What Happened to Gretchen Christine Handbags?

Gretchen Christine’s handbag has been acquired by Dastmalchi. The acquisition happened in June 2017, which only changed ownership but did not halt the operation of the business. That means it is still possible to get the bags, just from different management.

What to Expect Now

Most times when there is a change in ownership, the operation of the business often sees a turnaround, which might be positive or negative.

Take the case of Bruce Makowsky handbags, for example.

Since the brand was acquired, it hasn’t been as good as it was when it was under the management of Bruce.

That isn’t to say the quality of Gretchen Christine will wane. It’s just that you should be aware of possibilities so you wouldn’t be surprised.

Is Gretchen Christine Still in Business?

What Happened to Gretchen Christine Handbags

Yes, the brand is still in business.

According to Slice, the previous owner will continue to work with the label and promote it online and at events.

This seems as though she was asked to stay to continue to offer the same personality that has been with the brand since its inception.

Update: It seems the bags are no longer available. Only old/used ones are available on Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, etc.

Is Gretchen Christine a Luxury Brand?

No, GC isn’t a luxury brand. This is because it is available for everyone and anyone.

That also means it isn’t expensive, scarce, or of extremely high quality. If it’s available for everyone, then it doesn’t fulfill luxury criteria.

In addition, GC can be considered a designer handbag because of the styles and designs the bags come in.

Where is Gretchen Christine’s Handbag Made?

The bags are manufactured in the United States, which we can consider to be high quality.

That isn’t to say that those products made in China are of inferior quality.

However, the quality threshold is much higher in the United States and there are lots of government regulations guiding some of these production processes.

Moreover, where a bag is made doesn’t affect its availability. No matter where you find yourself, you can order the bags.

Which, unfortunately, is now phased out and no longer available.

Frequently Asked Questions on GC Handbags

What are the Materials Used in Gretchen Christine Bags?

Most of the bags come in high-quality vegan leather including those from Croc, Pony, Python as well as Calf suedes according to RivalWorld.

The bags are also available in different colors, which makes them a good option for a wide variety of people.

Also, the sizes are either large, mid, or small, with different styles and designs.

Can You Still Buy Gretchen Purses?

At this point, you might find it difficult to buy a new bag from the Gretchen line.

They should still be available, maybe in a different fashion.

However, you might be able to find used purses/bags on sites like eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, and the like.

Who Bought Gretchen Christine Brand?

The GC Line of Handbags was purchased by Dastmatchi in 2017.

Dastmalchi is a large, global portfolio of luxury brands, with a large presence in the beauty industry.

Does It Mean GC Is Out of Business?

Well, Gretchen Rossi was retained in a senior position so she still has a hand in the management of her former brand.

Final Thoughts on Gritchen Christine Handbags

At the time of writing this, I searched for Gretchen Christine handbags and it seems it’s gone.

There is no presence of official website.

Moreover, most of the listings I saw are from general brands like Amazon, Poshmark, etc., which means that you can only get old, used ones.

Of course, there are some occasional new ones there but it’s been long since GC was sold so you’re not likely to see new ones for sale.

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