are 12 Louis Vuitton bags that have been dubbed by critics and some fashion enthusiasts as less than appealing:

12 Ugliest Louis Vuitton Purses

1. Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Bags This collaboration with artist Stephen Sprouse in 2001 was groundbreaking. While many loved the funky graffiti overlay on the traditional LV monogram, others felt it distorted the brand’s sophisticated image.

2. W Bag With its distinctive W-shaped design and a mix of color palettes, the W Bag’s avant-garde look was a departure from LV’s classic styles. Some fans embraced its modernity, while others longed for the brand’s typical elegance.

3. The Tribute Patchwork Bag Possibly one of the most debated designs, this bag was a patchwork of 15 different Louis Vuitton patterns. It was labeled by some as “Frankenstein’s monster” due to its peculiar composition, despite its hefty price tag.

4. Raindrop Besace Inspired by a trash bag, this creation was part of LV’s 2010 Spring collection. While it was crafted from exquisite leather and bore the LV emblem, many couldn’t overlook its garbage bag resemblance.

5. Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons Collection Teaming up with the famous artist, Louis Vuitton released bags adorned with famous artworks like Van Gogh’s “Wheat Field with Cypresses.” Some art enthusiasts appreciated the concept, but others felt the paintings didn’t mesh well with LV’s aesthetic.

6. The Egg Bag Released as part of the 2019 Fall-Winter collection, this oval-shaped bag’s quirky design was unique, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Its unusual shape sparked a myriad of internet memes.

7. Monogram Denim While denim has a relaxed and casual vibe, many LV loyalists believed that the brand’s emblematic monogram pattern didn’t quite jive with the fabric’s laid-back feel.

8. Frank Gehry Twisted Monogram Bag

A collaboration with architect Frank Gehry, this bag featured a warped structure aiming to mimic Gehry’s iconic building designs. It was certainly a piece of art, but not everyone appreciated its unconventional shape as a functional bag.

9. W GM

Released as part of the 2013 collection, the W GM bag, while made of premium materials, was considered by many as too bulky. The odd shape and oversized design didn’t resonate with everyone.

10. Vivienne Bag

Although crafted from luxurious leather and featuring a cute wooden LV clasp, the Vivienne Bag’s somewhat clunky shape and the juxtaposition of its design elements led to mixed reviews.

11. Lamb Fur Monogram Bag

A part of the Fall/Winter 2015 collection, this bag took the classic LV monogram and added a fur twist. While innovative, the furry finish was not a hit with everyone, with some critics likening it to a “hairy monster.”

12. Marsupio Belt Bag

Belt bags made a comeback in recent years. However, the Marsupio, with its peculiar shape and placement of pockets, didn’t quite capture the essence of chic for many LV enthusiasts

The Controversy: Ugly or Avant-Garde?

Fashion, by its very nature, is subjective. What one person perceives as cutting-edge, another might view as unsightly. Louis Vuitton’s experimentation is a testament to the brand’s willingness to evolve and adapt.


Why does Louis Vuitton release controversial designs? Fashion thrives on innovation. Louis Vuitton, while rooted in tradition, also aims to push boundaries and explore new design frontiers.

Are these bags still available for purchase? Some designs, especially limited-edition collaborations, might not be available in regular stores. However, they can sometimes be found in resale markets or vintage shops.

Do these controversial designs affect Louis Vuitton’s brand image? While not every design is universally loved, each contributes to the brand’s rich tapestry and history, showcasing its versatility and range.

Conclusion: The Unpredictable World of Fashion

Louis Vuitton’s legacy is filled with countless iconic bags that have captivated generations. These seven “controversial” designs, whether loved or debated, underscore the brand’s journey, its risks, and its undying commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

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